Friday, August 7, 2009

What Kind of Single Person Are You?

Last week I read an interesting article about the two kinds of single women: those who can't stand to be alone and are always on the search for someone and then those who are perfectly content whether they're dating or not.

I think I'm a combo of both. Sometimes it sucks being alone and I miss the hugs, the comfort, the kisses, the security, the intimacy, the butterflies and all the silly little nothings you share in a relationship. But just when it seems like I'm stretched to the limits of loneliness, I snap right back feeling awesome and blessed for being unattached and free to do as I wish, when I wish, wherever and with whomever I wish.

The feelings yo-yo around and I've yet to fully embody Miss Independent, but today I think I'm doing a damn good job at it.

Off to the movies...sola ;)

Now, which type do you fall under?

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  1. When I was single, I was a 80% content by myself, 20% wanted to be with someone.

    I've always been pretty content to be by myself (maybe because I'm an only child? Maybe?).

    However, I do want to have the hugs, kisses, affection, etc. : )

  2. i like being single, but lately, i've been getting some cravings - perfectly wholesome, hand-holding cravings.

  3. I'm like you...after my divorce I was perfectly fine to be on my own...for a long time. Years went by and I didn't feel the need for a "partner". I did as I wanted, spent so much great time with my friends and kids. I could dine anywhere as a good book was fabulous companionship. But, life got me and here I am...married again.

  4. When I was single, I always liked having a special guy in my life. I liked, and still do!, having alone time but am happier with someone. I learned the hard way that having the WRONG someone is worse than being alone though.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm glad you did cause I've found yours and I love it!

    Before becoming a childless step-mum 2 years ago I spent many a year on the singleton so to speak and, if I'm ABSOLUTELY honest, I think I was the first kind of single. Much as I hate to admit, I was kinda lonely. I managed perfectly well by myself and had my own home, good job, good friends etc... but I always had one eye open for Mr Right.

    Now I've got him I wish I was single again!! ;-)

    B xxxx

  6. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by for a visit!

    I never had a chance to be single and figure out what type I was. I married at 22 and have been ever since. I think it is great to have some time to mature and know what you want out of life.


  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

    I would say I used to be the first but when I went off to Uni I was deffinately the second. I missed all the stuff you said you miss too but I was much more content with who I was and strong enough to be on my own and living my own life :) I think it's nice to be a mix of the both.

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog
    -i really like yours!
    I'm just like you, i yo-yo.
    at the moment I must admit i'm missing the butterflies if you get me :)

    xo xo

  9. I love love love being single. I have a child, I've been married, I've had some great and some horrible relationships...and overall, I am content to raise my teenager alone until he's off to college. I very rarely feel the need to have a mate.

  10. I was married 12 years right after college, divorced for 4, and now have been married 26 years next month. I was happy single, but really missed sex, and then didn't miss it (if you know what I mean!)

    I still value alone time...It's something I really came to appreciate while I was in between marriages. I have taken vacations alone on occasion. I enjoy my hubby, but I also enjoy if he decides to go visit his son or his sister out of state for a few days. I enjoy my female friends and try to get together with them whenever I can.

  11. I've been to the movies alone and I LOVED it.

    I'm currently in a relationship. My first serious one. I always prided myself in being the second type of single gal. Completely content with being on my own and independent. Now, I feel like I'm having a very difficult time letting go of that independence.

  12. I wouldn't say I'm 100% content single, but I really don't search for a relationship. I definitely try to make the most of my life no matter what. I have friends who ALWAYS have to have a man, they're always looking...that's just not me.

    When it happens, it'll happen.

  13. Ah, I think I am sort of a combo too!

    Love being single,... most of the times,... but sometimes I just wish I had someone. Especially when I have to attend a wedding of a cousin... Family just get weird then. Somehow, I find it easy to confidentally declare my single status to strangers and friends,.. but family, hella no! I feel like a failure, stupid, but yes,.. that is how I feel when I am being confronted with that dreaded, 'when are you going to settle down' question.
    And I am settled. Very much so. Thank you very much.
    I think the majority of single women are being 'settled', financially, anyway.
    Anyway, let me just stop there.

    Thank you very much for the visit to my blog and the comment. Much appreciated.

  14. Happy in my own company married person and was the same when single. I'm about to take a trip to Canada and everyone seems really surprised that I'm going on my own; I have three kids and a husband but to me it makes perfect sense. A need some peace and quiet!! xx

  15. Someday, I'll get a dog, and that will do the trick.


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