Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Control, Alt, Delete

My hard drive died taking with it four years' worth of work, pictures, music, everything. Many of those files I hadn't opened since I last saved them and off the top of my head can't think of anything dire I needed to recover (God, I hope that realization never comes).

But a lot of it had sentimental value. This is the one moment I'm grateful for Facebook and how maniacal I was about uploading photos during my grad school year. I'm a hoarder through and through. I saved letters, e-mails and AIM conversations - those that touched my heart as well as those that broke it. I know that if I really dig around my memory, I could remember things I'd flip over losing.

Actually...just remembered one. Ugh.

And breathe.

So I've tried not to dwell. It happened and I can't do anything about it now. I'll take solace in knowing some files meant so much to me, I kept copies of them on my laptop even after I'd transferred them to my PC and just build from there.

Now, to figure out how to transfer all my songs from my iPod back onto my computer once I buy a new hard drive. Because I would be sad if I lost the ones I can't ask for again.

P.S. But on the real, technology sucks! It lulls you into a false sense of security with its eight million gigabytes of memory only to just screw you over out the blue. Boo.



  1. I had a professor that would save everything on a flash drive and then delete it from his computer when he was done with the file. He was very animate about doing this, recalling how he saves everything he is working on every 5 minutes....all because he too had learned the hard way!

    Hope you get back those songs, sorry about the things that are lost :(

  2. I am so sorry, I think I would cry. We back up our computer through an outside service called Carbonite. It costs about $120 for three years, but it backs up new things on your computer constantly and then if you ever had a fire, your computer was stolen, it all crashed, etc. they have all your stuff and it can be restored.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that the computer's hard drive failed.

    You won't remember the "old days" when a computer hard drive was considered huge when it held 5 Megabytes of "stuff" and could be backed up onto 4 floppy disks (does anyone even used them anymore?)

    Hopefully you have a CD burner - and can make some CDs with the important stuff.

  4. Oh boo! Sorry to hear that. Might be time to invest in an external harddrive as well so you can back up once a month.

    I think the question is, iggy, does anyone even remember them? Kinda like when you talk about cassettes, vinyl , 8 track and reel to reels. Not many remember what those are either.

  5. Boo is right. I must have had some sort of telepathy with you recently because I went on a binge and printed off and updated TO's photo album. Now I must do OJ. Don't dwell on the songs....there are lots more songs to be created and memories to be made from their presence. :)

  6. Oh that is a bummer. My hubby (IT person) made sure to buy an external hard drive back up thingy (can you tell I'm so not technical) in the event my computer takes a crash. You can find me on facebook too! Caren

  7. Our computer did that a few weeks ago-just completed died! :( Thankfully we had saved a lot of stuff on a extenal hard drive, but not everything. It sucks so bad to have it all wiped away.


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