Friday, August 21, 2009


I'd like to start out by saying I'm a dope.

So remember when I completely put aside these wedding invites and bridal shower RSVPs and then dragged my feet on buying presents for these people?

Well turns out one of the bridal showers is tomorrow morning. TOMORROW! And I've got no present.

(Apparently a handmade collage of the things I would get them if I were rich is unacceptable.)

A few hours ago Anonymous' sister called me up to check if I was coming to the wedding.

"Yeah? I sent my RSVP a long time ago!"
"You did? I never got it! Well I checked you off," she said.

After I hung up, I grab the invite for the second wedding to make sure I still had time to send that one in (I have 'til October 5th). I'd been going back and forth about attending that shower, but figured I'd just suck it up and go. I take a quick glance at the invite to remind myself when it is. Surely it's sometime in September, I thought...

"Join us for a bridal shower brunch....August 22nd 2009, 11:30 AM- 3:30 PM," reads the invite.

It took me a quick second to realize August 22nd means tomorrow!

Obviously I'll be a no-show for that chick fest.



  1. i dont know, i'm kinda partial to handing them the collage, framed and wrapped up all nice..... but i seem to be anti social and hate giving gifts LOL

  2. 4 HOURS????????? I'd have to say HECK TO THE NAH. 4 hours on one of my precious few summer Saturdays left???? They've got to be crazy.

  3. leave it to tooj to have her priorities straight.

  4. Amen Tooj. There's prolly 100+ other things you'd rather be doing than sitting for 4 hours in with a bunch of chicks you hardly know.

  5. Deep down you knew you wouldn't be going, that's why you didn't buy a gift. Baseball games are SO much more fun anyway!

  6. I'm all about weddings, but what's up with wedding showers anyways? It's just another excuse to buy twice the gifts for people! Man, all those weddings so close together too, whew!

  7. The collage idea is very funny! If only we could get away with things like that from time to time! :)

    I gave my blog a complete makeover so you will have to tell me what you think! Oh and I answered you back on my new introduction post. If you need any insight on couples working together let me know.

  8. That's what you have to DO, woman. Prioritize. And Saturdays are precious, period. At least LadyStyx agrees with me! :) By the way.....
    Happy SATURDAY!

  9. That happens to me ALL THE TIME! I'm always the one running around looking for a last minute present. I know, I'm horrible! Good luck finding something!

    Ashley Kay

  10. I've had a few of my own party invite (rsvp) faux pas, Whoopsie!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Sassy chica

  11. P.S: Happy Saturday Sharefest!!

    Double Smooches,
    Sassy Chica

  12. Hi! Just want to say thanks for visiting my choir blog! Ah school choruses, so many good memories!

  13. ladystyx, so far those things have included washing a pile of dishes, swiffering the floor, check email and play with the dog. Woo hoo. And that's why I was hesitant about going: I'm cool with the groom, but I'm just getting to know her.

    chicagolady, well I figured I'd just go and was planning on buying the gifts for the two weddings this coming week, but I had no idea the shower was today.

    date girl, wait what? I thought the showers were to bring in the sole gift they will be getting from people so they're not bogged down with packages on their wedding day.

    joy, ooh off to check!

    tooj, if they're so precious why do I always feel like I'm wasting mine just bumming around? Though I must say, I'll choose pjs over fancy getup any day!

    ashley, I'm the last-minute EVERYTHING. Christmas, birthdays, everything. Especially in the last year or so when I've just lost this need to spend/waste money on stuff people don't even remember months later.

    sassy, glad to know I'm not the only one. Thanks for the visit!

    misssable, thanks for popping in!

  14. Happy Saturday Sharefest ~

    Thanks for visiting mine :)

  15. haha - loved your collage idea! Too bad you can't give those vouchers for hugs like when you were a kid, huh?

  16. That is sooo me! Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi", pleased to meet you!

  17. That is sooo me! Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi", pleased to meet you!

  18. You've been really busy the past month or so - no wonder it slipped your mind.

    Hope you enjoyed the ballgame and the weekend - even if the weather was a little crummy.

  19. I was supposed to go to a wedding shower yest. too. I didn't end up going and feel guilty about it. But I haven't seen this girl in over 13 yrs. Now I'm still debating on the wedding - lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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