Thursday, August 27, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

Finally saw (500) Days of Summer with the sis last night and I really liked it...but it made me sad.

My problem these days is that I can see bits of myself in all these movies/songs/books I keep diving into. Sometimes I'm perfectly fine and other times it touches a sore spot.

The poignant non-love story is the tale of a hopeless romantic and the girl who put him through the ringer. He was sure she was The One while she kept him at arm's length with one foot in and the other out. He kept trying to break through the walls and make her believe that love existed (even though his parents were divorced). She was too scared/cynical to fall for such a fairy tale (because her parents were divorced).

This is the story of Tom and Summer. It's also Mr. First's and mine in some ways - including the final role reversal.

The film had so many hilarious moments (particularly Tom's dance number the morning after he and Summer have sex for the first time) as well as parts that made me want to cry. I caught my sister glancing at me from the side surely waiting for me to just lose it. (I didn't.)

I loved the soundtrack and the director's use of color to indicate Tom's mood as the 500 days come to pass. The only thing I found confusing was the constant flip back and forth along that timeline. I kept forgetting what point in the relationship we were currently in, what had just happened before and what future events we'd already been privy to. But it didn't throw me off too much and I was still able to get the general gist of the order of events.

All in all, I really enjoyed the film despite the feelings it stirred up. "This is not a love story. This is a story about love." Love in all its messy, intense, beautiful, confusing, heartbreaking, hopeful glory.

(500) Days of Summer: 3.5/5 Toasties



  1. its not that i was waiting for you to lose it, its that i know watching films like these are not easy for you.

    and omg that dance number, i wish i could youtube it, lol

    ps. i also loved the rela bw him and his sis, lol

  2. I know. And I know you know so thanks :)

    Hmm, let me see if it's on YouTube at all. And his sister was awesome! I loved that she was pretty much his the age of 10 or so! Ay ombe.

  3. Found it and linked to it on the post!

  4. OMG WHAT?! YAY!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yup. It still made me smile. He is such a cutie!!

  6. I've been wanting to see this. Maybe I'll check it out this weekend since it's supposed to rain.

    I know what you mean though, sometimes these things bother me too, sometimes they don't. But it is getting easier. Hoping the same for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. oh, i'm glad you liked it! (though sorry that it brought up so many memories). as for me, i don't like happy endings so this one is perfect ;)

    here's a video of JGL and Zooey acting as Sid and Nancy...hilarious. hope you enjoy it!

  8. Oh the video was great! LOL

    I hadn't seen that one before. Have you seen their bank robbery dance number? Also good :)

  9. Love your reviews.

    address you requested:
    4 Dode Drive
    Saco, Me 04072

    Thanks for making me a winner!

  10. I am just posting without reading. I don't like to know the stories of movies I want to see. I just like hitting PLAY and seeing what it's all about. :) I just wanted you to know that. Ha!

  11. :) Hey Film Critic,

    Soon you will need a sidebar subsection for movies by toasties.

    I recall one 5 toasties... The Hangover - and a 4.5 for Away We Go... not sure if there were any other 4.5 and highers.

  12. sounds good....i think i'll go check it out!

  13. We carry with us all our loves, even those that weren't forever. : )

  14. Thanks for the review. I will have to check it out! I love the toasties! Really cute idea!

  15. This was such an awesome movie. I liked the way the movie messed up with the whole "meant to be" issue because I know a lot of people (myself included) that hold on to something because they think it's meant to be- even if there's no reason to believe so.

    Ashley Kay

  16. I loved this movie so much I saw it twice!

    I can really relate to it, too. Some of it was painful for me and opened some very recent wounds. But I loved the hopefulness of it and the fact that things turn out differently than you want them to, but you know it'll all work out the way it should.

    Just like life.


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