Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Show is Straight Up Crazy

And I love it! A new season of Bridezillas starts tonight at 9 PM EST on WEtv. Bring on the insanity!

P.S. What I want to know is why these fools still marry these crazy women.

UPDATE: Ok, so I totally missed the season premiere because I was still out, but I will definitely catch a rerun!


  1. Run! Run for the hills dude in the orange shirt! And dude in the black t-shirt with the white pattern! RUN!! GET OUT!!! GET OUT BEFORE ITS TOOOOO LAAAAAAAAAATEEE!!


  2. You know what's crazy...I used to watch this show a lot before I was married, but since I've had mine and did all the planning (and it went way smoother than anything I'll ever watch on tv), I just don't have the capacity or patience to watch these wild women anymore. LOL Same goes for "birth day" baby-delivery shows. Once I birthed my first, I didn't want to watch another one on tv. But before I had him...I was obsessed with watching them. Making sure I completely understood all the grotesque crud that goes along with it.

  3. My coworker was telling me how this episode was the craziest yet! Cannot wait to watch it on Sunday!


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