Wednesday, August 5, 2009

National Underwear Day and Some Sexy Finds

Yup, believe it! Apparently today was the day (for anyway) and I bet you were just counting down the days, weren't you buddy? Frankly, if a "holiday" doesn't come attached with "day off," I'm not interested.

But contests, giveaways and sales catch my attention and this month the online underwear retailer is doing just that. They're even offering a complete underwear makeover and a trip for two to can show off your makeover?

(Jesus, I just checked and it's a video submission for the new undies contest. Forget that. No one needs to see my drawers or what's in them.)

(Note: I did not mean the dirty version of that sentence.)

Truth is, I could totally use a complete head-to-toe makeover and my wardrobe has been crying out for an update for at least a decade. So why not start with some new undies? It's been a while since I hit the shops for some new pieces, so I checked out a couple sites to see what I should grab on my next shopping spree.

I only discovered American Eagle's Aerie line a few months back, but I loved it and was thrilled that they actually carried my tiny size in-store! They had so many cute prints I had to keep myself from buying one of each, but the ones I did get added a much needed splash of color to my collection. I'm usually a plain Jane when it comes to undies, but seriously, what is it about a fun and sexy set that makes you feel just so damn good? (Bras: Carly Dot Scoop Pushup Bra, $20.65; Paige with Lace Stripe Pushup Bra, $24.15; Aerie Lace Bralette, $13.65; Panties: Aerie Boyshort, $7.50; Ultimate Thong, $12.50; Lace Tanga, $12.50)
To me, Victoria's Secret has always been synonymous with "lingerie so hot it's downright intimidating." How am I supposed to fill that out?! But still I look and secretly wish I looked like those flawless models. That, or had someone who'd make me feel like one. (Balconet Demi Bra, $29.50, and Lace Panties, $12.50; BioFit Uplift Bra, $45, and Lace-Trim Cheeky Panty, $16)

I'd never checked out Anthropologie's clothes before tonight (because I know they run a tad on the expensive side), but I keep hearing about all its wonderfulness through the blogosphere. But since this is a wish list after all and virtual window shopping is not going to hurt my pocket, I took a little looksie. Isn't this set so flirty? (Graziella Bralette, $42, and Thong, $18)

And according to an old post on, Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thongs are so incredibly sexy and comfy, I'm tempted to snag a pair! Who cares if no one will see them but me?

So what say you about your unmentionables?


  1. Most of what I have to say about my unmentionables is, well, unmentionable. Thank goodness my tailor is Omar the tent maker...

  2. Well, of COURSE there would have to be a National Underwear Day...they're so important! Stopping by from SITS...Happy Thursday!

  3. "Frankly, if a "holiday" doesn't come attached with "day off," I'm not interested." Haha, same here! And I had no idea it was National Underwear Day, but those are some lovely finds you posted! :)

    Hope you're doing well! <3


  4. Yegads. I missed a holiday?

    You got to remember to keep Secret Agent Man in mind...

    "So what say you about your unmentionables?"

    Well, I'm the sort that goes for cotton boxers with a very tasteful (and I don't mean edible) SpongeBob SquarePants print on them. So hard to find - and doubly so in my size.

  5. hanky panky all the way! they're so, so comfy...and i usually dread thongs! xo

  6. I find the cotton (with a bit of spandex) undies at VS the MOST comfortable. I adore hiphugger.

    I've tried a couple of undies from the Aerie line (cheeky, boyshorts, etc), but don't really like them...

    You posted some really cute stuff!

  7. Very cute stuff indeed!

    Just stopping by from SITS to say hi.

    Come on over and join my PHOTO Challenge. It's funny, easy and has a great reward! Drawing on Sunday - prize... A 12 issue subscription to Harpers Bazaar. Don't miss out on this one!

    See you!

  8. I will TOTALLY get in my undies for a video if I could win a makeover!!!!!!! I'm checking this out tonight at home. :) I think I can honestly say I've never owned a matching bra and panty set. It's a miracle I got married, huh?

  9. tooj, here's my look of surprise that you would do this- :I

  10. made my day!! That was daughter has underwear Mondays (when no one else is home) where she hangs out in her undies. Her favorite day of the week. She'll probably shoot me now for telling that...oh well.
    I go for comfort...and if it looks good all the better yet.

  11. DR - should I be offended? Or feel complimented? LOL I'm just sayin'....once the "whole world" sees your stuff when you have a baby...prancing in underwear ain't nothin'!!

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  13. A good excuse to trash the old underwear in the drawer... these are daily wear items, not sexy fun panties.... still good though.


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