Monday, August 17, 2009

And How Was Your Weekend?

This is going to be short and quick because it's late and I'm tired.

1. My weekend was long and uncomfortably hot.
2. The bro and I finally made it back to my place around 8 PM where we watched Role Models and he ate popcorn, crackers, cream cheese, candy and drank like half a gallon of apple juice. Beast.
3. I introduced him to Arrested Development and he liked.
4. Bedtime was 1 AM.
5. Toby, the furry little kill joy, begged to differ. He barked until 3:30 AM. I damn near flung myself out the window.
6. As I laid in bed trying to drown out the noise, I realized that there was no way I could ever have another sleepover. Not unless the person sleeps with me. What a waste of a perfectly good IKEA sofabed.
7. Woke up four hours later. Still wanted to kill myself.
8. Because I really needed to pick up a package at a UPS store, Dad and I passed up our Park Ave trip to drive to the middle of nowhere instead. It took about an hour to get there.
9. Apparently UPS is not feeling the recession because they were closed. On a Saturday.
10. Spent the rest of the day with Dad and bro at Dad's store. Then I passed by Mom's for a bit (and food).
11. My mood took a dip Saturday night so I just jumped in the shower and headed to bed.
12. I didn't move or wake up until the following morning.
13. The New York International Gift Fair was quite a bit to handle. It was just too much! I spent three hours on one floor alone and I didn't even talk to every exhibitor (that would've been impossible.) I nearly fainted ten times and by the fifth hour I just wanted to leave.
14. So I did.
15. But not before grabbing 20 lbs-worth of catalogs, press kits, business cards and brochures.
16. Oh and my calling cards? They got some compliments :)

(OK, so maybe it wasn't sooo quick.)

P.S. This knife holder totally caught my eye at the fair. Apparently it's called The Ex. Scary...

But I did meet the guy who created Magnetic Poetry, Anne Taintor and about 5,000 other people I cannot remember right now.



  1. It was a quick read. :)
    I'm happy to hear the calling cards got notice. Good for you. Anything titled FAIR is going to be hell. Just so you know.

  2. My weekend was pretty much like your #1, extremely hot. I had the bright idea to play bad mitton the other day and after I turned bright red and became dizzy I realized that when it is over 100 degrees it is best to be a couch potatoe!

    I had a very lazy weekend! The only thing I really did was drive around the coastal area to take pics for a upcoming blog I am doing to show how far our area has come since Hurricane Ike nearly a year ago. Besides that it was really boring! Sometimes boring is good though since boring usually equals rest! :)

  3. I walked 9 miles on Saturday. I wonder how many you chalked up. :)

    I love that knife-holder. It would really rattle some of your guests -

  4. Oh my Goodness - THE EX _ i haven't seen that since I purchased it for a friend 3 years ago. If you knew her ex you'd think it was as hilarious as i do. I particurly like stabbing the knife into the knee. Scary I know...but i'm usually quite tame. LOL

  5. Oh! I ~LOVE!~ that knife holder!!


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