Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Blog Award x3

Between yesterday and this morning, I received the same award three times. I pretty much stopped posting tags and awards on here long ago, but thought it was funny that I just got the same one back-to-back. So thanks so much Jessica, Kay and JaelCustomDesigns!

If I never posted yours it doesn't mean I didn't appreciate it. It just means I haven't had the time to think of Ten Facts You Don't Know About Me, Things I Like with the Letter J, Shuffled iPod Song Titles that Best Describe My Life or 200 bloggers I'd tag.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My A to Your Q: On Being a Magazine Writer

Q: Did you always know you wanted to write for a magazine? ~Sugarlens

A: Not at all. I always loved writing and I'd get compliments for it, but I never thought I'd actually write for a living. Even when I created my own magazine on Windows 3.1 and printed out copies for my friends in high school, I did it for fun not because I was serious about persuing that career. Besides, I wasn't sure I could make much money out of it.

In comes Brooklyn Technical H.S. and its requirement that all juniors must select a major for the last two years. I also enjoyed architecture, so I chose it. And when it was time to choose college majors I stuck with it. In fact, I stuck with it long after I hated design class and anything to do with the subject. By that point, I was a year away from graduating and fretting over my uncertain future. I couldn't start over. And I knew any type of architecture job would make me miserable.

I remember sitting on a cliff, overlooking the Hudson River and writing in my journal asking the powers that be to please give me a sign of what I was supposed to do. Graduation was now around the corner and I didn't know where I'd go from there.

In comes an opportunity to write for the campus paper along with pioneering a residence hall newsletter, which then caught on in every other hall on campus. Soon enough, I found myself dedicating more time to the newsletter and its growth than my own architecture projects. (Believe me, it showed.)

The stars aligned, it all clicked. I took a journalism class. I only applied to two grad schools and by some miracle was accepted into my first choice: the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

The rest has been history in the making.


So I'm Not Only Attending Wedding #2, But...

Text from Guy Friend/ Groom: How are you with speaking in front of an audience?
Me: Um, horrifically bad.
Him: I wanted to ask you if you would do a reading at my wedding. It would be you and a friend of hers. Only a quick two minutes. But I understand if you couldn't.
Me: Oh if it's something pre-written then sure thing. I'll still be slightly nervous, but I won't throw up on myself it'd be no prob. Thanks for asking me by the way!
Him: It would be a sort of letter to the bride.
Me: Aww, that's so stinkin' cute I might throw up on myself. Sure count me in, monkeybutt.
Him: Thank you so much. I will get you the letter asap.

I guess this also means I should stop stalling and hoping a date will materialize out of thin air and just send in the RSVP already, huh? This whole letter reading thing better bring in some results! Hmm, I wonder if adding a little "P.S." of my own will help...


Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Giveaway: Head Chefs

Here's another sweet treat for any future Julia Childs you parents have running around the house: Fiesta Products Head Chefs. These cute silicone kitchen tools are like little people you can play with! Their arms and legs bend and their feet have little suction cups so they stay put while your little cook whips up his next masterpiece. I bet you'll find them lying inside their toy box in no time.

Their interactive website also has games, coloring pages for download and yum-o recipes little hands can handle with no prob.

This week, one of you will win a set of five pieces: a whisk, measuring cup, spatula, pastry brush and spoon. Just leave a comment below to enter. Followers and e-mail subscribers (give me a heads up) gain extra entries and a random winner will be announced Thursday night!

CONGRATULATIONS: Josh is this week's winner!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wanna Go Clubbin'?

Then come with! I brought the Flip camera along on Friday night to treat you guys to a night out on the town :)

Again, I think I'm just going to vlog everything. It's sooo much easier...well minus the whole waiting a lifetime for it to upload. Some vlog notes:

-Compiling this made me realize how musical we all are. We just burst into song with no prob and then keep the convo going. Sort of like our Spanglish so I'm sorry if you monolinguals can't follow along.

-The club clips are shaky and with good reason: there's just no way I can listen to a good song and stand still. Just can't be done.

-Yes, that's a male stripper. I'm sure some will be disappointed that I only got 10 seconds worth...while he was still fully clothed.

-Throughout the video we refer to two ridiculous Dominican songs: "Watagatapitusberry" and "Pepe." If you don't understand don't worry, there's not much to get. (Haha! Just read the info box for "Pepe": Video de la cancion de Pepe pa k se curen mi gente una baina vacana. Oh Lord...)

-This video makes me wish I was still at the club. I can't believe I had so much energy despite being up since 5:30 AM.

Oh, and we hope you had a blast on your birthday, Dariany, because we sure did! I love how we were all tired beforehand and then ended up staying way past 3 AM. Oh to be young...

Here are some pictures from that night. Are we a sexy bunch or what?



Paramore Covers "Use Somebody"

Someone in my building has been playing Paramore's version of the Kings of Leon hit back-to-back this afternoon (seriously, it's been at least 15 times already) so I'm sure it's going to be stuck in my head forever now. They're lucky I'm starting to take a (forced) liking to it.

P.S. Ok, that count hit 20+ while I was trying to post this. Thank God they're done because I was damn near close to jamming a pen in my ear to stop the torture.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bugging Out

Yesterday morning I was suddenly woken up at 5:30 AM by a bug on my bed. I spent an hour keeping vigil in a corner of my room, a broom in one hand and Raid in the other, not daring to get anywhere near the bed. After I killed something with more legs than nature should allow on any creature, I still couldn't go back to sleep. I'm surprised I lasted all day and night without a nap.

Still, when I got home at 4 AM from the club I was ready for sleep. I got into bed and wrapped myself head to toe in my blanket (I'm crazy, not stupid) and passed out.

This morning, I was startled awake again at 9 AM. This time by Toby's rapid fire barking...and the building exterminator at the door on his routine rounds.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

*Follow the yellow brick road to Central Park (or your TV).
*Host a lovely tea party.
*Go on...kiss and tell.
*Smile at everything babies! From playing and dancing to sweet announcements.
*Say you went to a cool film festival.
*Stroll through a museum or...
*Green up your park. (via PopSugar Daily)
*On deadline? Sweet on your coworker? Bored at work? Then say it with a sticky.
*Stay warm and out of debt.
*Get smart with this shortcut to Philosophy 101.
*Have a lovely weekend! I really couldn't help it :)


National Singles Week

So apparently this week is National Unmarried and Single Americans Week (seriously, the things people think up) and I had no clue! While I've been busying myself with work, bills and general mundaneness, I could've been out and about reveling in the fact that:

-My life is relationship drama-free.
-I don't have to worry if he'll call or not.
-No kids!
-No joint checking accounts.
-Total freedom to go where I want whenever I want with whomever I want.
-If I wanted to, I could up and move to Europe right now.
-My phone bill is super low.
-I'm free to flirt and no one gets jealous.

No worries, I'll be sure to party it up tonight!

In honor of this glorious week, The Frisky has eight ways to celebrate and TrèsSugar rounded up 10 reasons why being single rocks. What are yours?

P.S. I know the image doesn't exactly say, "Hooray for singles," but it's so delightfully silly I just had to use it!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere

I didn't watch the last two seasons, but wanted to watch tonight's sad premiere.
The grief...George...

I think the part that got me was the harvesting of his organs.

When did Karev become so emotionally intense? And who will survive the merger?

When Is It Too Much?

Lately, I've been making an effort not to blog about every sad moment I have. When I realized it'd been another seven weeks since he and I last "spoke," I fought the temptation to post a song that had been on my mind for days. When I wondered over the unfairness of my cousin losing her vision because of her diabetes, I didn't pour it out here. And I didn't run to you when I realized, yet again, that motherly love isn't exactly my mom's strong suit.

Instead, I wrote about colored pencils and posted flowers in the wind. Things that would make me smile when I visited my page. I usually find it hard to read the sad posts I've written and once I've written one will want to desperately cover it up with happy ones. To patch up the ugly wound and make it all better - to make myself feel better. As if to say, "See? I'm ok!" [insert smiley face]

Dry As Toast has been my catch-all for practically every emotion I've felt in the past year and somehow over the course of that time, I've grown comfortable sharing every facet of myself with people I'll never get to meet. But maybe I share too much?

So I've returned to my forgotten journal, dusted it off and begun filling its pages again. Writing is my salvation and sometimes there are things I feel need not be written here. And yet at other times, I'm convinced that baring all will help someone somewhere feel a little less lost.

Where do you draw the line?

P.S. Though I must say, the decrease in sad posts on this blog also signifies a decrease in sadness in my life. Progress I suppose...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If You Could Ask Me Anything in the World...

What would it be? I'll randomly answer them in subsequent posts.

A Phone with a Twist

I've yet to even join the fancy-smart-phone-with-a-QWERTY-keyboard bandwagon, but when my friend sent me a link to this phone I immediately thought, "Ooh!" The square Nokia 7705 Twist features a swivel design that reveals a full keyboard underneath the screen. The phone also boasts an HTML browser, a 3-megapixel camera and music player, threaded text messaging and lets you post videos and pictures straight to your blog.

But as much as my friends try to sell me on handhelds, like the BlackBerry ("Yours is so ancient!" "You can blog anytime, anywhere!" "You can risk your life and check your mail while you cross the street!"), I think I'm perfectly fine as long as the phone does its basic functions: receive calls and texts. Though I must admit, blogging from the park does sound mighty tempting...but not enough to shell out major bucks for it!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to Have the Perfect Relaxing Bath

I don't do it often enough. In fact, I can count on two fingers the number of times I've stomped on the breaks and opted for a bath instead of a quickie shower this year. And each time I do, I have the same thought, "Why don't I do this more often?!"

For those who work, stress and run around right up until bedtime (like me), take note: it'll take a while for your body to realize it's time to call it a night, which equals tossing and turning in bed until you finally fall asleep. If you create a small wind-down ritual beforehand, your body will be much more relaxed once you hit the hay. So try curling up with a good book (nothing too mind-stimulating), listening to soothing music - or unwinding in a nice bath.

(And fellas listen up: if you draw a great bath for your lady after she's had a long day, she could very well become putty in your hands. And who knows? Maybe she'll even let you join her...)

Start by setting up the ambiance so bring in the music and candles. With the Ikea PS Tealight Holder you can link together as many as you want to get the room as dim or as bright as you'd like. And we all know doing anything by candlelight makes it all the more relaxing and romantic. Now, would you like some Maxwell with that?

(Oh, and don't forget your cozy robe, slippers and a towel. Nothing throws relaxation out the window faster than pulling apart the shower curtains and realizing you forgot your towel.)

When it comes time to draw the bath, try not to use scalding hot water. Not only will you have to cool it down once you realize how uncomfortably sizzling it is, but you'll also want some skin left on you once you get out. Plus, super hot water now means extra dry skin later. Pour in some bath oil right into the running water to really get the suds going. Aveeno Stress Relief Foaming Bath has lavender and chamomile oils to help relax you and oatmeal to soothe your skin (because I bet you didn't listen about that hot water now did you?).

Now for those who miss those splish splashing days of our youth, Spa Sister Bubbling Bath Confetti Ducky Bath is one way to indulge the child within. Just please try to keep from singing "Rubber Ducky, You're the One" - especially if you're sharing the tub.

Speaking of tubmates, I'm sure you can think of more than a few things to do to pass the time. If not: lather each other up, ask for a massage, wash each other's hair, get dirty as you get clean, share a glass of wine, attempt a serenade or detail exactly what you plan to do to each other once you towel off - if you can wait that long.

If it's a bath party for one: get lost in a book, engage in self-love, contemplate the meaning of life, sip on some bubbly, meditate, laugh, cry and let any worries or sadness go down the drain once you're done.

To cap off the bath, here's something that'll reap major benefits after you step out: Noodle & Boo Sugar Mama Honey Scrub. The ultra-fine sugar exfoliator with aloe, vitamin E, shea butter, coconut and honey will leave your skin so unbelievably supple and yummy-smelling, he won't be able to keep his hands off you...and neither will you. Now how's that for a good night?


Hello, Autumn

Could you do us a favor and stay for as long as possible?


Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Giveaway: Linda & Harriett

Linda & Harriet Thank You Cards
These days, "please" and "thank you" still go a long way and few things drive the point home more than a little note handwritten with care. From "Thank you for the wedding gifts" to "Thank you for the interview," you'll definitely be remembered for it! And, of course, we always want to find the perfect card in which to send off our gratitude. Shoot, I remember spending hours at the store trying to find the perfect set to send after all my interviews! Stuffy, boring, run-of-the-mill cards? No thanks.

Well I wish I'd known about Linda & Harriett way back then because I think her cards are so fun! And I'm not just talking about her letterpressed note cards - her greeting cards are simply delicate with a touch of whimsy.

This week, one of you will win a set of six Thank You note cards and envelopes in the design of your choosing: Scallop, Lace or Swirls. Just leave a comment below with your pick and a sure-to-be-thankful winner will be announced Thursday night!

CONGRATULATIONS: Emmy is this week's winner! She chose the pretty Swirl design - just what I would've chosen :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Weighty Issue

Is it bad that I'm happy jacket weather is here so I can go back to hiding under layers of clothes? Summer can be harsh with its tank tops and dresses and the heat forcing us to bare more than we'd like.

I wonder for how long this is going to be a problem. I wonder why it doesn't just click. Last time I checked, I was a little smart and yet this I don't truly understand. I know it's unhealthy, I know the causes, the effects, the etc. And yet it takes such a hold on you that you've no clue how to stop starving and how to start eating.

The days I stay home are the worse. It's sad that I know they will be and don't try to fight it off. I just accept. Don't try to figure me out, I'm just telling it like it is. I sit around and I busy myself with something as the hours pass by. To me, dinner for one seems like a hassle and borderline depressing. Besides, I think, why go through all that trouble just for me? So I don't do it really.

When I took off work several weeks ago, I spent half the week with an incessant headache. Not enough food, not enough water, I know. I mean I write about this stuff! But there's a disconnect between knowledge and action. My brain says, "Dorkys you need to eat now." My soul replies, "Later." Until it's too late.

It took me a week to even like anything I ate. Til then, I just ate to get by.

Dressing room mirrors were surely created by the devil. I know my chest is too small, my arms are too thin and my hip and collar bones stick out. Now must I see this from six different angles? It's a jolt. It hurts. It tunnels your vision. All you see are those glaring faults. When someone else points them out, you feign confidence, plaster on a smile, make a joke, change the subject and fast. But inside, it cuts like a knife.

Some things just make no sense. Why do people smoke, do drugs, hurt themselves? Weakness, a need for control or self sabotage? Who knows. For now, I'm just glad I have something to hide behind.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Girl Teaches Dad a Foul Lesson

At last night's Phillies game, a dad caught a foul ball that was hit up into the bleachers by Jayson Werth. He passed it on to his 3-year-old daughter...and she threw it back out! I think I would've made her go fetch it.

Little Girl Tosses Back Foul Ball - Watch more Funny Videos

UPDATE: Lucky little Emily and her dad went to the Today Show this (Thursday) morning. She received a Phillies jersey with her name on it and he got an autographed ball. When asked if he was going to be a foolio again, he said, "I'm going to hold this for myself." Lesson learned! (Thanks Intense Guy!)

Teach Your Child About Hispanic Heritage

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding #1 Was Amazing

Isn't it nice when you realize that your heart hasn't completely turned to stone? That you can talk all you want, but at the end of the day weddings still make you cry and celebrate? There were no moments of bitterness, pity parties or sadness. Nope, this wedding was an absolute joy and, dare I say, fabulous!

The wedding day jitters finally hit me when I had my dress on and was trying to put my shoes on. I was so nervous, I had a hard time strapping them on and I wasn't even the one getting married! On my way to the ceremony, the closer the taxi cab got to the church, the more excited I became.

And then she started walking down the aisle with her father. I cannot even begin to express how stunning Anonymous' sister looked. One minute I'm anxious to see her and the next my eyes are watering over. I guess it was a combo of how beautiful she looked, her dad walking her down the aisle and the fact that "OMG she's getting married!!" all rolled up into this incredibly sweet moment we were so lucky to be a part of.

The reception hall in New Jersey was beautiful. And don't get me started on the yummy food. (Actually, I was so hungry after the ceremony, I had to run into the bodega across the street to buy chips for the ride over! Oh, and gum to mask the cheddar and sour cream smell afterwards.) Anywho, the food seemed to keep coming nonstop. A cocktail hour filled with sliders, crab cakes, calamari, shrimp, pasta, tender prime ribs, chicken fingers, quesadillas, sushi, cheese and the sweetest fruits you could taste. By the time dinner rolled around we were stuffed. There was salad, penne à la vodka and a lemon chicken with potatoes and veggies dish that was so filling I thought I'd have to be cut out of my dress. But I think all the dancing took care of those worries.

Yes, yours truly spent practically the whole night on the dance floor. And if I was sitting (because there was yet more food being shoved down our throats) then I was hopping and bopping in my seat begging one of the other girls to stop crying about their sore feet and come dance - or come get another drink. Gotta love open bars! I'd also like to say that my shoes kept up with me wonderfully! A couple toes did ache a bit, but I didn't 1) bust my head open because I actually managed to walk in those heels perfectly fine, 2) ever take them off because the pain was completely bearable nor 3) stop dancing! I had such an awesome time, I really wished the night would've gone on for a couple more hours.

I only hope every subsequent wedding I attend includes: candelabra-balancing belly dancers, tambourines and stick tricks, best men who aren't afraid of busting a (ridiculous) move on the dance floor, bridesmaids who can dance like Dominican Egyptians, the Cha-Cha Slide and guests who can joke, drink, dance and party the whole night through regardless of whether they've ever met you or not.

I guess at this point I'm just gushing, but I really did have the most amazing time. I think the bride and groom had a magical one themselves. Best wishes to the gorgeous newly weds!

P.S. I found one detail in the best man's hour-long speech particularly interesting: the bride and groom first met nearly 15 years ago...when they were co-workers :)

P.P.S. More lovely wedding photos here!

The Guernsey Literary: Final Thoughts

For starters, I definitely enjoyed the second part much more than the first after the plot started thickening and I couldn't wait to read what would happen next. You know how sometimes you get so into a story, you start skimming and skipping ahead, scanning the page for what's in store for the characters only to then force yourself back to the beginning of the page? I had the bad habit of doing that here - especially if there were any font changes on the page.

Which leads me to ask: how do you suppose they italicized by hand??

- How sad and courageous was Elizabeth's story? I said I wanted to "meet" her and in a way we did in the same way Juliet did - through the stories of the people she touched. She stood up for what she believed was right through to the end and even though she paid dearly for it, her acts continued to ripple on long after she was gone.

"Remy watched the sea breathe in and out. Then she said, 'It would have been better for her not to have such a heart.'

Yes, but worse for the rest of us."

- Oh, the whole episode with Isola, the Oscar Wilde letters and Billee Bee was great! Isola and her crazy antics definitely kept me entertained. If Sidney weren't "a homosexual," I would've wanted those two to hook up. Actually, I think I still do.

- My favorite moment in the whole book made my eyes tear up. It was when Kit woke Juliet up to finally show her the treasures she carried in her little box. How Juliet carefully took out the contents underneath the tissue paper - a baby pillow, a picture of her mother Elizabeth, a handkerchief, the poetry book her father gave her mom, her grandfather's "magical" WWI medal and a sweet note left behind by a loving mother.

"She was showing me her treasures, Sophie - her eyes did not leave my face once. We were both so solemn, and I, for once, didn't start crying; I just held out my arms. She climbed right into them, and under the covers with me - and went sound asleep. Not me! I couldn't. I was too happy planning the rest of our lives."

And how happy I was when she was able to adopt this little girl - and then marry Dawsey, the stranger who had serendipitously found her book and led her to where she was meant to be.

I thought The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was such a sweet and touching story. I only hope you felt the same - but if you didn't that's ok, too!


Tuesday Giveaway: Bloomsberry & Co.

As promised, today's giveaway is yummy chocolate (and who can say no to chocolate?) from Bloomsberry & Co. Their witty packaging first caught my eye at the New York International Gift Fair this summer and I just had to taste it. In fact, when the package arrived at work, the tech guy swung by my cubicle soon after to ask why the bars were still in the box instead of his tummy. Since he does feed us his amazing homemade gourmet marshmallows, I broke out a bar and passed pieces around. We all agreed: this was some damn good chocolate.

This week, four of you will win one of the following pairs of chocolate bars: Girth Control and Emergency Chocolate, Marital Bliss and I Love You, Oral Pleasure and Pick-Up Bar and Chocoscopes and Girth Control. Just leave a comment below. Winners and their goodies will be chosen randomly on Thursday night.

Till then, try to keep all drooling to a minimum.

CONGRATULATIONS: Stereos and Souffles, Tooj, Gabby and Dama are this week's winners (in that order)!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze Loses His Battle with Pancreatic Cancer

This clip still gives me goosebumps and this is just how I thought of him.


So, it's been pretty quiet around this blog huh? Sorry, but between partying, working late and craving sleep, my mind hasn't had time to formulate a proper post. Shoot, I didn't even get to schedule today's giveaway.

And you know how sometimes you wake up and your first thought is, "Aww damn, I'm so about to get sick" only after you get up and walk around you go "Oh wait, no I'm not. It's just because I've been comatose for the past nine hours." Yeah, that's been me for the past week and a half.

For those who wished me rest this weekend, sorry, but I did no such thing. Friday night I met up with JK and some of her friends at Public House, a fun bar where we showed off our silly dance moves to pop, hip hop and awesome 80s medleys. Time of arrival back home? 3:30 AM. Ouch.

But, of course, the big event of the weekend was yesterday's wedding #1 for Anonymous' sister. I'll work on that post as soon as possible otherwise I'm pretty sure the girls will send dogs after me. Beasts.

Anywho, just wanted to say the giveaway will come (tomorrow morning hopefully). My final thoughts on the Guernsey Literary will come soon. As for the wedding post...maybe today. Or maybe not. (Kidding! Or am I...)

P.S. Shout out to Anonymous who got stuck having to work today while the rest of us got the day off. How's it going dear? Staying awake I hope.

P.P.S. Did anybody see what that cocky bastard did to Taylor at last night's VMAs? When I heard about it I was shocked...and not shocked at the same time. Kanye just keeps sinking to new lows. Thank God Beyoncé has some class and let Taylor have her moment in the spotlight later on :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Friday Happy

It's dreary in NYC, but here are some things that are brightening up my day:

*NYC Fashion Week has officially begun! The girls in the fashion department have been hurrying about, covering the runways and looking as cute as the models themselves. The Sartorialist took a couple of great pics at Bryant Park today, but we all know the streets of NYC are filled with the fashion-savvy no matter what week it is.

*Speaking of Bryant, in two weeks I'll have to say goodbye to lunching there on sunny work days. Our office is moving a bit up north a couple blocks away from a slightly better known and much larger and greener area that goes by the name of Central Park. Perhaps you've heard of it?

*And because we're moving, we've been purging for days. That means dumpster diving and goodies. Yesterday I scored the Wii console our department received earlier this year to try out and play with. I'm eons late on this, but I've yet to actually play a game on it myself! The company also gave my coworker Wii Sport and he passed it on to me so now I can finally see what all that fuss was about. Anybody interested in a tennis match? And what other cool games are out there? School me, please :)

*Another Jamba Juice coupon is available! This time buy one smoothie and get a 16 oz. drink for a buck! Offer's good through Sept. 27. (Thanks to my coworker for the Facebook heads up about this!)

*Sometimes you just gotta love Facebook. Here's why: Remember that post I wrote about losing touch with people? In the last three days, two people I hadn't heard from in forever sent me Facebook messages out the blue!

*Hey bloggers, did you know you can easily insert jump breaks into your post now? Blogger announced the feature a couple days ago as part of their never-ending 10th birthday celebration. Hollerations to that! I also made the switch over to the new post editor and it's better on so many levels. Some of my fave bits are: easier image and link handling, a cleaner look, the undo button (good grief, I wish that was around before!) and, of course, jump breaks! Ok, I just realized that the Link Within widget gets in the way and the "Read more" appears below it. Hmmm...

*Check out these sheep-herding dogs. Talk about serious talent! Meanwhile I'm just trying to get Toby to stop pooping right when I'm about to sit down and eat. (Thanks Intense Guy!)

*Love the new skinny jeans I'm wearing today. Sure they're from Old Navy. Sure they're for little girls. But if that's what it takes for me to walk with a little swing, then I don't care. Just need to go home, switch to a sexier top and out I go for fun and drinks tonight!

*Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Oh, and I'll be a tease and let you know that Monday's Giveaway is yummy chocolate ;)


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Regular Flu vs Swine Flu

Confused? Don't know how to tell one from the other? Wondering about
vaccines and when to hightail it to the doc? Well then thank God you know me :)

Here's what you should know about Influenza and the H1N1 Flu!

Some Morning Random with Your Coffee?

- I got home from work super late last night - at 11:15 PM. I was dead tired.

- Too bad it took me an hour to fall asleep because people in my building were playing/ singing along to yesterday's release of The Beatles: Rock Band. It's the second night in a row, by the way.

- Then this morning I was suddenly woken up by Toby's bloody barking...and the Con Ed (gas/electricity) guy at the door who'd come to read the meter.

- Ellen Degeneres is replacing Paula Abdul on American Idol. Love her, but can't see her as a judge. What say you? "Yay!" or "Oy vey?"

- My coworker just wrote about the new iPod Nano. So cute!

- Holy crap I'm tired. And today's another long one...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dine Out for Cheap

In honor of 9/9/09 (whatever that means), is offering a 90% discount on their already low certificates to restaurants nationwide! So now you can buy $25 certificates for just a buck when you use the codeword ZOO. The 99-hour sale ends Sunday, September 13 so grab a date or just treat yourself to a nice night out on the town. (via Travelzoo)

P.S. So apparently in Chinese culture, the number nine is considered to be lucky. The Chinese word for nine sounds a lot like of course mad people went off and got hitched today.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One Last Hurrah for Summer

I had such an awesome time this weekend, I think I laughed off five pounds on Monday alone.


I was perfectly fine in the beginning of the day and then for some reason my mood took a quick hit in the afternoon. I honestly don't even remember what triggered those emotions, but I hightailed it to the stores on 34th for some retail therapy. Five pairs of Old Navy jeans ($14 each), some underwear from Victoria's Secret (5 for $25) and some goodies from H&M later, I felt much better. Once home, I proceeded to retire all my tattered and torn jeans that I'd been stuck with for at least four years (because it's hard to find ones that fit) and made me feel ugly/slobbish/way too thin because of their bagginess. Those new jeans alone were the true pick-me-up. (And I think I'm set for the next four least.)


Found the shoes for the weddings and then went out with the girls at night. On my walk to the club (it's less than a 10-minute walk from home and though I shouldn't do it at midnight, I'm a moron who refuses to wait for the bus), I hear a guy from behind me say, "You are so adorable." I looked at the 30-something-year-old guy rocking a wife beater and low-hung shorts, smiled and said thank you.

"So do you have a boyfriend?"

I paused for a bit thinking, "That is always the top question is some way, shape or form..."

"Oh you hesitated!" he laughed. "Aww you have one!"

"No!! That's not why!"

"Ok, so no boyfriend. Are you married?"

"God no," I blurted out before I could stop myself.

"So no boyfriend, no husband...I don't see a ring on your finger. So how can I be considered?"

"Oh, that's ok," I said approaching the club.

"I can't apply?" he asked. "I'm not your type, huh?"

"Not really," I replied with an "I'm sorry" look. Though to be honest, I think no one is my type these days.

And with that he let me be and I walked up to the (faux) velvet ropes. It was more of an "aww" moment. Maybe I was just surprised he was nice and not creeptastic.


Lord knows what I did on this day. All I remember is running around the apt playing with Toby and giggling like a weirdo in my PJs and then remaining in said PJs till at least 5 PM. Basically doing what Sundays were made for.


Monday was great! My cousin Dariany and I coordinated a semi-spontaneous picnic in Central Park. We told the troops, gathered food stuff and games and had an amazing time. I only wish we'd done it earlier in the summer so we could do it again before the weather cools. I thought it'd be rainy, but we lucked out with perfect weather - not too hot or too cold - and perfect company. Several days ago I wrote about losing touch with people you used to be close with, but isn't it also great when you meet people for the first time and get along as if you've known them forever? We had a blast playing Uno, Taboo and Partini and stuffed our faces with mini samiches, chips and lemonade. It was definitely the perfect cap to the weekend - and summer.

P.S. We were even treated to free (unwanted) shows because apparently our little section of the park was full-on PDA central. It was kind of disturbing and being the mature young adults that we are, we kept peeking over and laughing. I think we're a little fun :)