Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hello my little monkeybutts! How's work going? Awesome? Busy? Boring?

Well guess what? I've got an early start to my weekend! I think I'll sleep in, eat breakfast at noon and ease into the day with no hurry at all. Sounds lovely, no?

Ok, I'll stop throwing it in your face.

(But seriously, rolling around in bed and getting up at my leisure is Divine.)

Other than a Phillies v Mets game with Pops on Sunday, I've no plans at all. Then again, those things just seem to come out of nowhere. What's on your plate for the weekend?

P.S. This post was obviously scheduled because you bet your buns I'm still in bed at 9 AM. (Ok! Ok! I'm done!)

P.P.S. And I'll try my best not to do that when I'm off next Wednesday- Friday...



  1. My work is busy! I am super happy that the weekend is here. I don't have anything planned, but this weekend will be good regardless because my husband finishes his semester this Saturday!

    How come you are taking so many days off?


  2. Ooooh... I'm so jealous. My weekend plans include not only working today but also on Saturday... booo hisss. However my son broke his finger in football last night so we'll see what kind of kink ( and boy is it kinked) that throws into the plans after we see the doc later this am. Happy Friday to you...Did I mention that I'm so jealous?

  3. Hey, I'm on vacations, so I'm still in bed too! But do cherish this day as much as possible- nothing like having a day to yourself!

    Ashley Kay

  4. Laffs at being called a little monkeybutt... Its more like Massah the Gorilla's or King Kong's...

    Enjoy your day off and enjoy the ballgame with your dad! I hope Pedro might get to pitch but he's gonna need to do a lot better than he has been.

  5. I spent all summer being off every Friday. O how I wish we could go back to that!

  6. Wow, do I miss sleeping in. The baby makes me get up. Who doe he think he is? Ah ha ha ha

  7. Hi, just returning the visit... Glad to see you don't have that annoying word verification on your blog. ;)

    Hope you're enjoying your day off. :)

  8. Oh yeah!? Well, I was laid-off a few weeks ago. So, I've been able to do that every day! Is it bad that I'm enjoying it? Neener, neener... :)

  9. Sounds like the perfect start to a wonderful weekend. We're going to a boring bbq tonight (don't ask why - we just are) and then I'm teaching daughter number 2 how to can salsa tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  10. sugarlens, I get 10 vacation days a year. I've yet to use a single one and I have to use half of them before my year is up...which would be next week! (The whole company had two weeks off in addition to that a few months ago, which is when I went to DR.) And he's almost done? Yay for him!

    cherie, oh that sucks big time. I've had to work a couple Saturdays back in the day and they are no fun. Hope your son's finger is ok!

    ashley, oh trust me I'm making the most out of this not doing a damn thing. Hope you're enjoying yours as well.

    intense guy, I was hoping Cole would pitch instead, but just dad's luck that his boy would pitch instead. Oh cuuute!

    karen, oh you had summer Fridays too? This year we were able to get out at 1 if there was nothing left to do. Can't believe it's almost over. Boo.

    kristin, why must babies be so selfish? Tell him to start earning his keep.

    tori, they're so stinking annoying!! You know what's worse? The people who trick you into leaving a comment AND THEN the word verification pops up! I want to know who the hell they think is going to leave them a message that they need comment force fields! Not that serious guys.

    gooseberried, no! Lucky punk. Enjoy every moment.

    deanna, I've yet to learn how to salsa. I shame my own people.

    toojie, shut up, you love me :)

  11. Enjoy your time off Chica, rest and relax!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Sassy Chica

  12. I had to work, but thankfully got off at noon! Yeah!

    Isn't it great to have lazy days every now and then! Too bad they do not happen more often, but I guess then we wouldn't appreciate them as much!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I have to work this week end :-[

    Luckily I can carry my vacation days over year to year.


  14. oh how I want to be in bed right now!! I love that photo!

    Happy Weekend!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I'm glad you have a great weekend planned. A baseball game sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer weekend. Enjoy!

  16. ah you're trying to make us jealous! lucky you!! have a lovely weekend.

  17. Work? Don't even GO there! Although, I guess I can't complain, at least I HAVE a job. And the overtime pay is nice, while it lasts. But damn I'm exhausted by Friday night!

    Hope you're enjoying your long weekend.

  18. I'm with you 100% with the word verification thing. And, trust me, it's even more annoying with a screen reader!

  19. I hope you have fun with your Pops at the game. Sounds like fun!


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