Friday, July 24, 2009

Editing Sarah Palin

I can't believe I totally forgot to post this. On Monday, Vanity Fair posted an edited version of Governor Sarah Palin's resignation speech after their executive literary editor, copy editors and research department took a whack at fixing it up. And boy did they. I not only write for Latina, but I also fact check a good chunk of the magazine so I love me some factual accuracy! Now my question is this: can they please do this for every politician?



  1. I wish you luck in getting EVERYONE edited. It would do us all a BIG favor if we were each assigned an editor who did the speaking for us, sometimes. Happy Friday.

  2. Okay, have to come by again....BlogHer conference next year is in NYC. And admittedly, I don't think this type of thing would be my "bag", baby, I'm finding myself very jealous of the convention goers this year. And next year it's in YOUR town! Just sayin'....bug in ear.....

  3. Is it bad that I've always thought of those blog get-togethers in the same light as those Star Trek conventions? Maybe it's the word "convention" that geeks it up a bit.

    THAT SAID, I would so go next year if you do!!! Are you??

  4. Oh and about the fact-checking: I agree, that would be a huge undertaking. Oh if only...

    And oftentimes when people hit me with a random stat, I bite my tongue so I don't ask them to credit/source that fact. I also remember the quote "Eighty-five percent of stats are made up."

  5. ...not to mention the old adage that you can prove anything with statistics.

    Now that is what I call a "well bled on" draft 'cause of all the red ink! My brother and I always edit each others professional writing and carry the draft to the other staggering like we've given tons of blood.

  6. Hey there Ms. Ramos:) Um, I'm no editor and I clearly can't read all those corrections. Did Palin write this herself and then they edited?
    Because wow!!!

    I know what you mean about those conventions being Trekkish, that's hysterical:) My girlfriend is in Chicago right now and she's having a blast! Maybe I'll try NY when the "convention" comes to town, since that's my stomping ground, we'll see!
    Happy Friday:)

  7. LOL Star Trek conventions....I can see the correlation. And I don't have a CLUE why I'm so interested in attending. I'm not normally a groupie like that. Twilight book series? No interest. Harry Potter? Haven't read a sentence. Maybe it's the idea that all these women get to GET AWAY for four days, drink some wine together, chat with people they've been blog commenting on for years....some of my regular reads are attending and a couple are actually speaking. I'd totally go and listen to you speak. :) As long as I could hold Toby in the audience, that is.

  8. intense guy, I'm sure 99.9% of blog readers agree with you.

    ms. wanda, I have no idea if Palin wrote her speech herself or if she hired someone to write it for her. If she did hire a speech writer, s/he better pray Palin doesn't say who wrote it.

    tooj, thank God! Someone who's yet to fall prey to Twilight. Stay strong!

    Hmm, I don't know anyone who's going to that thing. What are they speaking about? How to pretend that BlogHer is the coolest thing everrr? :p

    And umm, you seem to have forgotten that I don't DO speeches. The last conferences I did attend were back in undergrad during my RA years up in SUNY Cortland. Having to speak to a group of residential staff members from all over on creative programming was not fun AT ALL.

    I could write one up for you though! (I'd research it thoroughly, of course.)

  9. * To clarify, the conferences were in SUNY Cortland. I didn't attend undergrad there.

  10. I really don't see what everyone sees in those big conventions. I'll go to the SciFi ones strictly to appease the hubby, who LOVES them, and sometimes I'll get lucky and get to chat with a really cool (although lesser known) star while the spouse is off geeking out. But a convention for anything else? Umm no thanks. I've successfully avoided any Harry Potters ones (maybe it's because I was much older than the target audience?) and have yet to read a single line of the Twilight series. Yay me!

    *shakes head sadly at the above speech mess* Yeah...alotta peeps could use that help.


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