Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Second Wedding Pre-Invite

Text from Guy Friend/Groom: Hey, just getting more detail for the invite to the wedding. Are you planning on bringing a date, or is it a significant
other whose name should be on the invite?


I dunno...

But at least he asked :)


Me: Hey, I'd love to bring a date. Could I have that option and RSVP accordingly once the invitation arrives?

Text from Guy Friend/Groom: It's The Bride and yes, you are welcome to reserve the option to bring a date. I don't like putting "and guest" so it will be addressed to just you, but picture the "and guest."

And so the search begins. Maybe when I go out looking for a dress today I'll stumble upon a "buy one dress, score a date for free" special...


  1. If i lived near you i would totally dress up and pass as your young college boyfriend, and everyone would call you a cougar and secretly envy you.

  2. LOL, not when I probably look your own age! Thanks for the offer :)

  3. I like that. It would be great if there were something like that out there...

  4. It was really nice of them to leave the option open though.

  5. I would volunteer in a "New York minute" except I'm way too old, would embarrass you with my inability to do the Chicken Dance, and everytime you smiled at me, I'd be reduced to a babbling puddle of protoplasm.

  6. Good luck, I hope you find that special guy! :) If you don't find him in time, maybe you can take along a girlfriend?

  7. I love that you have an option. If you need to rent a date, I can send Hubs....if you don't mind a limper, that is. He's fun to dance with!

  8. heidi, life would be so much easier with that date special in place. Shoot, for the amount dresses are they SHOULD come with a man to escort you wherever you please.

    ladystyx, I know. I was relieved and at the same time kind of *boo* because I doubt I'll find a real date for it (as in not a friend and not someone I'd just met the day before and dragged to the thing).

    intense guy, LOL! Thanks for thought though. If it's any consolation, I can't do the chicken dance either.

    sugarlens, I've thought of that too. We'll see who ends up being the lucky victim.

    tooj, I think the night would consist of us arguing about being black or not in between Shania's "From This Moment" and the Cha Cha Slide.


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