Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Giveaway: Fruits & Passion

This week's sweet giveaway is from Fruits & Passion. Their Imagine line of shower gels, creams and eau de toilettes contains organic fruit extracts ethically harvested from local communities, natural biodegradable formulas and eco-friendly packaging. And their Apple Illusion fragrance is just so yummy (smelling, not tasting)!

A random commenter will receive the Foaming Bath (far left), the Hand Cream (middle) and the Quenching Butter (far right). Subscribers and followers will receive extra entries and a winner will be announced Wednesday night. Good luck!

CONGRATULATIONS: Tooj is this week's winner!



  1. ooo gimme gimme!! its my special day, how about you throw in some extra entries for me??!!

  2. looks nummy! Apple a day!!! I'm in!

  3. Already a follower.
    Just subscribed using email:redhead (dot) moose@yahoo (dot) com

    Your toast picture cracks me up every day! Just a one lonely little piece of toast...LOL.

    Looking forward to Wednesday!!!

    Woohoo! Goodies!

    Should I just give you my address now? LOL I'm weird on Monday mornings!

  4. dama, yeah that's a negativo right there. You know full well that IF I were to cheat I'd want to cheat AGAINST you so that if you win people wouldn't think I cheated! And with that I sure hope I don't pull your name out of the hat this week...

    redhead, awww, that toast just like me...small, brown and lonely yet manages to make people laugh. Go figure.

    Anywho, thanks for subscribing! And if you win you can send me your address then :)

  5. LOL@Dama. Happy Birthday to you.

  6. Enter me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or am I DQ'd since I won?

    I love having these around the bathroom. I just have to hide them from Hubs...he tends to think he can use them. Happy Monday.

  7. I rarely, if ever, win these things...but count me in anyhow. I'm subscribing via'll recognize the addy when you see it.

  8. tooj, yes, past winners can still enter :)

    ladystyx, noted and thanks! Good luck!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog today! The Fruits & Passion looks so great! Might have to try some out even if I am not a winner!

  10. A girl cannot have enough body products. You just can't. It's in the by-laws. : )

  11. What if I want to win the toast?


  12. i want i want lol

  13. Ooooh awesome giveaway! Of course I'm a follower!


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