Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dine Out for Cheap

In honor of 9/9/09 (whatever that means), is offering a 90% discount on their already low certificates to restaurants nationwide! So now you can buy $25 certificates for just a buck when you use the codeword ZOO. The 99-hour sale ends Sunday, September 13 so grab a date or just treat yourself to a nice night out on the town. (via Travelzoo)

P.S. So apparently in Chinese culture, the number nine is considered to be lucky. The Chinese word for nine sounds a lot like of course mad people went off and got hitched today.



  1. Unfortunately, I live in the small Flagstaff and only three restaurants are featured, but it's still sweet! I love to eat out!

  2. I went to the site and plugged in my zipcode and whoa... I think there were about 300 places of which I know I've eaten in about 20!

    Thanks for the heads up - some folks are going to enjoy eating in these here parts a wee bit more.

    Given the overwhelming number of restaraunts in NYC - someone told me you could start eating out three times a day and never run out of new and untried places to eat on Manhattan alone because in the years it took you to "eat your way through the list", new places would come in to existance.

  3. very interesting! i had no idea that many people are focused on numbers.

  4. hmph...I am not sure I like it that so many people will share the same anniversary date as me and my husband now. We actually didn't really plan to get married on 9/9, it just worked out that way.

    I've used before. Good deals!

  5. Emailed the link to hubby after reading him that section about the discount. I hope he takes the hint. Even if he doesn't, the proces are still really good.


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