Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This Challenge Is...Um...Challenging

The last two weeks have seriously kicked my butt. These old habits are refusing to take a hike! After last week's bout of the blues, I just got completely off course with eating well. And so I dust myself off and begin again.

Last week, I offered readers top tips to gain weight. And today, after much fretting and worrying about writing something so personal, I finally admitted that I was diagnosed with anorexia late last summer. I'm never told what to write for our site so it was completely my decision. Hopefully it helps someone else confront their own issues with food.

To read the posts about that wonderful time in my life: the wake-up call (under Day 18), T's diagnosis, the second opinion and facing T once again.



  1. wow ...well. you know what to do we all do's the doing it that's the hardest. good luck :)

  2. Our mind plays powerful games on ourselves. It knows us far better than anyone else in the entire world - each weakness - each unlocked window, the crack in the wall, the loose shingle on the roof - it knows how to get around what we realize is the Truth and makes life challenging and often difficult.

    The smarter someone is - the harder this mental game becomes - so you have a world class battle on your hands. But you also have an army behind you - your friends -

    You've also done the first steps - admitting there is an issue - now to get your view of yourself to match the real world's view of you.

  3. You are a beautiful person and I sincerely hope you are coming around to seeing that. :)

  4. Admitting it takes courage. That's just the first step to getting through it. So you are on your way!

  5. You are so brave to put your life out there! You may feel that you have no control over certain things in life, but just being able to discuss your issues shows that you can handle so much! I think you are much stronger than you realize yet! :)


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