Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th Weekend Recap

Ok, so this is a bit on the late side, but I had a good reason: I was still in recovery mode.


I actually didn’t do a damn thing that day. I vaguely recall wanting to go enjoy the sunshine when Mother Nature pulled a “haHA sucka!” and made it rain again. Then I proceeded to spend three hours chatting with Dariany to try and figure out hellish HTML codes.


A beautiful day. I spent the first part of it cleaning and tidying up the apartment. I always love when my place looks nice and clean, but hate doing what it takes to get it there. I watched Superbad for the first time and then the Phillies v Mets game as I painted my nails. Then I took an evening stroll with my camera to finally finish off a roll of film.

Then it was time to get ready for the night and, oy vey, what a night it was…

Well despite how sick I became towards the end of the night, I had a fun time at Columbus72. I enjoyed the music and though you’ll probably want to bring a dance partner for the Latin music room, the other room was great for just dancing around with friends and staring at the rhythmically challenged. They even played "Hips Don't Lie!" Unfortunately, I got the spins after a while and realized it was time to high-tail it home. (It was pretty bad.)

Clearly Sunday was shot and I was still trying to recover a day after that. The mere mention of vodka with cranberry juice still makes me queasy. So much thanks to those keep mentioning it to me. Punks.

Hopefully you guys had a wonderful (and headache-free) weekend!


  1. what a lame ass recap!! you didnt even mention how i came to the rescue at 4am to tend to your drunk ass!! or how you met shaun and loved him! you suck!

    vodka and cranberry juice all day err'day!

  2. Umm, or maybe I didn't feel the need to share that with future potential employers? Just a thought...

    Thank God for you and your need to TMI it up in here though, dear sister. Good luck with Thursday.

  3. Ok, dama said for keepin it real:) Dorky I love how you kept it modest! Wow the joys of being single, I do miss it:( Of course now I can check in on you and see what your doing:)

  4. "Joys of being single??" Woman, it is rough out here!! No joke, it's like preparing for battle every time you go out.

  5. A 4am rescue?? This night sounds like it was a success! LOL Nice work on getting out and getting hung. ;) I'm sure, somewhere deep, it felt good to "let go" and party. Just remember next time....a glass of water for each drink, and aspirin before bed.

  6. Loved your outfit!

  7. Well, sorry you got sick...but you looked GREAT!

  8. I love the outfit!

  9. The heck with the outfit, awesome legs!!


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