Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Assignment from Codename S.A.M.

"Ciao, bella" is how I always want to be greeted from now on.


A sunny Saturday nestled between endless days of rain called for a stroll to the park. I was so engrossed in my writing, I didn't look up until Toby started fussing on his leash. It was him again.

[Note for the guys: There are few coincidences when it comes to us. If we run into you looking pretty damn cute, the likelihood that we planned to be at that spot at that time looking that good is pretty high. It's not so much stalking as it planning for what may be. Anywho, back to the story.]

That day it wasn't just him and his monstrous dog. A boy was tagging along, too. "Great," I thought. "He has a kid. Negativo to that."

He sent me a wave and a smile as he called out for my attention from across the park. I might have acknowledged his presence with the same.

And then Toby took it to the extreme. I tried to pick him up and nearly sent all my papers flying into the wind. (It would've been pretty bad considering the topic I was writing about.) "OMG Toby, I hate you!" I muttered through my teeth. "You're making me look so bad!"

"Ciao, bella," I suddenly heard. I looked up and saw S.A.M. standing in front of me with the kid. "How are you?" he asked. "Oh, and this is my nephew."

But of course.

We discussed titillating topics such as the lovely weather we were having and his dog Bubba's recent bath. My dog, on the other hand, was not feeling the encounter. "Toby! You're shorter than his leg. He will stomp on you, do you understand?"

"He's trying to talk to Bubba," the pre-teen pointed out.
"Yeah and Bubba is not trying to participate," I said.
"It's ok," S.A.M. told Toby as he knelt to the ground and tried to calm him down.

When they were about to head home some minutes after that, S.A.M. said something to me in Italian...or French. No idea what it was exactly, but all I could say was, "Sí!" He seriously could've asked if I wanted to join the army, but I'm leaning more towards I'll see you later. And I know much more than I can manage, but these spot checks get me all flustered.

"Have you been practicing?" he asked as he started walking away. Busted.
"Dude, I haven't studied at all!" I replied with a grin.
"I want a new word from you next week," he said.
Was he seriously giving me homework? "Ok," I agreed. Did I mention I was such the teacher's pet in my day?
Then he stopped in his tracks. "Actually, here's a word for you: estivale." And he turned back around to leave.
"Wait! What does it mean?"
"You'll have to look it up," he said.
"Is it a...good word?" I asked. I should also mention I was a straight-laced goody two shoes teacher's pet.
"Absolutely!" he yelled.

Estivale, I wrote down on my notepad as I stifled a giggle and watched him walk away. "Estivale," I said to myself as I reached for my Italian textbook and flipped through the glossary once I got home. "Estivale, estivale...hmm...estivo...this doesn't have- Wait a minute!" I interrupted my thought and reached for another dictionary instead. "A ha..."

Estivale means "summery"...in French. Touché, S.A.M. Now, about that new word you wanted...

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  1. can you just eat, shit, sleep, and pretty much live at the park???? i want more storiesssssssss!!!

  2. Las Botasssssssssssssssssss!!

  3. This is gonna be a fun ongoing storyline.

  4. Ciao Bella! I want people to great me like this too!!!!

  5. oooooh, its getting really exciting. and he sounds utterly adorable. um, can you go to the park more often? :)

  6. Oh excited to see what happens next! :) Great blog!

  7. I love ciao bella too. It's super sweet. :)

  8. oh yeah!! Looking forward to the next installment of this one.

  9. :)

    Rien n'aiment un été roman!

    (Or something like that... durn my French is rusty and musty)

  10. omg i love this...after you guys get married and have kids... you need to write a book about it lol...its so enchanting...it'll be the first 007 fairytale

  11. ooh la la! getting juicy! thanks for sharing! i can't wait for the next one!

  12. haha this story is awesome I love how you specifically said you are not a stalker. lol
    by the way I'm having my fist giveaway on the my blog and i thought you would like it

  13. Can you sneak a picture of him on your camera phone?? This is so much fun.. I love living vicariously through friends I have yet to meet in person. Laughing.. go girl go

  14. Lol! "It's not so much stalking as it planning for what may be. "

    Nice one!

    Tania (via SITS)

  15. I am loving this story! Plus you have someone to keep you on track with your Italian lessons!

  16. dama, but then that would make pretending I have a life so much more difficult.

    heidi, alla vas!

    stereos, and I have a fun time writing it!

    stephanie, doesn't it just sound wonderful?

    odessa, that's weird because "adorable" is NOT what comes to mind when I see him. It's more like "slightly intimidating."

    emmy, thanks so much for the visit :)

    sugarlens, yes after "ciao, bella," "hello" seems so...ordinary.

    ladystyx, you guys sound more excited than I am. Seriously!

    intense guy, OMG thank you!! I KNEW I had learned "summer" long ago, but "estival" was just not ringing a bell. It was "été!" So I looked it up again and "estival" is "summery."

    dariany, MARRIAGE?! KIDS?! Girl you must be bugging. No way I'm ending up with this dude when I'm not interested in that way (plus, I'm not exactly looking to be interested). It's more curiosity and intrigue...

    moomby, LOL. I like how everyone assumes there will be more to the story. He could very well move away to God knows where on a mission. But I do hope there's more just so I can have more to write. I'm enjoying it!

    franco, and if I were it's not like I'd actually admit it on here!

    caren, that's what I'm here for! And how am I supposed to pull that one off? "Oh wow, looks like someone's calling me! Let me check my phone. Could you just stand a little bit more to the left?"

    tania, and yet true I think.

    joy, that's exactly it! I mean I don't know anyone else with whom I can practice. At least this keeps me on my toes.

    That said, I've yet to study.

  17. How did I miss this second post of SAM? Seriously????

  18. Looking at the date of the post, it was the day after my vacation in Chicago...so I guess that's my trip-up....but seriously???? I don't miss too many of yours! Especially ones I look for!

  19. This is freakin' awesome!! I really hope that his Secret Agent boss doesn't read this, so we can keep getting more updates.

  20. Cute, looking forward to reading more...

  21. OMG I'm now entrapped into your story line about S.A.M. I can't wait to hear more.

    Happy SITS Day. Hope it goes well.

  22. Ah to be single and attractive enough to get attention in the park :sigh:

  23. Oooh, good story! Going to see if there's more ;)

  24. next installment please!!!

    Happy SITS day!!

  25. Stopping in from SITS and a new follower, I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future!.

    I love love love the 'note to guys' that if we're back in the same spot looking hot its not stalking comment. that is the best and SO true. Like we can't be in our own romantic comedy unless we look awesome and just 'happen to run into them again'. love it.

  26. Oooo this is fun! Is there more? Off to check!

    Happy SITS Day!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

  27. Oh, I can't wait to see what comes next! What word are you going to give him? I hope it's mysterious and alluring and sexy and open-ended. But, alas, I have no words for you since I am seriously ignorant when it comes to other languages.


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