Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday!

My goals for the weekend are:

*Work on and finish a couple stories on my plate.
*Sorta kinda maybe start looking for a dress for the upcoming weddings.
*Hunt down the super so he can finally fix my toilet.
*Renew an overdue book at the library.
*Eat lots of strawberries and mango sorbet.
*Pretend I don't actually make goals for the weekend.

What about you?

P.S. The image is from My Milk Toof, a ridiculously cute photo blog I found through Blythe some time ago. It's about the adventures of two baby teeth! So adorable :)


  1. I think making goals for the weekend makes the weekend very productive. Keep being nerdy.

    I plan on being thoroughly productive myself. Cleaning out 11 year old's clothing storage situation. Cleaning OJ's room and deciding if he's ready for a toddler bed or not, and then taking the crib down if he is. Possibly considering a new bed get-up for the older two. Oh, and I might cut more tile to fill the little slots that are needed against the wall, and picking out paint for the bathroom. Might or might not attend a get-together Saturday night. Might or might not visit my dad on Sunday. :) Thanks for asking. LOL

  2. Goals? What are they? *laffz* I won't meet any of mine either, no worries!

  3. tooj, well it's only productive if I actually accomplish the things I say I'll do. We'll how the weekend goes.

    And sounds like you're in for a busy weekend! I'm already exhausted for you. I'd probably just throw in the towel now and plan for that get together.

    ladystyx, I keep hearing about them and I thought, "Hey, they sound semi-interesting. Maybe I should get some too!"

  4. Thanks for visiting and for the birthday wishes. I'm going to use the rest of the weekend to lay low and enjoy turning another year older. Maybe read a few books and then do some writing.

  5. "*Pretend I don't actually make goals for the weekend." funny! Such a cute photo too.

  6. Well, if nothing else - I hope you hunted down the Super and renewed the library book(s).

    I hear they were arresting folks for having overdue books...

    Blog entry about story here


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