Saturday, July 18, 2009


Maybe I crossed a black cat yesterday without realizing it...

- After a long day at work, I headed off to karaoke with some coworkers. Had a great time 'til I realized that the song I wanted to sing was just not popping up even though I programmed it about four times. Tried another one. Nothing. I jump in to sing a Spice Girls song with someone else, the song inexplicably stops in the second verse. A song of mine finally comes up and it's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun: The Polka Version."

- Walked home in the rain sans umbrella and got to my apartment to see little black pieces all over my apartment floor. Toby had chewed up my black flats. The only black casual shoes I own. The ones I'd decided to wear today during last night's train ride home. I was so mad, I stormed into the bedroom because I needed some time to myself. This was after he shredded some papers a couple days ago and because his saliva is some sort of magic crazy glue concoction, pieces are still stuck to my hardwood floors. Last night's reaction made me realize that I probably should not have children since patience does not run through these veins. (A huge jump from last Sunday's instant pardon when, in a fit of we're-going-on-a-walk excitement, he knocked over my laptop and dented the power cord.)

- Tried to work on the videos I wanted to have up yesterday on my PC. I trimmed the clips, made them shorter and started uploading them onto YouTube. The first should've been uploaded in 45 minutes. Fifteen minutes before completion, my screen goes blue. Something about deleting memory pops up. I want to cry.

- I shut down the computer and decide I need a warm shower before I break down. After I'm inside, the water turns freezing cold. I want to cry.

- Beyond ready to put an end to the day I put Toby in his crate and head to bed. As I lay there, with Toby barking up a storm in the background, I realize I completely forgot to eat dinner...

- This morning I try to fix the computer, but it keeps taking me to the same menus and I have no idea what they mean. The manuals don't help. And if I'm going to get charged to talk to some fool on the phone, the price had better include a house visit from that same fool so he can actually fix it.

- I'm cranky and PMSing so I feel like throwing punches instead of attending a lovely BBQ with friends. This certain blind date guy who never called might show up, but I kinda lost interest over the course of the week.


  1. Well, since he never called you can always take it out on him. Play evil tricks and appear completely psychotic. Act like you've known one another for years, talk about the child you have together and that they're being watched by your mom, why won't his mother ever watch him? And then ask when he plans on coming to pick up his final box of underwear, and that you're really tired of looking at Superman every night. Okay, maybe I have issues if I want to see this acted out. I'm heading in a car with my two sisters, brother, two sons, and mother. Lord help me. Please.

  2. I can always count on your psycho comments/thoughts to make me laugh. Thanks. I'll be sure to do complete opposite and leave with my dignity intact.

  3. *laffin @"Girls Just Want To Have Fun: The Polka Version."* Too funny. Well, I bet it wasn't too funny right then but right now...

    Oh no...Toby! Bad boy! Katy likes to do the same with tissue papers. Not just any tissue papers either, mind you. She likes the ones she's plucked out of the trash buckets by the bed. You know the ones I'm talkin about, the ones you've blown your snot into. Yeah THOSE. She pulls them under my bed (where no one can reach them or notice them) and shreds them right up. By the time I've noticed (please read this as her sister, the cat, has chased and strewn them all over the room), she's done the equivalent of a half box of kleenex worth. Yeah. Fun times.

    BSOD makes anyone cry.

    BSOD AND a cold shower will make you cry.

    Try the Geek Squad over at Best Buy or try Rent a Nerd and see if someone can stop over. Maybe you'll get lucky and one of them will be a cute nerd, like Chuck from the Buy More...

    As for Mr Blinddatethatrefusedtocall... well I'll leave that up to you.

  4. When it rains it pours. That video just doesn't want to be shared with the world.

    I'm glad you are going to "get up and dust yourself off" and go to the BBQ though.

    I kind of like "Dear Tooj"'s approach. Perhaps you can run "the tape" of her version of the discussion through your mind while you are there and your magnificent smile will shine through.

  5. You really are having a crappy time! I agree with Intense Guy, go to the BBQ. Usually if I am having lots of issues, getting out of the house helps a lot. At first you may not feel like being there, but after a few fun conversations it will put you in a better mood! I hope your day looks up soon and you can have a better rest of the weekend! :)

    I love Tooj's idea also! I could so see a character in a movie doing that! LOL!

  6. Ok, you need a oooosaaaa:) I've taken my desk top to the Geek Squad and they are pretty awesome!

  7. I'm so sorry!! How crummy!! I really hope things start looking up for you. I would feel like throwing punches too. boo.

  8. My patience is a one inch lit fuse dipped in gasoline. When I'm driving, forgetaboutit...I spew word vomit everywherez!

    And don't worry...most of the time I feel like throwing punches @ peepz. We're not bad people...we are actually so awesome that the lameness of everyone else is too much for us to handle.

  9. Dear Mamá,

    When I found your black flats, I thought you had left me the worlds best, most premium-grade leather rawhide chew toy. It smelled so good - you even found some that were mama-scented. I was so touched. I didn't know they were your dress shoes. I'm very, very sorry, I'm just a little doggy and I made a bad mistake - I realize that now.

    I'm sorry if my barking gets on your nerves. I tried to purr like a cat, but my mouth just won't make those sounds - I don't know why. When I see you when you get home from work, I'l just asking you how your day went and trying to tell you about what I did and what I saw out the window during the day. Sometimes people come by and leave me messages too. Those are hard for me - I don't understand a lot of human words - and you speak so many languages. Us doggies only speak one called "amamos a nuestro ser humano".

    I wish I knew how to fix your computer - a doggy's biggest desire is to make their person happy. Fixing your computer would be the grandest dog trick ever! But my little paws can't hold a screwdriver and I can't read the manual yet - but someone is trying to teach me how to read. You know why I want to know how to read? Because I want to be able to read everything my Mamá writes - I hear she writes awesome stuff - but until I can read...

    Te amo, Mamá. I made some mistakes but I'm really trying to be the bestest doggy in the whole world for you.

    Your loving fur son,


    P.s., I asked the Dog Whisperer to write this for me. He has this way with dogs.

  10. Awww...I am sorry to hear the difficulties you are having. I love the letter Intense Guy wrote - and I am sure Toby is sending his apologies.

    Hope you will have a better day today. Sending {hugs} you way.

  11. So the BBQ was a great time, the guy didn't go and Toby had fun running around, acting up, meeting Charlie for the first time and then bothering the crap out of him.

    ladystyx, oh it was funny! I still sang along awesomely bad and hopped around polka-style. I've been lucky so far in the Toby hasn't dragged anything out of the garbage. Hopefully it remains that way. I had to google what BSOD. At first I thought it meant B.S. overload, which would have also applied. But yes, I agree with the Blue Screen of Death comment. In fact, I haven't turned on the computer or tried to think about it all day. The thought that my things could have disappeared forever would just upset me. Maybe I'll leave it off for a couple months and pretend everything is all right.

    intense guy, you know?? I guess it just wasn't meant to be. But you know my stubborn self with STILL try again sooner or later.

    joy, the BBQ turned out to be lots of fun. I ended up hanging out at Heidi's house 'til almost 10PM long after the other guests had bounced. I didn't feel so great for a bit in the middle what with my back killing me, but it was good times nonetheless. I even took the monster with me and he had fun/acted up.

    ms wanda, I'll look into that within the next day or so, thanks! And yes, a big fat oooossaaaa is needed.

    heidi, well it's a good thing I started using this kickboxing DVD.

    josh, "we are actually so awesome that the lameness of everyone else is too much for us to handle." Haha!! Yes, I can definitely see that being the case. And since I don't drive that often nowadays, road rage is not really my issue. Now walking rage, that's a different story. I still think the city should create sidewalk lanes: one for the speed walkers, one for the slow fools and make people who have no freakin clue where they're going wear blinking pants.

    intense guy, I'm touched and laughing at the same time. If Toby could actually read this, I'd forgive him because I'd be too creeped out by the fact that he can speak. Then it's straight to the circus! I actually haven't thrown out the flats. I think I can salvage them so we'll see. Though I really liked them, I must remember that they cost $15-20 at Payless.

    sugarlens, thanks! It definitely picked up yesterday so thanks for the warms thoughts.

  12. Considering that I won't even get up to do Karaoke, if the Polka version of GJWTHF came up, I'd be off the stage so fast, you'd wonder what the blur was.

    Sounds like you had a rough couple of days, but maybe things are turning around for you?




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