Thursday, July 23, 2009

Masochistic Tendencies

I might not offer as much as others during girl talk sessions, but I love to sit in and listen. Why? Because it makes me feel less crazy. Knowing what the other girls do validates my antics and while there's the possibility that each one of us is completely bonkers, at least I'm not the only one. It's such a relief when one of us starts telling a story and another one chimes in with an "OMG, I do that too!!" And with that the doors of psychosis are busted wide open.

Apparently when it comes to past loves...

- We save voicemails just to hear them over and over. And just when the message is about to expire, we press 9 and think, "Yes! Thirty more days, baby!"

- Oh the sadness when we forget to resave and realized his/her voice has been deleted forever...

- Sometimes the message is saved just to prove a point - especially if it's from someone who swore he/she'd never reach out again. Self-esteem boost or vindication? Who cares! It still makes you feel wanted.

- We keep his/her songs in our iPods so that instant depression might or might not hit when you choose "shuffle." It's like musical Russian roulette.

- In fact, we might have gone right ahead and created a whole playlist with those torturous songs. They're played when we need a good cry, when the world is just too damn happy and you want to bring it down a notch or when you want to take a dark trip down Memory Lane, which just so happens to be one of those songs for me.

So, do you do anything of the sort? It's ok. You're probably not alone.



  1. I've got about 30 voicemails on my cell phone that I've saved. Not because I want them - I just can't figure out how to delete them.

    And although the phone system announcer (who is that person anyway?) says, "This mess.age... will be... saVED.. for thurty daze!"... they never seem to get deleted.

  2. Oh the lady on mine and I were likethis until she went ahead and deleted all my voicemails. And here I thought she had my back...

  3. oh snap, i didnt know u had to go ahead and resave em in order to keep em for longer??? Now imma go back and resave the boo's emails before they're lost forever!

    and omg it makes me feel so much more normal when im like me too! or my friends are like me too! it makes me feel a little less alone in this cold cruel world =) and those sessions with everyone sharing their craziness and having a good laugh are quite possibly the best moments ever.

  4. E-mails should be fine although some have mysteriously disappeared behind my back...

    It's voicemails that usually get deleted after a certain amount of time.

  5. oh i meant voicemails, not emails... and i jst went back and yep most were gone :( now what am i gonna listen to in DR when i wanna remember what a normal guy sounds like.. none of that "que lo que" y "ta jevi" business...

    oh boy...

  6. Well you have a couple more weeks to stock up, I guess.

  7. Hmmm...I'm trying to recall if I ever saved voicemails/messages. Dating was so long ago, and I certainly don't want to save Hubby's. He's annoying. Especially when he calls and sings on the phone. Nothing special, just whatever is on the radio.

    Having that "OH ME TOO!" moment is satisfying, I have to admit. And sometimes I'll be the person who says "has anyone else...." but in a group of gals, I tend to be the "oh me too" girl. Betcha didn't expect THAT huh? I tend to think that Hubs' and my relationship is a bit "different" than a LOT of girlfriends, so I keep most mum.

  8. Nice post.



    Wishing you a tremendous Thursday!

  9. Oh boooo! Share! Shoot, I just put my own self on blast!

    Then again, I always seem to on here...

    And Tooj, I AM surprised. I took you for the TMI type of chick.

  10. omg during this whole converstaion at the bbq i barely said a word...but still it was so gratifying to have everyone else voice these things was like yeah i knew i did these things but it didnt stand out to me until other people pointed it like "ohh wow..yeah me too hhhmmm".... girl talks are great...i need more of those...and im so happy to borrow your friends so that i can have em lol

  11. Yeah, it was fun! And I guess we don't really realize how common the crazy things we do really are until other people mention them. Lord knows I thought I was the only fool here saving messages like a fiend.

    And you're welcome! So glad I could confirm your lunacy!

    By the way, the art department LOVED the pics of Toby and me from that day. So thank you :)

  12. Hmmmm, I didn't save messages, but I did listen to music that would make me weep over the loser that dumped me. Weird how you wanna make yourself feel worse. Thankfully those days are long behind me.

  13. Yeah, I still have some songs that make me melancholy because they remind me of certain situations. Some I simply cannot listen to at all. However, when I'm in one of those moods when I'm remembering a certain someone...the F-U stream comes out. Over 30 songs to scream and yell to and basically make me feel better about MYSELF!


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