Monday, September 14, 2009


So, it's been pretty quiet around this blog huh? Sorry, but between partying, working late and craving sleep, my mind hasn't had time to formulate a proper post. Shoot, I didn't even get to schedule today's giveaway.

And you know how sometimes you wake up and your first thought is, "Aww damn, I'm so about to get sick" only after you get up and walk around you go "Oh wait, no I'm not. It's just because I've been comatose for the past nine hours." Yeah, that's been me for the past week and a half.

For those who wished me rest this weekend, sorry, but I did no such thing. Friday night I met up with JK and some of her friends at Public House, a fun bar where we showed off our silly dance moves to pop, hip hop and awesome 80s medleys. Time of arrival back home? 3:30 AM. Ouch.

But, of course, the big event of the weekend was yesterday's wedding #1 for Anonymous' sister. I'll work on that post as soon as possible otherwise I'm pretty sure the girls will send dogs after me. Beasts.

Anywho, just wanted to say the giveaway will come (tomorrow morning hopefully). My final thoughts on the Guernsey Literary will come soon. As for the wedding post...maybe today. Or maybe not. (Kidding! Or am I...)

P.S. Shout out to Anonymous who got stuck having to work today while the rest of us got the day off. How's it going dear? Staying awake I hope.

P.P.S. Did anybody see what that cocky bastard did to Taylor at last night's VMAs? When I heard about it I was shocked...and not shocked at the same time. Kanye just keeps sinking to new lows. Thank God Beyoncé has some class and let Taylor have her moment in the spotlight later on :)


  1. Day off? Again? You really suck.

    I heard about Kanye's "moment" on the radio. He really needs to get a grip on himself or he's going to lose it fast. And I mean ALL of it.

    I'm happy to hear you're out and about. A mix of pop, hip hop and 80s sounds perfect to me. I hope you enjoyed, sounds like you did.

    I'm anxious to hear how the wedding went, how much fun you had, etc. :)

  2. I'm just glad you are all right.

    After no posts for a couple days, I think about put the keg on the Saint Bernard dog and get him prepared to search NYC for ya.


  3. His stock just dropped big time when he pulled that stunt. That was absolutely uncool.

    But, Beyonce, class act all the way. I loved how she made up for it.

  4. supposedly kanye was drunk off henny. for anyone else i might be inclined to "blame it on the alcohol", but kanye pulls that shit drunk and sober. con ese no se puede.


  5. All that matters is that you're OK. And as long as you enjoyed your weekend it doesn't matter how you spent it. :)

  6. I'm glad you had a great weekend, even if it wasn't restful!

    And seriously, Kanye West really just needs to go away. Poor Taylor! She looked like she had absolutely no idea what to do! And that was great on Beyoncé's part, giving Taylor a chance to have the spotlight back. I may not be a big Beyonce fan, but it was great to see some class at the VMA's.

  7. Well being tired because you were out having fun is a lot better than being tired from working late! Glad you had an eventful weekend.

    You read my opinions on Kanye. He is awful! I won't be shocked if he doesn't get invited to another awards show. If he does he should be seated very far from the stage!

  8. I'm jealous that you had a day off. I would have really liked to sleep in today.

    Sounds like you had fun, as usual, Friday night.

    I heard about what Kanye did to Taylor at the VMA's, very uncool. I'm not a big Taylor Swift fan, but she deserved her moment in the spotlight.

  9. Kanye is a toolbox. Taylor is a sweetheart. Beyonce just earned major points with me. Lady Gaga writes cool songs but is gross and tries waaaay toooo hard. P!nk is amazing...durh. Everything else...who carez?

  10. I didn't see it last night but I saw a few of my friends in FB talking about it while we were playing one of the games. I've always despised Kanye and this just topped it. Beyonce showed a real level of maturity with the classy way she conducted herself.

  11. It seems as though it's been quiet everywhere out here in the blogging universe. I'm happy to hear you're alright.


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