Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Book Club Anyone?

I'm currently reading a graphic novel to review on here, but after I'm done with that (within the next few days) I've got another one waiting: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. The New York Times bestseller (for over seven months!) has been gathering praise since its release last year. The novel is set in London and on the British island of Guernsey during World War II and beyond.

Now before your eyes glass over know that it's also about a journalist who, in looking for her next book subject, starts corresponding with the residents of this island which was occupied by Nazis during the war. She takes a keen interest in the members of the book's namesake - a book club created to protect its members from arrest by the Germans.

Told through a series of letters, this book caught my eye because 1) I'm a female journalist, 2) I like letters, 3) there's much damn buzz about it, 4) it's now on paperback so it's cheaper/lighter and 5) umm, a book club for a book about a book club? Love it! Mr. First also recommended it to me late last year and I pretty much dismissed it myself - 'til now.

Now I just wanted to take a quick poll to see if anybody else would be interested in reading it as a Book Club. Otherwise, I'll go right ahead and just review it once I'm done. Poll ends on Sunday and The Book Club would commence about a week later.



  1. I would be interested...however the poll isn't pulling up. So mark yes for me. I might just go purchase it so I will have it and have no excuse when you start. :) Happy Wednesday.

  2. I happen to have just subscribed to your blog last week (found it through someone else) and I just happen to be reading this book right now!

  3. Count me in - I'm game. How does a blogosphere cyber-bookclub work? I know we read the book - I got that part figured out :)

    Do we write book review and email them to you? Or do we "discuss" the books as a stream of comments? All at once or chapter by chapter? Or something else altogether?

    I hope I can read as fast as the rest of you - I got ADD you know - I see a squirrel and I loose my place and have to reread the whole chapter all over again.

  4. I'm always looking for new books to check out, being such an avid reader, I'll definitely have to see about reading this one!


  5. april, feel free to join in once we start discussing the book! How do you like it so far?

    intense guy, ok so how I've tried to do it in the past is read at least a couple chapters a week (I read pretty quickly, but know that not everyone does) and then "get together" one night a week.

    I'll write up a post covering a chunk of the book (I just checked and there are no chapters in this one so maybe cover a third a week? It's pretty short though), include my thoughts and just provide a couple questions or prompts. We can discuss in the comments section or you can each write your own posts on your blogs about what you've read. I can include that Mr. Linky thing on the post so we can visit each others posts and comment away. And for those who'd rather comment on mine, I'll be here for some back and forth :)

    Hmm, what day would work for most people? Sunday evenings or another day in the week?

    susanna-cole, I've been reading back-to-back for a while now. Feels good to have something to look forward to on my commute- other than banging out a story or post that is.

  6. I'll pick up a copy of the book as soon as I can. Any night except Saturday works for me - Sunday is good.


  7. I've read that book and it really is FABULOUS! I sat down and read it into a few hours because it was so good! Definitely a good book club book :)

  8. I'd say I'm 75% done with it.

  9. I'd be interested, but I'm not sure if I could get hold of it. Buying books in print is easy, but getting hold of them in audio or braille is quite difficult (and sometimes quite expensive). I would be interested in a proper review from people after they've read it though, so that I know whether it's worth me trying to get hold of it.


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