Sunday, August 9, 2009

Painting the Town Red

[WARNING: This post contains an obscene amount of pictures of me. Deal with it.]


After watching Paper Heart I was feeling light and content, so I walked over to a corner deli, bought myself a bright pink gerber daisy and walked to Central Park. The day was perfect for people watching, smiles and freedom.

There's a particular site in Central Park that's my favorite. If Future Husband and I ever get into a dramatic spat that has us separating and then considering a reunion where we both have to show up somewhere in order to declare our love for each other, I'd tell him, "Meet me at Bethesda."

And because I was feeling silly (and a little full of myself), had nothing else to do with my time and I didn't have the nerve to ask someone for help, I proceeded to take more than 25 pictures of myself.

The sun was already setting and I knew the park would get dark soon so I had to end the photo shoot. I quickly walked towards Central Park West, taking a few more shots along the way and happy at how fun and laid-back my day turned out.


JK: Any plans today? I'm going to Central Park to study if you want to come join.
Me: Ooh! I'd love to! I was going to the library later, but the park sounds way better.

This is the studying that got done...

That's right...another photo shoot!

After we finished acting like silly little kids who've been let out to play for the first time ever, we headed over to a bar with her friend and her friend's softball teammates. There, JK and I passed up the beers and instead focused on KenKen and crossword puzzles. I love that we're such little geeks and don't care.

That night the other girls and I went out to celebrate Heidi's birthday :)


Not a damn thing (other than dishes and laundry) and that was just fine with me!

Hope your weekend was just as lovely!


  1. Awesome! My fav pic is when you're pretending to read my physics book =)

  2. Honestly, I didn't even bother looking at what was on that page. It might as well have been blank to me.

  3. Oh I love your gerber daisy! What fun to take pics. I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend.

    Have a great Monday too.


  4. You are so adorable! I'm glad I stopped by.

    I've been wanting to see Paper Heart. It looks really cute!

    Glad you had a good weekend and thanks for letting me visit!

  5. Love the pictures with the flowers. Sounds like a wonderful weekend

  6. That pic of the fountain in CP looks like the lovely fountain area I enjoyed so much in Chicago. Trees, active people, but big enough to feel alone. I LOVE that you took had a photo shoot of yourself. That rocks.

    And again, you're wearing a dress and you always say you never do??? I'm confused. LOL I want to climb trees, that looks like fun. I'm nerdy as well, I'll pick up a crossword puzzle and do it anytime, anywhere. I spent an entire day with my bro's g/f doing one about a month ago. I'm not really sure who was watching my children at the time.....

  7. What an amazing fun photo shoot. You are good with that camera

  8. Ooh! I didn't know that spot was called Bethesda, but I love it too! I took pictures of Jordan's band when we were all out there in January. Magical. :]

  9. Yeah, this sounds EXACTLY like the kind of studying I did in student days. Add a few pubs, beer, wine and a burger and we're nearer the picture.... ;O)
    Looks like a great day. x

  10. Beth, thanks! Hope yours is a good one too!

    karen, it was such a cute movie. I'm (finally) working on a review post for tonight/tomorrow morning.

    emmy, it really was (and exhausting too!)

    tooj, yeah well, you know, I'm awesome. And honestly, I rarely do! But this summer I've been trying to be a real girl. Plus, it's been so nasty, hot and humid I don't have much of a choice. It's pretty much dress or die.

    night owl, I've had quite some practice in self-portraits. It's also because I don't trust these fools I don't know with my camera. How bad would that be if a New Yorker got her camera stolen by a tourist??

    blythe, yeah, it's called Bethesda Terrace. I've taken so many pictures of that area, it's really beautiful. I also love the sculpture that tops Bethesda Fountain: Angel of the Waters :)

    helen, haha, I'm sure a lot stuck that way. I actually did have a burger at the bar, but it was not all that.

  11. Awwww looks like you had a fab weekend! So jealous you get to stroll over to Central Park when ever the fancy strikes you! Great shots!

    Thanks for stopping by my digs today and yes, I am a carpenter genious after assembling that damn dresser! LOL!

  12. That pink gerber daisy looks just about perfect. Fun pictures!

  13. The photos are awesome :) Your kind of studying looks very much like mine... :P

    SE x

  14. Ah, nothing like a little light reading like Walter Huda's "Review Of Radiologic Physics" while in Central Park.

    Did you leave an encrypted note for S.A.M. at the other park to advise him of the change in "drop zone"?

  15. morgan, yes I'm very lucky!

    sugarlens, I always have a hard time choosing one color, they're all so cheery and bright :)

    se, it's the best kind of studying isn't it? And your sign off made me giggle earlier!

    gabby, hope yours was just as fun!

    intense guy, I didn't even go to the other park all weekend. No time!

  16. Loved the pictures and all the happy smiling faces but my favorite was your gorgeous toes. Love the color you chose!

  17. That expression on your face while you're "reading" the physics book is friggin awesome!

  18. It looks like the perfect day complete with a pink gerber daisy. :)


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