Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

Brrr, it's chilly!
* Color the rainbow with 500 pencils...delivered 25 a month.
* Get schooled on lingerie.
* Schedule in next week's new season premieres.
* Have a one-night stand...the right way.
* Get your hands dirty.
* Sigh to a romantic movie or laugh to a childhood favorite.
* Turn your blog into a book.
* Download this green apple stationery set (for free).
* Jazz up your desktop.
* Shiver your timbers and talk like a pirate.
* Start saying "reponkisive."
* Have a lovely weekend :)



  1. You too ma'dear. I am going to watch a romantic movie this weekend.

  2. Have a great weekend! I love that flower photo. Great weekend ideas as well!

  3. Hope your weekend is thee best ever!

    (and yay for chocolate! Thank you so much!)

  4. Love the name of your blog SUPER CUTE.
    Stoppin in from the SITS to say HELLO come by for a visit

  5. Hmm... Interesting!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  6. the green apple stationery is awesome, thanks for sharing!! :o)

    you have a great weekend too, thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. That picture is stunning!
    Happy Saturday Sharefest

    Thanks for coming by today.

  8. I love fall premieres! They make me so happy!

    I'm meeting celebrities this weekend and having a fabulous time! Hope your weekend is going great too.

  9. Loved some of the links...nice toys there on the one night stand link lol..

    Have seen the links for turning the blog to a book..would love to have my poetry in a book.

    Happy SITS Saturday share fest.


  10. happy weekend to you too! thanks for the links. i'm tempted to buy the colored pencils, but i really don't need to be spending money right now! haha.

  11. What a gorgeous flower!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  13. Thanks for stopping by my site. Enjoy what's left of the wkend and beautiful weather!
    Cougar Tales

  14. I'm sad. The wknd is over. This happy post is now depressing me. Ps. Coming to you from mytouch, oh yeah.

  15. Whew. When I saw "the right way," I was a little scared. 'Maybe I used to do it wrong'....(married now you know and I'm not allowed to do it anymore as Hubby would look down on it). But then I read the article and TA DA - I did it correctly - WHEW. MAJOR relief! MAJOR!!

  16. Yo ho ho... I cana due 'get my hands dirty' en tawk like ah pie-rate! Yar! Me an' me maties like dis blog as much as we likes are rum and bur'd treasure... Har Har Har!

    Hope ya git learnt on dat lingery stuff and had a good weekend...


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