Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well the first wedding invite finally rolled in this weekend and apparently I don't get the chance to proclaim my own loner status or even attempt to fake out the masses by hiring an escort to be my date for the night (and then proceed to live happily ever after with him obviously). Nope. My RSVP came pre-filled with a tiny little one next to "number of persons" allowed to attend. Awesome. I wonder if they'll notice an extra little zero at the end of it.

So now I'm hoping that I don't feel awkward or like I usually do when we go out clubbing and I'm standing on the sidelines babysitting drinks. Dear Tooj had some great advice. Being THAT girl who chills by the bar sounds good right now. Or even THAT girl who dances all night long. But honestly, I will probably be THAT girl who chills at the table surrounded by a bunch of older strangers making small talk and checking the time every five minutes.

Luckily, Anonymous and Heidi will be in the crowd for this one. But if I get a "1" for the second upcoming wedding (where I'll only be close with the groom unless other undergrad friends make an appearance), I don't know what I'll do. For now I'll just focus on finding a dress that fits for these shindigs because that's going to be an ordeal in and of itself. And yes, that was singular for dress.


  1. wearing the same dress to both functions- worrrd. no stress! :-)

    - Mila

  2. Dear Tooj is as wise as Heidi.

    ...and that "one" was cruel...

  3. Hey, maybe next time the invitation will come with the one dress and the one pair of shoes:)

  4. Did she do that for all of them? Cuz I kind of think that's a little rude.... I'm just saying...

  5. A lot of brides/grooms limit +1 because of extra costs. They think that if their friend isn't in a long-term relationship, then it doesn't make sense for the friend to bring someone as a guest "just because she/he wouldn't be alone."

    Personally, I don't agree with it, especially if the friend doesn't know anybody in the wedding other than the bride and groom.

    But, not allowing people to bring a guest is very common now in the wedding world.

  6. marz, exactly. Plus, it's two completely different circles so it wouldn't matter. Maybe if they're lucky I'll pair it with different sets of accessories.

    intense guy, she really is. She puts so much thought into her advice- just like in her letters. And yes, it was a tad bit "ouch," but it's ok.

    ms. wanda, I wish! That would save me the trouble of going on the hunt. I totally should've taken advantage of prom season. Oh well.

    dama, I have no idea. Maybe she did for the single fools?

    sugarlens, thanks for the info and yeah, I figured that much. You don't want to pay for someone's food when they don't have any business being there, but still...I hope the second couple is open to the idea.

  7. Hmm...that is interesting. I'd invite a friend to join me after the dinner...that way the bride & groom don't incur the expense of dinner and I would have a person to hang with. Check and see if that would be ok...???

  8. Because you love this word so much....

    You will LOOK FAB.
    Your dress will be FAB.
    You will FEEL FAB.

    Make it what you want it since you've already determined you're going. :) You can still cop out and mail a gift. LOL

  9. I'm with was just plain old cruel. Even if one's friend is single, ALWAYS leave open the possibility that they'll want to bring a friend along.

  10. caren, thanks for the idea, but I don't think I'll be asking someone to come crash the party. Maybe it's just me, but that might be a tad bit inappropriate/ an awkward request.

    tooj, no no, I can't cop out so I'll be going. And thanks for the FAB overdose. I think my future kids will come out FAB too after that one.

    ladystyx, I wonder if my broke self will do the same when I plan my own wedding 500 years down the line...


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