Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Well That's Because the Mets Suck

Last night, on the car ride back to my house…

Dad: Do you know if the Phillies are coming into town anytime soon?
Me: They won’t be back to play the Mets ‘til end of August.
Dad: Ok, then can you please not invite me to those games?
Me: Why? Are you scared ‘cause the Phillies beat you guys in all three games this weekend?
Dad: No…it’s just…I’m so disenchanted with the Mets these days…
Me: Aww… [to self: Muahaha!]

Friday: Phillies W 7-2
Saturday: Phillies W 4-1
Sunday: Phillies W 2-0

But the Marlins are way too close to the Phillies in the NL East standings

Image: metsmaniac.com


  1. love the phillies. LOVE them!

  2. The Phillies won 22-1 on Monday. Imagine what that would have done to your Dad if they had done that Sunday?

    Hmmm... the Marlin's might be the team to watch this year. :)

  3. We really need to get you talking football.

  4. ladystyx, I found this while googling around for "sad Mets fan" and just had to use it.

    wolf, I'm guessing you're actually from the area?

    intense, what?? I can't believe I totally missed that. I only pay attention when they're playing one of our guys because then I can actually watch the game on TV. Man, I would've loved to see that one!! And dad might have broken up with the Mets then and there if was against them.

    tooj, why? So I can trash talk your team? Eh, football's slow and complicated. They move a yard an hour.


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