Friday, August 14, 2009

Essie: A Girl's Best Friend

Essie has been my go-to nail polish brand for a while now so I’m always excited when they roll out new colors. This month, it’s Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka ($15, – a limited-edition collection of three diamond-infused colors that give off a subtle shimmer.

The best part is that three of the of the bottles produced contain a precious stone: a sapphire, an emerald and a diamond! You imagine finding one of those beauties inside your nail polish bottle?? Let’s just say wouldn’t be seeing me for a while.

The colors in this new line seem a bit more fall to me so I’ll probably start wearing mine in a month or so and instead squeeze out as many days as I can out of their playful Summer 2009 collection. Cute as a Button is always a hit!

P.S. Get in on the latest shine-free trend by using Matte About You over your regular polishes.

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  1. I was just saying to myself that I needed to look into some fun new polish...I may have to check this out! : )

  2. A couple nice shades in there. Not sure I'd be willing to fork out the cost though. Although, at that price I bet the polish doesn't chip as easily. Not really liking the matte...I love the shine of a great polish!

  3. Diamonds in your nail polish...tres chic! I miss my nails andhaven't polished them (I know don't faint) since last March. I had acrylic nails for about 20 years and took them off. Drives me crazy to have is tough some days.

  4. I just touched up my toes (at work, mind you...since I'm not blogging) and thought to myself: "Self, how hideous. The same color over and over, and you don't even properly remove it to reapply a fresh coat. You are so lazy." I think Self would enjoy a new bottle of polish. :)

  5. kelley, new colors are always fun...even though I usually stick to the same shades!

    ladystyx, I also prefer the shiny, smooth polished look, but I like that with a matte top coat, I could turn any shiny polish into matte if I so chose instead of buying a matted color. It's like two choices in one. Plus, you can matte the tips like Essie shows.

    intense guy, you and me both!

    caren, then stick with a clear shade so the chips don't show as much. Your secret will be safe with me ;)

    tooj, touching up a work? You're gutsy! I keep thinking the smell will rush through the office and give me away so I could never. And if it makes you feel better, I usually wait so long between touch ups that I just let the polish completely chip away before I do them again. I think tonight's a nice night for a self-mani/pedi :)


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