Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Om"MG: It's National Yoga Month

Get your downward dog on this month by singing up for a free
week of yoga classes
at a studio near you! (via PopSugar Daily)



  1. It's bothering me that her toes aren't together.

  2. FYI - pen pal and son have written letters...but they were mysteriously misplaced. I'm planning on recovering said letters at some point this evening. Just wanted you to know.

  3. Oh man, what a great idea! I'm totally getting my girlfriends together and doing this =)

  4. I'll do this "dwonward dog" thing when Toby does...


    Gosh to think I *used* to be able to do that...

  5. I don't think I was ever able to do that, even when I was in gymnastics at age 8. Now? Impossible.

  6. tooj, I noticed them too when I chose the pic, lol! Didn't think someone would be anal enough to be bothered by them though. And wow, that reply was fast! I think it might be a record for you :p

    kay, enjoy!

    intense guy, I don't know if I ever could. Yoga kinda makes me lightheaded at times. All that concentrated deep breathing...or maybe it's because I don't drink enough water during it that I want to pass out.

    chicagolady, ooh gymnastics!? Lucky girl! I always wished I could do those tricks on the balance beam.


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