Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mets v Phils: A Lovely Little Beatdown

This afternoon's game was freakin aaawesome. (Please sing that last word about two octaves higher than normal.) The sun was shining, the Phillies were running, the Mets were scared - it was beautiful.

The game kicked off with two 3-run homers by the Phils at the top of the first inning (talk about a sweet start) and after practically pitching to the whole lineup, the Mets pitcher had to be retired before finishing the first inning. By the way, Pedro Martinez did very well. At least he didn't foul up being a former Mets player and all.

At the bottom of the ninth with no outs, I thought the Mets had a chance to catch up on the Phils' 9-7 lead...that is until Bruntlett stomped on those hopes and dreams. The game ended so quickly I didn't even know it was in fact over until the Phillies fan behind me squealed "triple plaaay!!" like a little girl. Hee hee :)

P.S. I don't think Dad likes it when I take him to these match-ups. Not my fault the Mets are slacking. But we still had a great time and he got to see his boy Pedro pitch...even if it was for the opposing team.

P.P.S. Must make a note to go to future Mets v Phils games in the afternoon instead of at night. There were way more Phillies fans in the crowd today so I didn't feel like a loser (rooting for the winning team) or scared for my safety.


  1. Thanks for making me actually follow directions and sing awesome just as you requested. ;)

  2. Oh sweet!!!! Really sweet!

    First Pedro pitches and does well and then BAM! the unassisted triple play! Holy cows!



  3. It sounds like this was a pretty sweet game- I was too busy watching the Yankees - Sox games... Yep, I am another Yankee fan :)

  4. Lucky!!

    I love going to games!

  5. SO happy to hear you loving some baseball! Now we'll work on talking football. It is around the corner, you know. Brush up on pigskin speak and we'll chat. :) Glad to see that you enjoyed some time with your Dad!

  6. Not happening, Tooj. I can't stand that sport.


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