Sunday, June 14, 2009

Subway Series Part 1

[A while ago, my dad scored two tickets to a Mets v Yankees Subway Series game. This year's first showdown between the two NYC teams happened this weekend at the Yankees Stadium and my dad treated my sis, the resident Yankees fan, to yesterday's game. Here's what she had to say:]

And the baseball games continue! Since Dad and I had just been to Citi Field, it was a given that comparisons were going to be made. Right off the bat, Dad, the huge Mets fan, started talking about how he prefers the inside of Yankee Stadium to Citi Field. I was a little surprised actually. Yeah, Yankee Stadium was way more spacious on the inside, but Citi Field’s interior design was more creative. This stadium didn't have any words of inspiration like the Jackie Robinson quote in Citi Field, just bland walls.

As usual, the first thing we did was hit up the restrooms and, in what was easily the classic moment of the evening, my father ran out and told me that the Yankees bathrooms have nothing on the Mets restrooms. Good to know, Dad!

The seats we had offered a pretty good view of the field, BUT I was under the impression that ALL of the seats in the stadium were cushioned. Boy was I wrong! I guess the comfortable cushioning is only reserved for those "exclusive fans." We also had the distinct pleasure of sitting in front of an extremely bitter fan who got pissed because people were momentarily blocking his view of the game as they found their seats. It’s not like much was going on, it was only the first inning!!

And I learned something that night. Baseball in the rain = NOT GOOD! At one point, I just wanted it all to end. Win or lose, I just did not care. I think Jesus heard me and as a result made the Yankees lose to teach me a lesson. Well, at least one of us went home happy.

[Game 1: Yankees win 9-8; Game 2: Mets win 6-2; Game 3: Yankees win 15-0...yipes! They'll go head-to-head again in two weeks at Citi Field.]


  1. I'm sure it wasn't intended, but I had to laugh when the great line of prose "Yankees bathrooms have nothing on the Mets restrooms" was capped off by the "They'll go head-to-head again in two weeks" pun.

    Citi Field does look more attractive - going by your pictures although the one with your sister in it at the time has the edge and an unfair advantage.

  2. I wish one of my sisters wanted to share something on my blog! Or one of my one ever wants to guest blog for me. I'm jealous and having a moment. LOL Bear with me.

  3. intense guy, oh that wasn't intentional at all, but I'm glad you got a kick out of it!

    tooj, ok, how long have I had this blog? And how long have I asked her to write for me only to be told "no" time and time again? A lot. I don't see what the big deal is over writing something a bunch of strangers are going to read. Or maybe it's because that's my line of work. And hey, I'd write for you any day!

  4. wutever dude, i am a busy lady AND idk ... i'm not as witty as you, and don't be predictable and agree with me on the wittiness front. Anyways, YOU'RE WELCOME!

  5. sorry about the rain, but that's a great picture of you!

  6. Man I wish I had a smile that pretty!

  7. dama, yeah I'm sure you're busy with all that schoolwork you got going on now. Right.

    But thanks, I appreciated it! I know intimidating it can be to have me as an older sister. But think of me as a guide, a shining beacon of light that will lead you through your darkest hours.

    (P.S. I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and WITTY and briiight!)

    thatgirlblogs, and I bet she already had it blown up and framed by her bed.

    ladystyx, eh, it's ok I guess :p

  8. Fun post! My dad used to take us to Yankee Stadium when we were little. Sweet memories.

    Winks & Smiles,


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