Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pedro Martinez Signs with the Phillies

Today former Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez signed a one-year $1 million contract (along with $1.5 mil in extra goodies) with the Phillies. The 37-year-old Dominicano (who hasn't pitched a game since the World Baseball Classic in March due to an injury) had this to say about the move during his press conference:

"As far as embracing the Phillies fans, I think I'm going to have a lot of fun, because they seem to be really wild. And I'm a little bit out there, too. I think we're going to match up really well. But I can't do anything with the hate you feel for the Mets or Mets fans. That's between you guys."

And Dad thinks he's real slick. After refusing to the see the Phillies when they come for their four-game series against the Mets in late August, tonight he asked, "Do you think Pedro will pitch when they come?" He'd better not even...



  1. Wow. $1 million plus up to $1.5 million more?! They are going to need to sell a lot of $25-35 tickets down at the ballpark!

    Not everyday you get to see a Three-time Cy Young Award winner though...

    LOL@Your Dad's antics. Sounds like a typical big city ball fan. :)

  2. Well apparently the guy hasn't been pitching up to his title so we'll see what he can actually do for the Phils. And I already told Dad he'd better not start switching. To which he said, "I root for Pedro..."


  3. Is baseball still being played?

  4. For that kind of money they'd better be playing in their damn sleep! (Although 1 mil is chump change these days.)

  5. Yo, you ain't got work to do or sumthin?

    (Is that better?)


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