Friday, July 24, 2009

Camp: A Parent's Best Friend

Aah, summer vacation. A time when classes are done, energy runs high and the children are free to spend every waking moment running around the house. If they’re starting to drive you bonkers, consider sending the little rugrats to camp! They’ll enjoy playing and interacting with other children while you get a chance to catch your breath.

Check out some tips you should keep in mind when preparing your little ones for summer camp. After a few days, you might actually start to miss them – or not.



  1. Lucky kids! I never got to go to camp. My brother did, then again he was the hyper active one...ahh I see a pattern there.

  2. I've never gone to camp either. Maybe if I had, leaving home to go to college wouldn't have been so hard. And Lord knows if I had acted up a bit more during my vacation time, my parents would not have sent me to camp, they would've sent me straight to DR with a one-way ticket! (It's pretty much punishment for the really bad kids: a year in DR to get straightened out.)

  3. I went to camp every year. Even the year the hurricane of the century came through (Agnes) and it rained buckets and flooded everything all week. That was the year I tried to fly to impress the cute camp staffer.

    Just think, if you *had* gone to camp you both (Dorkys and LadyStyx) would have learned a whole bunch of silly songs to sing like I did. :)