Friday, September 25, 2009

National Singles Week

So apparently this week is National Unmarried and Single Americans Week (seriously, the things people think up) and I had no clue! While I've been busying myself with work, bills and general mundaneness, I could've been out and about reveling in the fact that:

-My life is relationship drama-free.
-I don't have to worry if he'll call or not.
-No kids!
-No joint checking accounts.
-Total freedom to go where I want whenever I want with whomever I want.
-If I wanted to, I could up and move to Europe right now.
-My phone bill is super low.
-I'm free to flirt and no one gets jealous.

No worries, I'll be sure to party it up tonight!

In honor of this glorious week, The Frisky has eight ways to celebrate and Tr├ĘsSugar rounded up 10 reasons why being single rocks. What are yours?

P.S. I know the image doesn't exactly say, "Hooray for singles," but it's so delightfully silly I just had to use it!



  1. Hey, visiting from SITS! Happy National Single Day ;) too bad I can't celebrate with you.

    Come by and check out my giveaway!

    Nana's Box

  2. Haha! I bet every day/week/month has some "significance" to it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  3. All of your reasons are reasons to celebrate tonight. I could give you EXAMPLES for why you should celebrate them, if you like. I have stories lined up forEVER. And I

    Have a wonderful singles night. Just be safe - as an old, married woman would warn. :) Happy Friday.

  4. Apparently yesterday was National Punctuation Day. Have fun celebrating being single. Who knows, it may be the last year! ;)

  5. Wow. This must be wedged in between "Lost Sock in the Dryer Day" and ... what was it, "National Punctuation Day"?

    I'm not sure being single "rocks" but it does have a few pluses. I like the "Total freedom to go where I want whenever I want with whomever I want" the best.

    But how to celebrate? - some of that "self-love" you spoke of... a couple postings ago?

  6. angi, thanks for the visit! And it seems you and the majority of Blogger's peeps can't participate. I swear, about 95% are married, about to be married, wishing for kids or knee-deep in dirty diapers and teen angst. I'll be drinking to the rest of us!

    nellyn, sure thing!

    tooj, forever ever? forever ever? Ok, I'll stop before I start rappin'. It's actually my cousin Dariany's bday today so that's what we're really celebrating. I'll just attach this to the night. And yes, I promise I'll be safe mom. I do have one of those "compacts" you know...

    sugarlens, ok and why pray tell do punctuations need their own day? Sounds like the geeks were trying to find something to party about. Aww, I'm imagining a bunch of socially awkward peeps waxing poetic about Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style."

    Aaand I think I just gave myself away right there.

    intense guy, hey man we all know it's not the ideal situation all the time, but it is what it is right now. I think my new motto will be "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...and then spike that ish!"

  7. I'm sorry Miss Ramos...(but) I am for real. Never meant to...okay, seriously. Just go party. Can I fly out and come along? Tag, really. Lag. Behind. I'm so Mommied up in clothes right now, nothing would be fitting for the streets of NYC. *big sigh*

  8. Awww you got it! Yay let me find out toojie's still got it ;)

    And you know the invite is always there. Funny you mention clothes. I was just describing tonight's outfit to the girls and I keep describing it as slutastic. Pretty out of character, but I need to get over it. It just means I'll actually fit in with the crowd at this particular place.

    Let's just say it's short, tight, scrunched, has a halter-style top and an exposed zipper up the front. Yeah...

  9. Wow, it sounds like there's a lot going on with this dress!

  10. Well, good thing I went out last night! I'd have to agree with you on the total freedom. It's all about me!

  11. Okay, we need a photo. Now. I know you aren't working, so get to it.

  12. I respectfully second Tooj's motion.

  13. Well too bad for the both of you. Besides, on the hanger it looks like a scrunched up, slinky little thing with no shape or form so you'll have to wait til I take pictures in it tonight.

    That is if I don't change my mind about it.

  14. Hi. May I please refer you to pictures of you at Wedding #1? Thanks.


  15. Enjoy your single days because you can't get them back once you fall in love and marry a co-worker :-)

  16. Mi pana, esto se acaba!

  17. It's definitely not ALL bad. I'll give ya that.

    I hadn't heard it was National Singles or whatever Week either.

  18. hmmm....consider up and moving to california! :]

  19. Um I love that I came across your blog. :) It's fun, and your posts are adorable. As for national singles week..what is that, lol. It's so much more fun to celebrate being single & party it up everyday! :P

  20. Love the single life while you still got it. :) lol

    You'll never have such unbelievable freedom again. I love it when I come across a single girl who realizes all she has rather than pining for a guy. Congrats!


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