Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Convo Between Two Important People

[It's been nine months since the first one...]

So here we are...just you and me and all of the people, with nothing to do, nothing to prove and it's-

...Are you done singing there?

-you and me and all of the people and I don't know why I can't keep my eyes off of you. Ok, now I am. So, what's up?

Nothing just wanted to give a little update to go along with my first intro Q&A.

And to confirm your psychosis by sitting in for another interview with yourself?

No! Now are you ready or what?

Wait, who's being interviewed? You or me? Like it matters...

Me! Don't you see you're in bold? Now stop sassing and start asking.

Fine. So I got the basics: 27-year-old taking NYC by storm with her writing skills and fantabulous social life.

Umm, embellishing much?

OMG I should totally be your PR rep! You'll be gracing billboards on Times Square in no time! Hmm, first we'll have to give your wardrobe a major makeover...

Woman, work with me here! Focus!

Oh right, right! Anywho, how's work going for you?

Pretty busy. I've been balancing more duties while entertaining dreams of freelancing and seeing this blog grow.

*Snort* Good luck! Are you worried at all about the fate of the print industry?

Well it's definitely not pretty right now with magazines taking such a hit, but I don't think magazines and newspapers will ever truly go away. A computer screen cannot compete with holding that issue in your hands, reading outside, smelling the perfume inserts. Hey, the Internet didn't make books obsolete! But from a writer's standpoint, it'd be a smart idea to work on your online writing skills and build that up now. I've even started playing around with HTML!

Well whoop dee doo for you. Now when was the last time you got a manicure?

What the hell does that have to do with anything??!

Well I, for one, think your response was very telling. So yo, what's up with T?

I don't know. I haven't seen that chick since January.

[Backs away slowly] Was that a wise choice?

[Inches forward] What do you think?

[In a soft whisper] I think...you're...crazy as hell.


Hee hee, I win. How's Mr. First doing these days?

I don't know. We don't talk much. I hit a record this month by not speaking to him for seven weeks. But the silence was broken two weeks ago when he reached out for a second time. It's like the never-ending story between us two...today would've been three years...

Stop it. Have there at least been any new characters in your life? Please say you've taken a luvah...

No...No new characters other than my one-year-old puppy.

WOW are you boring. Can I be interviewed the next time around? 'Cause I'm way more fun. You should let me out to play more often!

No, you're trouble. And I'm thisclose to hurting you.

Shut up. You love me love me, say that you love me, leave me leave me, say that you need me...

So help me God...


  1. If this wasn't a peep into YOU....I'm not sure what would be. LOL Let us all know when you take a LUVAH...I'm dying to know what a LUVAH is like compared to a regular ol' man. I have all sorts imagined. But anyWHO. Phew. Where was I? Oh yes, your psychosis. Lovely. Just lovely. Happy Tuesday. :)

  2. Yeah, a peep into the craziness I bet. As far as the luvah goes (that word is funny as is), I imagine a hot accent would be involved. Oh, and experience. Lots and lots of experience...in...ummm...his career...?

    And you really think I'd tell the world if I took on a luvah? A woman should have her secrets you know... ;)

  3. ay pero es verdad que mi hermana esta loca. ay ave maria purisima!!

  4. *stifles a giggle and back away from the entry very slowly*

  5. Of course you're supposed to tell the rest of US about a LUVAH.....then we can really start imagining you tromping around in cute dresses, high heels, and purse tucked under your arm and a man trotting alongside you....on your way to some place where you'll drink champagne in the a.m.

  6. Dear Tooj

    Please refer to this post.



  7. Dicen su autorizaciĆ³n para hablar con se, pero su loco cuando usted comienza a contestar.

    Umm... accent on "loca"

    :) I'll be ready for the next interview... about 9 months from now is it? I'll put it in my daytimer.

  8. Dear Dorkys,

    Seen that, read it. I think you definitely need to try SEX in the city. I mean, after you're married and all that jazz. Keep it proper. You know I do. Did. Yeah.


  9. intense guy, oh very funny and who knows when the next one will be. It was pure coincidence that it fell on nine months to the date because I didn't remember when I posted the first one til I went off to link to it.

    tooj, You? Keeping it proper? HA! Good one ;)

    I'll be sure to keep it proper (or not) and I'll be sure to tell you about it (or not. Hey there are always letters...which I'm TRYING to get done for you. Honestly).

    Or maybe I could just be a tease...


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