Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reasons to be Happy

Because I forget sometimes:

Every single minute of every single day, they're there, Dorkys.

They may be hidden behind circumstance, people, or light poles. Challenges, closed doors, or lost keys. Camouflaged, dovetailed, or whispering. Purring, kissing, or hissing. But more often than not they're laying about in the open, under a clear blue sky, in plain view. Absolutely. Guaranteed. You'd throttle me otherwise.

10,000 reasons to be happy.

Jumanji, baby-
The Universe

P.S. Dorkys, how many do you see now??

Flowers * Feeling girly * Bouncing curls * Sunny days * Free WiFi * Pen and paper * Books, lots and lots of books * A surprise hello note from a friend * Trouble-making puppy * Creativity * Flashing feelings of invincibility * Guy friends * Gushing street rivers caused by illegally opened fire hydrants * Doing good * Hope that love will visit again someday * Knowing there will always be more to know * Mango sorbet * Fresh fruits * Smell of rain right before it pours * Little kids petting Toby * Candles * Friday night movies * Feeling full after an awesome meal * Singing in the shower * Dreams * Great writing * Airplane rides * Family and friends * Health * Allowing myself to make mistakes, knowing it's part of growing up * Memories * Parks * Hugs and Kisses * Elderly couples



  1. 10,000 reasons. I'm sure there are many more!

    Tania (via SITS)

  2. Lovely...thank you for the reminder!

  3. I needed this, this morning....thank you

  4. Awesome!!!

    I like you happy - you're even MORE fabulous!!! Future guy needs to get his arse in gear; he's wasting precious time!!!!!

  5. A good start on that list of 10,000.

  6. 9,966 more to go... unless things like "books" and "Guy friends" count separately for each one...

  7. I really like this one: * Knowing there will always be more to know *

    And elderly people. Especially the ones who continue to find joys in such simple things. We could all take some lessons....


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