Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Friday, I Have Nothing to Say

But that's because I'm extremely frustrated with a blog post I had hoped to have up today, YouTube and its inconvenient video size limits (unbeknownst to moi), my lack of sleep and my need to have everything I do just as I imagine it. But because I've been "quiet" around these parts and some of you clearly have no work to do at your jobs, here I am.

Let's start off with the fashion eyesores that are Crocs. Apparently they're in deep and might be wiped out if they don't pay their debt by September. So unless you guys fall off the deep end and help them out (read: throw your dignity out the window), they're goners! I still don't understand who thought it'd be an AWESOME idea to market plastic colored blocks as footwear. And I don't know who's worse, them, the people who actually bought them, the people who started making crazy little decorations for them or parents who put them on their kids. For the love of God, think about the kids!!

Speaking of fashion eyesores, Vanessa Bryant has no friends. Seriously. I can't even begin to explain this fugly tragedy.

Next: Harry Potter. Does anyone still care? I've lost some major steam on that one, to be honest. I feel like I've been hearing about these movies for half my life. I don't even know which one we're up to. Ten?

Lately I've been thinking a lot about FWBs (aka "friends with benefits"). Maybe a more detailed post on this will follow (or maybe not; my blog, my rules), but I wonder if seeking a purely physical relationship would ever work for me...

As far as the image goes, I just wanted to put up the 1976 New Yorker cover of "A View of the World From 9th Avenue" because Saul Steinberg was simply genius.



  1. Vanessa Bryant's mamacitaz makes me a sad, scared little gay. :(

    Oh, and friendz (feat. benefitz) alwayz seems to end in heartache! Be carefulz!

  2. Speaking from experience there? ;)

  3. Let me state that I don't think anyone should seek OUT FWB. If a casual acquaintenceship ends up with a few encounters of FWB, then so be it. But knowing that FWB rarely end up as anything substantial is half the battle, so go in armed.

    I heard about the Crocs this morning. Not only being concrete blocks, but with holes. I never understood.

    And those of us who may or MAY NOT have had anything to do love you for posting. :)

  4. ...and besides, the New Yorker's a MUCH better choice for a blog photo than the fugly outfit.

    Damn, I think bitch blinded me.

  5. I had seen a picture of Vanessa Bryant's outfit the other day from the waist up and thought that it was awful. Now I see the whole thing and realize she has on genie pants!

    Who would bring such a horrible thing to life? What designs were passed over in favor of that one?(You can't see me, but I am shaking my head over here!)

  6. I hope you got a good night's sleep and feel much better.

    A long week - no sleep - frustration without outlet makes all of the every day annoyances in life seem to magnify and multply ten-fold.

    I won't comment on FWB - my opinion on it isn't worth anything except to me. Its one of those "you have to figure out what's right for you" sort of things.

    As for Harry Potter, I stopped reading after book #3 (I think it was) for a long while - I couldn't see the fascination in them - they seem to be devoid of any enduring "value". A mindless, semi-entertaining beach read at best. Apparently there is another new Potter movie coming out within a year. Oh joy.

  7. you are too funny! i'll totally get around to harry potter, i just need to see the first nine movies because i'm a little lost


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