Monday, July 13, 2009

How Was Your Weekend?


I met up with JK, a close buddy from undergrad that I don't see nearly as much as I should. Why? Because she lives in NYC's red-headed stepborough: Staten Island. No offense, but can NJ just adopt that already?

Anywho, our lazy afternoon started out in Bryant Park catching up under an umbrella of trees and splitting a big, yummy Caramel Chew Cupcake. Then we walked to Central Park where we watched the mini carnival below us and took a picture for a singing scavenger hunting church choir group from Florida. Then JK and I walked back to Grand Central Terminal through Fifth Avenue secretly judging the people who actually shopped there.


What a long day for the pup and me! We headed off to the vet early in the day to finally take his sutures out. Then we walked to Petco for Toby's first professional grooming! I've been bathing him myself to save some money, but after seeing him yesterday I'm tempted to treat him more often. He smelled sooo good and the way they trimmed his hair makes him look so cute, I love him all over again. He received some serious squishes from me afterwards. In fact, I might keep that little bandana on his neck foreverrr. (Sidenote: I always love when vets and other handlers tell me what a sweet dog he is. It actually makes me proud!)

Then it was off to spend some time with his "grandma." He was completely pooped by the time we got home.



  1. Mmm...sounds like a perfect weekend. The cupcake sounds delicious. Toby looks super cute. Happy Monday!

  2. I agree with Sugarlens. Bryant Park looks like a really nice place to just mellow out.

    And Bandana Toby looks so weary... LOL. But oh-so-cute.

  3. Que bien filma la camara!!

  4. Filma, from the verb filmar. As in filmar una pelicula!!

    Grabar: record
    Filmar: film

  5. You sound like such a proud mama. :) He's adorable. I think he should come and visit my kids and see if they get along. If they do, I might have to consider one. But they always say smaller dogs and kids don't mix well.....I'm happy to hear you're making fun of the poor tourists who are shopping at the terminal. Shame! LOL

  6. Oh no no, not the people who shopped at the terminal. The people who (can) shop on fancy schmancy Fifth Ave. I think those stores charge to breathe in their air.

  7. gorgeous video! thanks for sharing! good luck on the blind date! i hope it goes well!

  8. You so make me wish I lived in NYC everytime you post pics of all of the lovely places! Grand Central Station is such a beautiful building.

    Toby is so adorable and you should be proud!

    Your video made me chuckle! Did you say you had the Flip cam? I recently got one from that Glambassador program and I really like it. I haven't done any people watching with it, but I think you may have given me ideas! LOL! I had to tape a video for their website. Maybe I will post it if I get the nerve up! :)

    Glad to hear you had a great weekend! You must let us know how your blind date goes!

  9. that central park fair looks so fun!!

    and, that video was reeeally funny in that you were just talking to us the whole time, but we never saw your face!

    what's uppp with that?

  10. joy, yup, the Flip Mino HD. It's so tiny! And please post your video; I'd love to see it.

    blythe, sorry. I'll be sure to hire a cameraman for the next time around ;)

  11. I never told you that I was able to listen to your video ramblings. Loved it. I don't think I expected your voice to be so know, you're NEW YORK, yo'. :) And I know you've posted vids up before, but this one stands out. I dunno why. Maybe because it's Friday and I'm going through old posts to see what you've responded to. Work is BUSY.

  12. I'll be sure to yell like a banshee in the next one.

    And I figured work must've been super slow on your end after your swing batta comment in the pedro martinez post!

    *Sigh* To be that bored at work...

  13. See if the Latino mag wants to hire a white girl to write about nothing in particular. Otherwise...I'll be pestering you here.

  14. Hey, I just wrote a post for your bored behind.


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