Monday, August 31, 2009

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Looks like The Book Club is on! I know at least one of you already finished the book while I've yet to even start, but I will tomorrow- pinky promise!

Since it seems like such a good/quick read, I guess we can cyber-discuss the first third on Sunday Monday night (til page 102 or so). I'll write mine and the rest can either comment on here or write your own posts whenever you'd like. I can provide a link list on the post so other readers can visit those posts and add our two cents to what you had to say. Deal?


Monday Giveaway: B. Happybags

Isn't it great how nowadays there are so many cute alternatives to plastic bags (and those plain old canvas totes)? One company I've recently discovered is B. Happybags. Their cotton reusable shopping bags are super sturdy and can hold so much I can make do with just one. Best thing is they come in 36 designs and the company also offers yoga and wine bags!

This week two of you will win one of these totes in a design of your choice. So take a look around the site then come back and tell me what you'd like! A random commenter will be chosen Wednesday night.

CONGRATULATIONS: Debbie in Nashville and Kay are this week's winners!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

How Was Your Weekend?

Mine lasted about 5,000 years so I'm ready to re-enter civilization. (I'm giving it two hours before I want to retreat though.)


I discovered* a great new center a couple minutes away (by train) near Yankee Stadium. I was going to schlep all the way downtown to buy a wedding present at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but apparently there was one close by.

Ok, so I get to this place and imagine my surprise when I see there's not only a Bed, Bath and Beyond but a BJs, Best Buy, Applebee's, Staples, Michaels, Marshalls and....Target!! Eeee! (Yes, there's a Target, Marshalls and Applebee's a 10-minute walk from me, but it was a nice surprise and I loved that these other stores were there too.)

Anywho, I fulfilled my wedding duties and then walked on over to Target for some essentials. Then came home and cooked for the first time in about a month. Went to bed after midnight watching a Criminal Minds marathon on A&E. (Just started watching and I think I'm a little hooked. Does anybody else watch?)

*By discovered I mean Dad told me of its existence and I went to check it out.


The lovely bridal shower for Anonymous' sis. I admit I wasn't exactly in the mood to party that day. I was feeling cranktastic and it got even worse when Toby chewed up a second pair of flip flops this week.

I somehow made it to the place after my taxi driver took me on a tour around Yonkers because he had no clue where he was going. Once there I pretty much parked my butt on a corner of the couch watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and waiting for the soon-to-be-wed (in exactly two weeks!) to arrive. She did...about an hour and a half later.

Then came the games. Oh the games. Let me start by saying that I was set on observing rather than participating in any of them. I just wasn't into playing silly games and I especially did NOT want to join in on the toilet paper dress madness. (I know, I know! I'm a Debbie Downer. Anyway...)

First game: Get into groups and guess the girl's age in each of a bunch of pictures. Pass.

Second game: Toilet paper wedding dress. I was determined to sit this one out. But of course this one had a twist. The bride-to-be chose who'd pose as the brides and who their four dressmakers would be. Ok, out of all the women available why was I chosen as a dress maker? Who knows.

But you know what? I LOVED it! Our girl was by far the best dressed there. For starters, her paper dress didn't fall apart in the fashion show that followed and it was actually a nice dress/ she didn't look like a mummy. Girl worked it!

Much to my surprise, I had a great time participating in this one. My ice was starting to break.

Third game: Hot bouquet. Pass the roses around and if you're holding the flowers when the music stops, you're out. I played a bit reluctantly, but I was in there a lot longer than I expected to be.

Now, the bride-to-be is marrying an Arabic guy and in their culture, the bride has to belly dance at her wedding. So his sisters came baring coined hip scarves and taught us a couple moves. They were so good! Again, I watched from the sidelines...until Shakira came on. I couldn't resist.

I ended out the night by voluntarily belly dancing for the guests* with a little girl. It was awesome :)

*I wasn't drunk.

So I started off blah and ended up having a wonderful time. Now all that's left is finding shoes and getting my dress shortened. Two weeks left!


Straight chillin' because apparently I didn't do enough of it during my five day break. Went to see mami (aka eat her food) and then I took her out for ice cream.

Your turn.


Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA": The Awesome Gay Version

I went googling around for Miley's "Party in the USA" video and came across this instead: a group of gay guys spoofed her new song! I couldn't stop smiling/laughing and apparently the teen star couldn't get enough of the video herself. Oh summer, please don't leave...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday!

Congrats, you survived the week! Meanwhile I've been off for so long I feel it should be Monday again.

* I have to (finally!) buy wedding presents today because there's another shower coming up super soon (won't say when so I don't inadvertently ruin the surprise). I haven't even checked out the registries yet.

* Pay bills and pretend to get my finances/life in order.

* I took a spontaneous trip to the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday afternoon only to find out something was seriously wrong with my SLR- crazy vibrations and buzzing are not normal. Apparently, the zoom lens is jacked up. Not sure if it's fixable. Also not sure if the roll I shot anyway came out any good.

* Labor Day weekend is coming up and I want plans! Preferably plans outside of the city so I need to sit and think of something. Any suggestions?


Urban Outfitters + The Impossible Project

Just a day after I had the fleeting thought of finally switching my film SLR for a digital one I learned about The Impossible Project, which "aims to re-start production of analog instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010." When Polaroid stopped producing instant film last year, the Project stepped right in and purchased one of its factories in Holland.

And now Urban Outfitters wants to help out by hosting an exhibition and selling exclusive Polaroid goodies. Today the store is selling the last remaining deadstock of Polaroid cameras and film. I think this camera kit looks pretty awesome don't you think? (via PopSugar Daily)


Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Girl Knows Wassup

I think she should do a collab with this kid. (Via a super old post on Fashiomania)

(500) Days of Summer

Finally saw (500) Days of Summer with the sis last night and I really liked it...but it made me sad.

My problem these days is that I can see bits of myself in all these movies/songs/books I keep diving into. Sometimes I'm perfectly fine and other times it touches a sore spot.

The poignant non-love story is the tale of a hopeless romantic and the girl who put him through the ringer. He was sure she was The One while she kept him at arm's length with one foot in and the other out. He kept trying to break through the walls and make her believe that love existed (even though his parents were divorced). She was too scared/cynical to fall for such a fairy tale (because her parents were divorced).

This is the story of Tom and Summer. It's also Mr. First's and mine in some ways - including the final role reversal.

The film had so many hilarious moments (particularly Tom's dance number the morning after he and Summer have sex for the first time) as well as parts that made me want to cry. I caught my sister glancing at me from the side surely waiting for me to just lose it. (I didn't.)

I loved the soundtrack and the director's use of color to indicate Tom's mood as the 500 days come to pass. The only thing I found confusing was the constant flip back and forth along that timeline. I kept forgetting what point in the relationship we were currently in, what had just happened before and what future events we'd already been privy to. But it didn't throw me off too much and I was still able to get the general gist of the order of events.

All in all, I really enjoyed the film despite the feelings it stirred up. "This is not a love story. This is a story about love." Love in all its messy, intense, beautiful, confusing, heartbreaking, hopeful glory.

(500) Days of Summer: 3.5/5 Toasties


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Club Anyone?

I'm currently reading a graphic novel to review on here, but after I'm done with that (within the next few days) I've got another one waiting: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. The New York Times bestseller (for over seven months!) has been gathering praise since its release last year. The novel is set in London and on the British island of Guernsey during World War II and beyond.

Now before your eyes glass over know that it's also about a journalist who, in looking for her next book subject, starts corresponding with the residents of this island which was occupied by Nazis during the war. She takes a keen interest in the members of the book's namesake - a book club created to protect its members from arrest by the Germans.

Told through a series of letters, this book caught my eye because 1) I'm a female journalist, 2) I like letters, 3) there's much damn buzz about it, 4) it's now on paperback so it's cheaper/lighter and 5) umm, a book club for a book about a book club? Love it! Mr. First also recommended it to me late last year and I pretty much dismissed it myself - 'til now.

Now I just wanted to take a quick poll to see if anybody else would be interested in reading it as a Book Club. Otherwise, I'll go right ahead and just review it once I'm done. Poll ends on Sunday and The Book Club would commence about a week later.


Ted Kennedy Passes Away

What sad news to wake up to. Teddy Kennedy lost his


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Twenties Girl

Before I review this book, I should clear something up first.

I love Sophie Kinsella and in my eyes, the woman can do no wrong. Her stories are so easy to get lost in and when I want to escape and be entertained, her books always do the trick.

Her newest novel, Twenties Girl, is a mystery/ghost story that unites 20-something-year-old Lara Lington and her recently deceased great aunt Sadie - as her 20-year-old self...and straight from the Roaring 20s. Sadie asks her great niece to fulfill a request that will let her rest in peace, but Lara's got enough problems as it is: her man just broke things off out of nowhere, her parents think she's thisclose to losing it, her bff up and left her to manage their new business by herself to go sunbathe with some new beau. Oh, and she hasn't a clue what's she doing.

It's a good thing Sadie has a flair for making things just...happen.

Kinsella has a talent for creating wonderful female characters that not only draw you in from the start (with their hilarious antics), but also wind you around their little finger. You get caught up in their highs and lows, root for them and then miss them once the last page is turned.

Sadie's highly spirited self is the star here. In between all the dancing, the screaming and nagging Lara to help her, she teaches Lara a few lessons about life and love. Some of my favorite Sadie-isms include:

"When I was your age, if a boy behaved badly, one simply scored his name out from one's dance card."

"Darling, when things go wrong in life, this is what you do. You lift your chin, put on a ravishing smile, mix yourself a little cocktail - and out you go."

"You say, 'Good riddance,' buy a new dress, and take another lover. Or several."

"The worst thing a girl can do is trail after a boy when a love affair is dead."

"It's not enough to believe! You could spend your whole life hoping and believing! If a love affair is one-sided, then it's only ever a question, never an answer. You can't live your life waiting for an answer...Because you can want and want and want. But if he doesn't want you might as well wish the sky were red."

But beneath all that pride, we learn there's much more to her than glam flapper dresses, dancing the Charleston and flirtation. Although the plot resolves itself a bit too easily in the end, I didn't mind too much. I'd just become attached and wanted a little more time with dear Sadie.

Twenties Girl is both lighthearted and moving and makes you think about the time we have with those we love. Shoot, I was laughing one minute and choking up the next - in the park no less!


I Would DIE If This Were Me

Please Facebook responsibly.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Giveaway: Just In Case Condom Compact

I'm all about safe sex (aka the No Kids for Now Campaign) so here's a stylish way for us ladies to stash a couple Trojans in our purse: inside a pretty mirror compact. Just In Case compacts discretely hold two condoms in a hidden compartment so no one will be the wiser. Not that there's anything wrong with carrying them, but really I'd rather not have a string of condoms pouring out of my purse in front of people.

(Not that I currently walk around with a purse full of latex.)

Anywho! This week six of you lucky fools will win a compact! There are two Pastel Compacts, two Metallic Compacts, the YouthAids Red compact and the Just In Case II compact and each one brings two complimentary condoms. Who wins which one will be completely random. Just leave a comment below to enter, followers and e-mail subscribers (give me a heads up) gain extra entries and six random winners will be chosen Wednesday night!

And if you have any juicy (or hilarious) condom-related stories do share. You know you wanna ;)

CONGRATULATIONS: This week's winners are AquarianJwl (in Petulant Pink), Eva Gallant (in Luscious Lime), Dama (in Mystic Metallic), TubOfLard (in Goddess Gold), Pam (in Rendez-Vous Red) and Gabby (the Just In Case II)!

P.S. I just had a few things to say about the comments:

1. You guys are hysterical! Makes me (almost) wish I had crazy moments like those to share.
2. Actually no I don't. You moms who've caught your children in compromising situations or its after-math sound super laid-back. I'm pretty sure if my mom found a used condom in the house, I wouldn't be alive to blog today. The Birth Control Pill Wrapper Disaster was bad enough.
3. These compacts are not big at all. They're the size of a condom and you could always replace the mirror you carry around for one of these.
4. Ok, so let me get this straight. Some of you are married, have a willing sex partner around at all times and you DON'T want to have sex?? My mind was just unbelievably boggled by that one.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mets v Phils: A Lovely Little Beatdown

This afternoon's game was freakin aaawesome. (Please sing that last word about two octaves higher than normal.) The sun was shining, the Phillies were running, the Mets were scared - it was beautiful.

The game kicked off with two 3-run homers by the Phils at the top of the first inning (talk about a sweet start) and after practically pitching to the whole lineup, the Mets pitcher had to be retired before finishing the first inning. By the way, Pedro Martinez did very well. At least he didn't foul up being a former Mets player and all.

At the bottom of the ninth with no outs, I thought the Mets had a chance to catch up on the Phils' 9-7 lead...that is until Bruntlett stomped on those hopes and dreams. The game ended so quickly I didn't even know it was in fact over until the Phillies fan behind me squealed "triple plaaay!!" like a little girl. Hee hee :)

P.S. I don't think Dad likes it when I take him to these match-ups. Not my fault the Mets are slacking. But we still had a great time and he got to see his boy Pedro pitch...even if it was for the opposing team.

P.P.S. Must make a note to go to future Mets v Phils games in the afternoon instead of at night. There were way more Phillies fans in the crowd today so I didn't feel like a loser (rooting for the winning team) or scared for my safety.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


So much for "break & chip resistant."

Odd thing is I'd just placed it on the dish rack and when I turned to wash the others,
I heard a "crack!" and a "crash!" The bottom of the bowl had had enough it seems.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I'd like to start out by saying I'm a dope.

So remember when I completely put aside these wedding invites and bridal shower RSVPs and then dragged my feet on buying presents for these people?

Well turns out one of the bridal showers is tomorrow morning. TOMORROW! And I've got no present.

(Apparently a handmade collage of the things I would get them if I were rich is unacceptable.)

A few hours ago Anonymous' sister called me up to check if I was coming to the wedding.

"Yeah? I sent my RSVP a long time ago!"
"You did? I never got it! Well I checked you off," she said.

After I hung up, I grab the invite for the second wedding to make sure I still had time to send that one in (I have 'til October 5th). I'd been going back and forth about attending that shower, but figured I'd just suck it up and go. I take a quick glance at the invite to remind myself when it is. Surely it's sometime in September, I thought...

"Join us for a bridal shower brunch....August 22nd 2009, 11:30 AM- 3:30 PM," reads the invite.

It took me a quick second to realize August 22nd means tomorrow!

Obviously I'll be a no-show for that chick fest.


Happy Friday!

Hello my little monkeybutts! How's work going? Awesome? Busy? Boring?

Well guess what? I've got an early start to my weekend! I think I'll sleep in, eat breakfast at noon and ease into the day with no hurry at all. Sounds lovely, no?

Ok, I'll stop throwing it in your face.

(But seriously, rolling around in bed and getting up at my leisure is Divine.)

Other than a Phillies v Mets game with Pops on Sunday, I've no plans at all. Then again, those things just seem to come out of nowhere. What's on your plate for the weekend?

P.S. This post was obviously scheduled because you bet your buns I'm still in bed at 9 AM. (Ok! Ok! I'm done!)

P.P.S. And I'll try my best not to do that when I'm off next Wednesday- Friday...


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tim and Heidi Are Back!

Project Runway is pretty much the only fashion-related show I will watch (I cannot stand Tyra and America's Next Top Model) and it's finally back tonight with its Season 6 premiere (and debut) on Lifetime at 10 PM EST.

They're kicking off the new season with a 2-hour All-Star Challenge and old faves have come back to design a 4-look collection - one suitable for the red carpet and one with unconventional materials. Seriously, they just finished wrecking STK restaurant!

I don't know how, but I'm sure they'll make it work.

P.S. Great, now I'm going to get hooked on Models of the Runway.


My Five Fave Posts

A couple days ago, Intense Guy asked me what my five all-time favorite posts were (regardless of how many comments they received). Talk about a toughie, I've published nearly 700 posts! How could I narrow them down? Still, I thought I'd give a try so here are my top five (in chronological order)...with five extra light-hearted ones tagged at the end.

1. Imagine- About a John Lennon art exhibit I checked out last fall. It made me tear up and wonder why good people are suddenly taken from us. Afterwards, I took a walk through the past.

2. Going Forward, Looking Back- A quick look at my 2008 and all its ups and downs.

3. Serenity- I was moved to write this after I read several posts about a woman who'd just lost her pregnancy, someone struggling with their job, another who'd broken up with her long-term boyfriend, someone else's bouts of depression. It came after I started thinking about my tired cousin's medical issues and how my own worries and struggles seemed to pale in comparison to all the suffering in the world. My ache for these people built to such a level that I wished so much I could make it better somehow. But because I couldn't just wipe it all away, I sent out a serenity prayer to all of them instead.

4. Saw My Old Crush on the Train Last Night- Talk about nerve-wracking! Imagine running into a guy you had the hugest crush on when you were 14, have him reject you and then not see him for 13 years...until he's suddenly right beside you in a crowded train.

5. Secret Agent Man- I wasn't swooning for him as some of you believe. It's more like deeply intrigued. Either way, this was a joy to write. (Here's the second post for the interested.)

1. Tourist DON'TS- If you're coming to NYC, please adhere to these rules. Thanks.

2. Singling- I still can't believe I attended a Singles Party. It was fun(ny) though!

3. Collective Storytelling- This started off sane and quickly veered off into hilariously ludicrous! If you need to laugh your head off, read this crazy story that several of us created. I'm tempted to start another story one of these days.

4. Coping with Couples- Life is already hard enough without being subjected to PDAs and lovey doveyness.

5. Ten Ways a Body Pillow is Better Than a Man- Speaking of which, I still need to buy that pillow...

I'd love to know what your favorite posts are so let me know if you list them!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sounds of Pertussis

Ever heard of whooping cough? Well apparently it's not some disease from olden times: between 2000-2003 and 2004-2007, there was a 100 percent increase in reported cases of pertussis! Although adults experience milder symptoms, the disease can prove deadly for infants who are not properly immunized and it can be passed on to the child through your coughing and sneezing. So protect your child by educating yourself on pertussis.


Somewhere Between Here and There

On reflecting

For the past week I've been doing a lot of thinking and taking note of where I stand and where I stood 12 months ago. In other words I've been semi-melancholic for a few days now.

It's been a year since I literally almost drove myself into the ground, a year since I saw him last and now we've officially been apart longer than we were together. I wonder if a year from now I'll look on today the same way I think of a year ago - distant, knowing it hurt, but no longer able to fully taste how bad it was. Like an outsider looking in through a foggy window.

On moving on

My heart still isn't trying to hear it. I can feel myself rebuilding the walls slab by slab and I'm not really trying to stop it. A small part of me quietly hopes that in doing so, 20, 30, 50 years from now I can look back and say, "Good. My heart never hurt after that." Right now, any thoughts of sharing myself with someone else all feel half-way empty, robotic and cold. Doesn't make for much cuddling.

I've stopped asking when and why I haven't moved on and just accepted that it's because I just don't want to or at least I don't want to want to. So far, each glimmer of hope gets shot down by a fleet of flaming arrows. Self-sabotage at its finest.

Instead of risking and leaping, I'd rather cower and age until I make it safely to the other side. Alone and half-living perhaps, but intact.

Happy and sad to say that I'm growing quite used to it.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things to Hate About More to Love

This new reality dating show has been on for several weeks now and it still doesn’t sit well with me. (Mind you I keep on watching it.) More to Love (Tuesdays at 9 PM EST, Fox) is pretty much The Bachelor only 50-100 pounds heavier. And though I wish the contestants on all of these shows were a better reflection of what real people look like, the “reality” is that they will always choose the slim and pretty.

Then in comes More to Love, failing with its “good intentions.” A hefty man himself, Luke the Bachelor loves meaty women and hopes to find love in this plus-sized batch. And if you can’t tell these women are that just by looking at them, the show’s got you covered: each woman’s stats appear on the screen whenever she talks to the camera. Way to promote that size does not matter, guys.

Each episode is filled with waterworks as the ladies recount their tales of insensitive men who couldn’t see past their weight. Of dateless proms and lonely existences.

But now there was hope in Luke who’s come to their rescue! He makes them feel special, loved, sexy, wanted. Honestly, the way these women have placed that man on a pedestal is a bit disturbing. They want so much to be accepted that many of them fail to realize that their happiness doesn't/shouldn't lie in someone else – especially not on a dating show! (They also don’t seem to care that Darling Luke is kissing up on one chick soon after cuddling with another. Ew.)

The diamond ring (instead of roses) that each contestant receives also seems cruel to me. I bet they’ve each dreamed of getting married someday, but have trouble believing it can fully happen for them. They live and die by those rings with each passing elimination ceremony.

And you know damn well he’s not proposing to anybody once the show’s over.

Give me Flavor of Love over this any day. At least those women were straight up crazy. Toying around with emotional, insecure women with serious body issues is just wrong.

And yet for some reason I’ll still be watching…


Shakira Graces Latina's September Issue

This month, the red-hot pop star appears in not one, but three gorgeous covers for Latina Magazine. My fave is the close-up beauty shot on the left, but the second is pretty fierce as well, don't you think?

Inside, la colombiana talks about her FundaciĆ³n Pies Descalzos, the importance of therapy and her desire to be a mommy saying, "Sometimes at night, I think of myself with a big belly. That's my happy place. I want to have a huge belly - I crave that!"

¡Ay ombe! She's so cute :)

Too bad, I'm not really feeling this new single of hers. Has anybody else seen/heard "She Wolf?" Honestly, I don't even understand what she's saying.


Monday, August 17, 2009

The Shack "The Office" Commercial

I just saw this new ad for the store formerly known as RadioShack and busted out laughing! Dude gets so into it!!

I like how I'll click play for the umpteenth time thinking, "I will probably not laugh this time" and I'll keep a straight face until "Oh nope! Nope, definitely still funny!!"

How Dorkys Got Her Internet Back

She finally thought to pop in the Optimum Online Install CD, plugged in her laptop, restarted and was checking her e-mail minutes later.


I really hope I don't binge now.

And How Was Your Weekend?

This is going to be short and quick because it's late and I'm tired.

1. My weekend was long and uncomfortably hot.
2. The bro and I finally made it back to my place around 8 PM where we watched Role Models and he ate popcorn, crackers, cream cheese, candy and drank like half a gallon of apple juice. Beast.
3. I introduced him to Arrested Development and he liked.
4. Bedtime was 1 AM.
5. Toby, the furry little kill joy, begged to differ. He barked until 3:30 AM. I damn near flung myself out the window.
6. As I laid in bed trying to drown out the noise, I realized that there was no way I could ever have another sleepover. Not unless the person sleeps with me. What a waste of a perfectly good IKEA sofabed.
7. Woke up four hours later. Still wanted to kill myself.
8. Because I really needed to pick up a package at a UPS store, Dad and I passed up our Park Ave trip to drive to the middle of nowhere instead. It took about an hour to get there.
9. Apparently UPS is not feeling the recession because they were closed. On a Saturday.
10. Spent the rest of the day with Dad and bro at Dad's store. Then I passed by Mom's for a bit (and food).
11. My mood took a dip Saturday night so I just jumped in the shower and headed to bed.
12. I didn't move or wake up until the following morning.
13. The New York International Gift Fair was quite a bit to handle. It was just too much! I spent three hours on one floor alone and I didn't even talk to every exhibitor (that would've been impossible.) I nearly fainted ten times and by the fifth hour I just wanted to leave.
14. So I did.
15. But not before grabbing 20 lbs-worth of catalogs, press kits, business cards and brochures.
16. Oh and my calling cards? They got some compliments :)

(OK, so maybe it wasn't sooo quick.)

P.S. This knife holder totally caught my eye at the fair. Apparently it's called The Ex. Scary...

But I did meet the guy who created Magnetic Poetry, Anne Taintor and about 5,000 other people I cannot remember right now.


"Hi. It's Hella Hot."

And these days, it seems I have practically nothing in common with anybody. Other than the fact that half our faces have melted off. Ew.


Monday Giveaway: Kinderkitchen by Kuhn Rikon

Imagine having your little one help out in the kitchen with fun tools made just for him! Getting your child involved with cooking early on establishes healthy habits and teaches him new skills. Plus you won't have to whip up dinner all by yourself! But it's important to keep safety in mind and the fun level cranked up to high. Kinderkitchen by Kuhn Rikon does both with their colorful animal-inspired tools that work, but don't hurt those tiny hands.

This week one of you will win the entire 12-piece line! Seriously, they're so cute I have no shame using them myself. Plus, the apron fits me! (Yes, I tried it on. Don't judge.)

Just leave a comment to enter. Followers and e-mail subscribers (give me a heads up) gain extra entries and a random winner will be announced Wednesday night :)

CONGRATULATIONS: Katharine is this week's winner! (You have until Friday morning to e-mail me your info because I have no way of contacting you.) Karen is this week's winner!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday!

- I’m being forced into an Internet detox at home. With no connection, I’m going to bed earlier, getting ready for work sooner, actually watching DVDs and working on projects at home. I’m even starting to – gasp! – enjoy the new-found freedom.

Who the hell have I turned into??

- Last weekend I fixed up my blog roll and added some fun new sites for you guys to check out. Who knows? Maybe you'll find some new faves.

- I’m having my first planned sleepover tonight…that is unless my little (18-year-old) brother backs out on me like he usually does. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the trouble-maker (and the four-legged one as well). And by quality time I mean watching TV and stuffing our faces with popcorn, of course.

UPDATE: Apparently he's been saying that he's sleeping over at my house tonight, so yay! The kid actually likes me. (And why shouldn't he? I'm mad cool. I think I'll get us jelly beans for dinner.)

- The NYIGF kicks off tomorrow and runs ‘til the 20th so I might pop in on Sunday. I’m ready to be overwhelmed by 2,900 exhibitors, 400 product categories and 100,000 lines and all the lovely items for show!

- Tomorrow is also the second weekend of NYC’s Summer Streets: Park Ave gets temporarily closed to traffic so walkers, bikers and skaters have free range from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park. I asked Dad if he wanted to bike ride…since we haven’t done so since last August’s trek through a thunderstorm.

- I got home around midnight last night. JK invited me out to a happy hour with her crew after work and had such an awesome time! Who knew soon-to-be docs were so much fun/alkies/interested in that I write about love and sex? Can’t wait to hang out with those geeky fools again.

So what’s up for you this weekend?


Essie: A Girl's Best Friend

Essie has been my go-to nail polish brand for a while now so I’m always excited when they roll out new colors. This month, it’s Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka ($15, – a limited-edition collection of three diamond-infused colors that give off a subtle shimmer.

The best part is that three of the of the bottles produced contain a precious stone: a sapphire, an emerald and a diamond! You imagine finding one of those beauties inside your nail polish bottle?? Let’s just say wouldn’t be seeing me for a while.

The colors in this new line seem a bit more fall to me so I’ll probably start wearing mine in a month or so and instead squeeze out as many days as I can out of their playful Summer 2009 collection. Cute as a Button is always a hit!

P.S. Get in on the latest shine-free trend by using Matte About You over your regular polishes.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cute Etsy Calling Card

For the past few months, I’d been semi-searching for simple but cute calling cards I could give out when I meet with PR reps for the blog. I lucked out when Being Red included a link to calling cards on (an online marketplace for all things handmade) and this Urbanite Calling Card from Pixelimpress caught my eye. Not only was it my style (I like the design and had been looking for square cards), but I had to laugh at the sample name used considering what I’ve said about Sex and the City. There were several other lovely finds in the shop, but I just had to hold out.

And Pam was so nice and super quick – I received my pack in a matter of days! Granted, they’re slightly bigger than I had imagined so they don’t fit in my wallet, but overall I’m happy with how they turned out. Now I’ll have something to give out when I go to the New York International Gift Fair this weekend. Hopefully I'll find some great goodies to blog about!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Paper Heart

Paper Heart is the half-real, half-scripted story of Charlyne Yi’s quest to discover what love is and if it can exist for her. Skeptical about happily-ever-afters, she goes out to ask every day people, couples young and old, gay and straight – even scientists and Las Vegas chapel ministers! – to see what they have to say about the subject. Amusing, to say the least.

My fave parts were the touching stories people shared of their experiences and Yi’s awesome puppets playing them out in the background. Although Yi and Michael Cera did in fact have a relationship in the past (not sure if they still do), seeing that scripted portion develop over the course of the movie still seemed so sincere. Yi’s character (as semi-herself) doesn’t verbalize many of her feelings, but she doesn’t need to. You can decipher a lot from her interactions with Cera and by the expressions on her face. She’s too cute :)

It’s a fairly simple tale (lasting 88 minutes) that doesn’t drag on longer than it should, which is good for my ADD-ish tendencies, but I was entertained from beginning to end. Yi is so giggly and adorable, I was pulling for her happiness even though I’d only just met her. (I didn’t exactly pay much attention to her stoned character in Knocked Up.)

And Cera was great playing the role he seems to have perfected: the awkwardly sweet, quirky guy who’s too funny for words. I don’t think I can imagine him in any other role, but thankfully I haven’t had enough of him yet.

Paper Heart is genuinely sweet and provokes some thought on true love and the different forms it can take. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because Yi’s skeptical view struck a chord with me, but it’s also because I appreciated the lack of unnecessary sap and her refusal to apologize or force feelings she doesn’t possess – yet.

Paper Heart: 3/5 Toasties


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Year's Worth of Baby Pictures

Lex's parents started taking pictures of their little boy a week after he was born last year...and kept taking one each day! Here's their cute little video (Thanks Heidi!)

So sweet to watch that little baby grow :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Giveaway: Love Actually

So apparently I've been on this cutesy movies trip, which is odd because I'm still not emotionally available for any of the lovey dovey stuff. But it must be a good sign that these types of films don't make me gag (as much) anymore right?

Well this week I'm giving away a copy of an awesome one: Love Actually. I heart this movie so much and enjoyed all the little stories and different aspects of love portrayed. And the cast is fantastic! (Plus, maybe a winter season movie will help you cool off in this wretched heat.)

So leave a comment below for a chance to win. It's not required, but I'd love to know what your fave romantic comedy is (if you're into that sort of thing). I know I have many to catch up on! Followers and e-mail subscribers (give me a heads up) will get extra entries. A random winner will be announced Thursday night.

P.S. If you already own this DVD, then you can pass it on to someone who hasn't because they've been living under a rock. Enlightenment makes a great gift, don't you think?

CONGRATULATIONS: Robin is this week's winner!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Painting the Town Red

[WARNING: This post contains an obscene amount of pictures of me. Deal with it.]


After watching Paper Heart I was feeling light and content, so I walked over to a corner deli, bought myself a bright pink gerber daisy and walked to Central Park. The day was perfect for people watching, smiles and freedom.

There's a particular site in Central Park that's my favorite. If Future Husband and I ever get into a dramatic spat that has us separating and then considering a reunion where we both have to show up somewhere in order to declare our love for each other, I'd tell him, "Meet me at Bethesda."

And because I was feeling silly (and a little full of myself), had nothing else to do with my time and I didn't have the nerve to ask someone for help, I proceeded to take more than 25 pictures of myself.

The sun was already setting and I knew the park would get dark soon so I had to end the photo shoot. I quickly walked towards Central Park West, taking a few more shots along the way and happy at how fun and laid-back my day turned out.


JK: Any plans today? I'm going to Central Park to study if you want to come join.
Me: Ooh! I'd love to! I was going to the library later, but the park sounds way better.

This is the studying that got done...

That's right...another photo shoot!

After we finished acting like silly little kids who've been let out to play for the first time ever, we headed over to a bar with her friend and her friend's softball teammates. There, JK and I passed up the beers and instead focused on KenKen and crossword puzzles. I love that we're such little geeks and don't care.

That night the other girls and I went out to celebrate Heidi's birthday :)


Not a damn thing (other than dishes and laundry) and that was just fine with me!

Hope your weekend was just as lovely!