Monday, August 3, 2009

No One Likes the Cool Kids

So Taylor Swift has added another tune to the list of Songs from the Pining Underdogs with "You Belong With Me." Gist: Average Girl loves Cute Guy from afar, but - alas! - Cute Guy is with Much Hotter Chick. So girl sings from the bleachers while wearing her hand-me-downs and ginormous glasses waiting for the day the unattainable guy will wake up, dump the bimbo and get with her instead.

Been there, done heard that.

In 2006 it was called "Girl Next Door" by Saving Jane and Bowling For Soup made one for the fellas back in 2001 called "Girl All the Bad Guys Want." I'm sure there are more, but I think actually googling for others will make me lamer than I already am for knowing those two off the top of my head.

What I want to know is when will the cool kids stand up for themselves? Fight for your (wo)men! Beat the geeky boys and girls next door off with their own clarinets and tell them to hook up with some pocket-protecting nerds instead.

Just kidding. I didn't like you fools either.

I was very much the shy, late-blooming girl (braced teeth included!) sitting at the end of the lunch table munching on her ham sandwich and hiding under a mountain of XL clothes and textbooks. God how I hated those cool kids with their boobs, rap music and hot guys. As if studying for regents exams weren't enough, I also had to keep a mental list of witty (to me anyway) retorts just so I could forget them when I actually needed a comeback.

Were any of you the cool kid in school? Sound off and defend yourselves! (Geeks, unite!)



  1. hee hee! great post.

    i preferred to lay low and just spectate, unfortunately, i dated the guys who like the exact opposite.

    my life hasn't changed much in the past eight years now that i think about it...

  2. I was so in the nerd category! I didn't have the best clothes and we will not even start on the hair issue! :) I know I am evil for saying this, but I do get a little tinge of happiness when I see the former popular kids and they aren't looking so hot anymore.

  3. My school was too small, I think, to have such designated groups. Yes, some people fit into ONLY ONE category, but most of us fit into several. I was nerd #2 or #3 in the class (meaning 2nd or something in my class for grades), but I dated the dude that did every sport and I myself did many sports. I do believe my experience was "different" than the it wasn't "rockin' great" or "terrible h.s. days" either way. :) Hi, and happy Monday.

  4. But the kids these days don't know those songs! I do..but they don't! And I was the girl in the cheerleading squad...but I also wore sneakers...and sat on the bleechers! LOL

  5. I just heard this song today for the first time...and I thought it was cute, but clearly Taylor Swift would be a 'cool kid'. Right?

  6. moomby, I was a spectator too. And a listener. I listened to all the wild stuff other people did. I also think I wore such big clothes because I didn't want to be noticed, just blend into the background somehow. Don't know how looking ridiculous was supposed to accomplish that, but I started shedding them junior year.

    tooj, welcome back! Well I went to a school with 4,000 kids (1,000 in my class) and I don't know about places outside the city, but for city standards, it's pretty big. So you'd better believe there were clique, categories and all that going on in the school. Plus, we all tended to hang out with our own little groups (if you belonged to more than one) for most of high school. That said, I think I hung out with my best friends OUTSIDE of school only two or three times in all four years! Strict parents.

    But that's clearly changed these days.

    Maybe I should've gotten into sport? Naaah, competitive sports make me so nervous.

    gabby, man, I like how they geek up these already-cute women so they could look "less attractive." So not believable. Just like "She's All That." Oh wow, who knew there was a cute girl hiding under that pile of hot mess??

    Um, everyone.

  7. joy, oh my hair was this poofy mess!! I look back on those awful pictures and wonder, "What the hell was I thinking?"

    Actually, I think that when I look at recent pictures, too.

    And I don't get much updates on a lot of people I went to school with, but when I hear that people who teased me and made life Hell for me aren't doing so great, I think, "Why hello there! I see you've met karma." But honestly, I've made peace with a lot of that. I saw several of them at a mini junior high reunion three years ago and it was fine. Why? Because I looked HOT and had NO KIDS. Lol, kidding :)

    stephanie, yeah, I'm sure kids these days have a much vulgar version of the songs I mentioned!

  8. I think I was just all over the place. I definitely was not the cheerleader, I was in band.. but I also in drama and a whole lot of other stuff. So while I wasn't part of the "in-crowd" I had friends all over the place so it all worked out.

  9. You meant there were really other kids in school with me? Actually, I was one of the 20% of my class. As for the "cool kids" *inserts an eyeroll*, they had the mentality of slugs and personalities that were much worse.

  10. I know there were cool kids somewhere in High School - my class had 870 some people in it - and I hung out with the people in the following class since they were my age... so I rarely saw them.

  11. I went to High School in the late 90's and was the kid that actually took the video resolution of "We are the smoke free class of 2000!" seriously. Many friends? Nope. Did I care? Nope. I was a major geek just without the grades to show for it... :oP

    My best, Lynn


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