Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Secret Agent Man

I'd seen him walking through the park before, but only remembered being slightly annoyed that he walked his ginormous dog without a leash, turning Toby into a nervous wreck. Last Friday evening, when he passed by my bench the second time around, he stopped to ask about Toby and talk about his monstrous - yet incredibly trained - Matiff-Pit dog.

"A dog is a reflection on its master," he pointed out.
"That's just...great," I said as I looked down at the whiny, squirmy pup on my lap.

And so it began. We spent the next 40 minutes talking about Singapore's beauty and disciplined people (though I don't remember how we got there), about Egyptian camels trained to run off with those who refuse to pay, about the holy presence that surrounds you when you walk on Israeli soil. He talked about how he almost married a Grecian woman and why I should visit Mykonos and party with gay guys (he made sure to point out his heterosexuality here).

He stood the entire time, his stance strong and his demeanor intense. I assumed he'd been involved in the armed forces or was with the police department. And even though it was getting dark and I was getting tired, my book laid ignored on the bench beside me, the pages flipping in the breeze. I wanted to hear more. So there I sat in the park listening to this 30-something-year-old stranger talk about places I'd always dreamed of visiting.

When we moved onto Italy, I mentioned my lessons to learn the language. Wouldn't you know, the guy seamlessly broke off into Italian! I understood him, but couldn't speak la bella lingua as quickly as he could. When I said knowing Spanish and French often added to the confusion, guess what he did? Yes, he started speaking French to me.

"Geez, how many languages do you know?" I asked, visibly impressed.
"Five," he replied before adding Hebrew to the mix. (Plus he's Puerto Rican and fluent in Spanish.) "Do you know why I need to know so many?"

And then he showed me his agent badge.

"What's your name, by the way?"
"Dorkys," I replied.
"Nice to meet you. I'm Secret Agent Man. You have really nice teeth."

Apparently he'd been thrown into learning about these places, its people and languages during his time in the military. As we talked and slowly made our way to leave, a guy stopped to say hello. Soon after, a teen passed by to give him a pound. When I noted that he must be well-known around here, he mentioned being away for a stretch.

"So what exactly do you do?" I asked as we exited the park. "Or is that top secret information?"
"Let's just say I could be around for a while and then go missing for two weeks."
"I see..."

Before leaving, he said that now I had a new friend in the neighborhood, someone with whom I could practice my Italian. And we parted ways with a "Ciao! Buona sera!" as he crossed the street and I walked Toby home.

"Italian? Ha!" I thought with a smile. "The next time we meet I'll be ready - in all four languages."

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  1. interesting fellow! please tell me he's also as good looking as mr. bronson!

  2. he sounds very interesting indeed. can't wait to hear more stories. you can call it "the secret agent chronicles". :)

  3. Oh he wasn't as cute as Pierce (yum!), but he was still looking good with his built self! If I run into him again, I'll share because SOME PEOPLE - and she knows who she is - would kill me if I didn't divulge every last detail of my life. ;)

  4. Hmmm... What did that person that wrote the book on being a single person with a dog say about meeting someone else that had a dog? How best to introduce the dog to the other dog? ;)

    Laffs@"You have really nice teeth." He is soooo right.

    Hmm.. now I got that secret agent man tune stuck in my head...

    "There's a man who leads a life of danger
    To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
    With every move he makes another chance he takes
    Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow

    Secret agent man, secret agent man
    They've given you a number and taken away your name..."

  5. Yes, every time I thought about the nickname I'd given him the song would play along with it.

    As for Toby and the beast, the little one wasn't so scared by the end. The big one was perched up on a wall for most of the time and then when we were leaving the park they were smelling each other and Toby wasn't so whiny then (even though the other dog weighed 192 lbs compared to Toby's 10).

  6. What an interesting encounter. I hope that you run into him again so that we get to hear more stories. :) I love the way you wrote this. Happy Wednesday.

  7. Wait....this sounds like a movie or something. Was this a true story? How bizarre yet intriguing.

  8. tooj, that little mention I wrote previously was directed at YOU!

    stereos and souffles, I know :)

    joan, are you calling me a liar? Lol, yes it's true!

  9. DR - I know you only direct the most complimentary "mentions" my way. :) I'm flattered. And I look forward to more stories. Even if I have to twist them from you!

  10. I loved this. You had me hooked right off the bat. You'll have to keep us posted...

  11. *crosses fingers hopin we hear more of this dude in the future*

  12. I am away from my computer for a couple of days and I return to find you getting cast as a Bond girl!;)

    He seems like such an interesting guy! He would surely be a cool friend and who knows what else!

  13. Dorkys...sounds like a book in the making. See, I told you, that when you least expect it - something awesome happens in your life. Can't wait to hear more!

    Oh... I got my stuff in the mail yesterday - LOVE IT!!! As did the girls who happened to be over at the time. When I had to explain I won it on your blog contest. Laughing as they never blog...what in the world????

  14. Hi - I'm the next person above you on the SITS Saturday Sharefest, but thought I'd stop by first to see you

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  15. :-D
    I have to know......have you had that second meeting?
    Oh and you forgot to mention.....was he hot? :-D

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    J'espère que votre week-end est très beau

  16. That is such a NY fascinating story that doesn't happen to gals in the rest of the world.
    So random!

  17. That's it... I'm getting a dog! Just kidding. Great story. (Stopping by from SITS)

  18. Benissimo! Mi piace.

  19. I love this story, bella!

    That's about all the Italian I know.

  20. Cute story! I guess I have to live this new adventure through your writings. :-)

  21. He sounds like a very interesting guy. Was he cute too?

    Happy SITS Day!

  22. Oh wow. He sounds delightful! : ) And hot... : )

  23. Hmmm very interesting..He sounds a little "slick" though, so be careful. ;)

  24. OK, PLEASE tell this is fiction. If not, DO NOT WALK, RUN! You will NEVER know who the REAL agents are. If this isn't fiction, I'm scared for you.

  25. Whoa, woman, chillax! It will be ok. I haven't even seen that man in a year.

    And breathe...

  26. Wow! I'm glad to see you haven't seen him in awhile, because people like that make me nervous...but it sounds like a cool story!

  27. I hate to be a total dud on our first meeting here, Dorkys, but I've got some serious warning bells going off here with this guy. People in this line of work don't usually go around hinting to strangers about their job. Oh but wait, now I see this was July so you've probably got a good handle on this guy by now. Hope it's going well!!

  28. What a fun encounter. True, he may have been making it all up, but it still makes for a good story ;-)

    (Chances are better he's worked at a desk job dreaming of being an Agent than actually being one.)

  29. Finally somebody gets the point! :)

  30. Neat! Happy SITS day!

    Boy that had to be a fun day.

    I love a good story! Who cares if he is or is not a secret agent. 5 languages is impressive.

  31. Stopping by from SITS!

    Wow, that is an interesting person to meet :) Hope it's all true and he's not just a really great con-man!

  32. yeah even if that was a line, it was creative! Sounds like a sexy guy.

    I'm so excited that it's your SITS day and I actually read your blog regularly. Congrats girl!!

  33. Fun story, he must be special forces. We have a couple of friends who are in the same line of work. All of the sudden their gone and nobody knows were (but we have an idea). Sounds like he was digging you!

    Here from SITS! Enjoy your day!

  34. There's something so sexy about the mystery of a man. Wow! I hope that you have this encounter again one day...after you've learned more languages, of course:)

  35. Ohhh, so mysterious, and up and missing for 2 weeks...uh, yeah, that's totally the kind of guy I go for!!! For sure! :)

    Happy SITS!

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  36. love your writing! great little story... i'll have to look around your site to see if there's a follow-up.
    nice to meet you, here from SITS!
    ~ marit

  37. Other than the disappearing trick he sounds yummy! lol

    Happy SITS Day!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

  38. Hi! A day late from SITS, but it's still the thought, right?

    What a fabulous story! I love encounters like that. I hope for your sake the encounters come again and again and again.

    Just a great post.

  39. See? That's why I love NY. You never know who anyone could be or what their story is. You have nice teeth! What a pickup line...just in case the dog didn't work! :o)

    My best, Lynn
    I'm so glad you got your S.I.S. day, even though I"m so terribly late for it.


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