Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Five Fave Posts

A couple days ago, Intense Guy asked me what my five all-time favorite posts were (regardless of how many comments they received). Talk about a toughie, I've published nearly 700 posts! How could I narrow them down? Still, I thought I'd give a try so here are my top five (in chronological order)...with five extra light-hearted ones tagged at the end.

1. Imagine- About a John Lennon art exhibit I checked out last fall. It made me tear up and wonder why good people are suddenly taken from us. Afterwards, I took a walk through the past.

2. Going Forward, Looking Back- A quick look at my 2008 and all its ups and downs.

3. Serenity- I was moved to write this after I read several posts about a woman who'd just lost her pregnancy, someone struggling with their job, another who'd broken up with her long-term boyfriend, someone else's bouts of depression. It came after I started thinking about my tired cousin's medical issues and how my own worries and struggles seemed to pale in comparison to all the suffering in the world. My ache for these people built to such a level that I wished so much I could make it better somehow. But because I couldn't just wipe it all away, I sent out a serenity prayer to all of them instead.

4. Saw My Old Crush on the Train Last Night- Talk about nerve-wracking! Imagine running into a guy you had the hugest crush on when you were 14, have him reject you and then not see him for 13 years...until he's suddenly right beside you in a crowded train.

5. Secret Agent Man- I wasn't swooning for him as some of you believe. It's more like deeply intrigued. Either way, this was a joy to write. (Here's the second post for the interested.)

1. Tourist DON'TS- If you're coming to NYC, please adhere to these rules. Thanks.

2. Singling- I still can't believe I attended a Singles Party. It was fun(ny) though!

3. Collective Storytelling- This started off sane and quickly veered off into hilariously ludicrous! If you need to laugh your head off, read this crazy story that several of us created. I'm tempted to start another story one of these days.

4. Coping with Couples- Life is already hard enough without being subjected to PDAs and lovey doveyness.

5. Ten Ways a Body Pillow is Better Than a Man- Speaking of which, I still need to buy that pillow...

I'd love to know what your favorite posts are so let me know if you list them!


  1. Body pillows are addicting! I used one when I was preggers. If our bed wasn't so crowded due to me, hubs, kitties and sometimes baby being in it..I'd still be rocking that bad boy!

  2. I'll go check these out. It would be hard to pick my own 5 best posts. I've written more than 500 blogs in the past 4 years of blogging! I don't even want to think about it.

  3. Hope you continue your amazing journey & more lovely posts sweetie!
    I've known you since you started has it been over 700 already?! My-my...


  4. Ah. Thank you! I like the picture you chose for this entry.

    And I see several of my favorites in this listing too. I just read #1 since I didn't remember ever reading it. Really interesting, I didn't know Lennon painted. I remember the day he was killed and how much class and dignity Ono had/has.

    And "Collective Storytelling" still makes me laugh and smile.

  5. P.s., I hope you continue to write and grow - and to share your story.

  6. I read every one of those and they are really REALLY good. I can't wait to read more from you (and your hilarious friends)!

  7. Great posts! I especially like the one about coping with couples - even though I have a boyfriend now, I can commiserate, haha. And you make some good points about that body pillow...

  8. kathy, wow thanks so much!

    intransitclaire, I think most of us have been in that position...just some have been there longer than others.

  9. I don't know if I could even BEGIN to pick out favs of my own writings. Considering there are 10 blogs on the one account alone and a total of 1400+ entries to comb through. I have skimmed thru and found the more popular ones of a few of the blogs though.


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