Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can You Feel the Beat?

If the last one was still too obvious for your tastes, then check this teeny little pocket rocket out: the Club Vibe plugs into your iPod and pulsates to beat of your favorite tunes! And for freaks who like to party, you can pop it into the included lacy thongs, set it on ambient mode and have the DJ rock your world. No one will ever know...

Well unless you grind up on some guy a bit too much.

Image: ohmibod.com


  1. ¿Ningunos comentarios todavĂ­a?

    I still can't imagine a guy version of this thing. Of course I'm not trying very hard either.

  2. My guess would be a vibrating ring, of course.

  3. Seriously.....? Wow. I think I want to find these now. I am going to log Hubs into your blog tonight, whether he likes blogs or not! LOL

  4. Because my birthday's coming up...of course.

  5. Well then tell him to man up and buy it.

  6. ahi si que uno se pone a cantar con gusto "PLEASE DONT STOP THE MUSIC!!!"


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