Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Friday!

- I’m being forced into an Internet detox at home. With no connection, I’m going to bed earlier, getting ready for work sooner, actually watching DVDs and working on projects at home. I’m even starting to – gasp! – enjoy the new-found freedom.

Who the hell have I turned into??

- Last weekend I fixed up my blog roll and added some fun new sites for you guys to check out. Who knows? Maybe you'll find some new faves.

- I’m having my first planned sleepover tonight…that is unless my little (18-year-old) brother backs out on me like he usually does. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the trouble-maker (and the four-legged one as well). And by quality time I mean watching TV and stuffing our faces with popcorn, of course.

UPDATE: Apparently he's been saying that he's sleeping over at my house tonight, so yay! The kid actually likes me. (And why shouldn't he? I'm mad cool. I think I'll get us jelly beans for dinner.)

- The NYIGF kicks off tomorrow and runs ‘til the 20th so I might pop in on Sunday. I’m ready to be overwhelmed by 2,900 exhibitors, 400 product categories and 100,000 lines and all the lovely items for show!

- Tomorrow is also the second weekend of NYC’s Summer Streets: Park Ave gets temporarily closed to traffic so walkers, bikers and skaters have free range from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park. I asked Dad if he wanted to bike ride…since we haven’t done so since last August’s trek through a thunderstorm.

- I got home around midnight last night. JK invited me out to a happy hour with her crew after work and had such an awesome time! Who knew soon-to-be docs were so much fun/alkies/interested in that I write about love and sex? Can’t wait to hang out with those geeky fools again.

So what’s up for you this weekend?



  1. Geeky fools? I always thought we were cool =)

  2. Not when you make radiology jokes or buy skulls for fun, you're not!

  3. Hope you'll make it through the detox darling! Great weekend!!


  4. Come back!!!!! Just kidding...that actually is refreshingly cool. Blogging is about my only internet time. Not a big tv watcher although I do try and watch this season's True Blood on the HBO here. Sigh.

  5. I've been going through detox myself. I haven't been logging in at work for TWO DAYS and I haven't done anything at home. I've published a few comments but read no blogs myself. That actually makes me sad. :( I would love to have two solid hours to myself this weekend to catch up but who knows....I'm happy to hear that you went out on a HH excursion. Geeks or not, at least they're out having fun. And invited you along - how sweet of them! I hope the sleepover goes well. I'd have to request chocolate for dinner though, not JB. Speaking of, I have a bottle of Hershey's syrup I should attend to....

  6. lenore, thanks! I'm sneaking a hit here and there. Hope you have a wonderful one as well.

    caren, it's also inconvenient. I had to pop into the library with the laptop for 5 minutes to use their wireless to figure out how to get somewhere this afternoon.

    tooj, I've noticed and good for you! I know how tough that is. And I had so much. I thought I'd only be out for an hour, but clearly I wanted to stick around some more :)

    I'll give more details on the sleepover later. The time we spent watching movies and TV before bedtime was fun. The hours it took us to fall asleep because of Toby's annoying behind was NOT COOL. He barked from 1-3:30 AM on and off. Ugh. I think I now know how exasperated you feel with OJ. I was at my wit's end.

  7. Oh wait... JK buys Skulls??!?

    I'd expect a full post on this alone! WHAT does she do with them? Cut the tops off and make flower pots?


    I hope you had a great weekend! I looks like it certainly was a busy as all heck one.

  8. No, not her. Some other guy who didn't join us. Incidentally, this is the same guy JK thinks would be great to hook me up with.


  9. I've been MIA, but love the whole Detox thing. I remember shutting all the TV's down in my house once and everyone went crazy. Now it's me that would freak out without the internet.

    Winks & Smiles,

  10. See, now you understand my hesitation to do the dog thing since I already have that kid thing going on. It can be really annoying having someone bother you with their noise all the time. Imagine a dog that can't use words AND a kid who can't use words? LOL Can't wait for the sleepover update.


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