Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Meals

The challenge is almost over and I must say I've given food a lot more thought than I used to. Like how they can affect your mood and how we turn to certain ones when we want to be comforted. Do you have any foods that take you to your happy place?



  1. My happy place has pancakes made by my Dad.

    It's the yellow bottle pre-mix stuff from Bisquick but unless he makes it, it never tastes the same.

    It's funny how sometimes its not the actual food - its just the server.

  2. Dang it all...iggy did it again!
    "It's funny how sometimes its not the actual food - its just the server."

    How true how true. I don't know how my hubby does it, but he and I can make the same damn meal and his always manages to taste better. Is it the fact I didn't have to cook it? More than likely.

    For me, my happy food is a huge place of fettucini with chicken strips and a nice wedge of lemon cheesecake with a Sangria chaser. Heart attack on a platter, which is the one reason I don't eat it often.

  3. intense guy, I know what you mean. Try as I might, my food just NEVER tastes like my mom's.

    ladystyx, and yes, I think part of the comfort comes in that you just sit back and eat without having to think about cooking. Because I don't know about you, but the thought of that sends me straight to Unhappy Land. And wow, that sounds like a wonderful Last Supper.

  4. Grilled cheese and chocolate milk. Think an actual heart shaped dish would make it even better. :)


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