Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One Last Hurrah for Summer

I had such an awesome time this weekend, I think I laughed off five pounds on Monday alone.


I was perfectly fine in the beginning of the day and then for some reason my mood took a quick hit in the afternoon. I honestly don't even remember what triggered those emotions, but I hightailed it to the stores on 34th for some retail therapy. Five pairs of Old Navy jeans ($14 each), some underwear from Victoria's Secret (5 for $25) and some goodies from H&M later, I felt much better. Once home, I proceeded to retire all my tattered and torn jeans that I'd been stuck with for at least four years (because it's hard to find ones that fit) and made me feel ugly/slobbish/way too thin because of their bagginess. Those new jeans alone were the true pick-me-up. (And I think I'm set for the next four years...at least.)


Found the shoes for the weddings and then went out with the girls at night. On my walk to the club (it's less than a 10-minute walk from home and though I shouldn't do it at midnight, I'm a moron who refuses to wait for the bus), I hear a guy from behind me say, "You are so adorable." I looked at the 30-something-year-old guy rocking a wife beater and low-hung shorts, smiled and said thank you.

"So do you have a boyfriend?"

I paused for a bit thinking, "That is always the top question is some way, shape or form..."

"Oh you hesitated!" he laughed. "Aww you have one!"

"No!! That's not why!"

"Ok, so no boyfriend. Are you married?"

"God no," I blurted out before I could stop myself.

"So no boyfriend, no husband...I don't see a ring on your finger. So how can I be considered?"

"Oh, that's ok," I said approaching the club.

"I can't apply?" he asked. "I'm not your type, huh?"

"Not really," I replied with an "I'm sorry" look. Though to be honest, I think no one is my type these days.

And with that he let me be and I walked up to the (faux) velvet ropes. It was more of an "aww" moment. Maybe I was just surprised he was nice and not creeptastic.


Lord knows what I did on this day. All I remember is running around the apt playing with Toby and giggling like a weirdo in my PJs and then remaining in said PJs till at least 5 PM. Basically doing what Sundays were made for.


Monday was great! My cousin Dariany and I coordinated a semi-spontaneous picnic in Central Park. We told the troops, gathered food stuff and games and had an amazing time. I only wish we'd done it earlier in the summer so we could do it again before the weather cools. I thought it'd be rainy, but we lucked out with perfect weather - not too hot or too cold - and perfect company. Several days ago I wrote about losing touch with people you used to be close with, but isn't it also great when you meet people for the first time and get along as if you've known them forever? We had a blast playing Uno, Taboo and Partini and stuffed our faces with mini samiches, chips and lemonade. It was definitely the perfect cap to the weekend - and summer.

P.S. We were even treated to free (unwanted) shows because apparently our little section of the park was full-on PDA central. It was kind of disturbing and being the mature young adults that we are, we kept peeking over and laughing. I think we're a little fun :)


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend and I am glad that that guy didn't turn out to be a total creep. My heart skipped a beat when I started reading that part.

  2. ooh ooh email me your pics...i see u have some that i dont have

  3. i should have warned you dorkys, that whenever you take pics of an event that dariany is at, she attacks you for pics!!

    ~~and dont you dare remind me to email you the DR pics! they will come ^_^

  4. umm email me the DR pics sounds like a lot of hard work (on my part that is) ill put my gig stick in my bag just in case i see u again...y tu debes de andar con tu cable

  5. Ay oigan la otra, dique andar con el cable! Although your memory stick came through lovely the night of the dinner party :)

    I shall send you fools the pics in a couple days (I get out of work at 9 today and tomorrow).

    And man, can we have another picnic!? Or at least another outing soonish.

  6. What a nice weekend!! Today I am am off to Disneyland! Let's see what kind of day I can have!

  7. DIQUE MI CABLE?! viste que beast oti?!

    y sinceramente no veo otro outing, ya las cosas se tan empeorando for me at school, pero dariany cumple en 16 dias, so vamos a ver que planea la beast. but remember, dont take pics of her or her event, or else.... ::beasting central::

  8. :)

    I can see why there is a demand for the photos. They are so nice - all those mega-watt smiles going on.

    Gosh its been so long since I've played UNO I know longer know how - but remember it was fun (and simple, I've a terrible time learning and retaining card games/rules).

    Hope you have another outing soon - this morning it actually feels like autumn is on the way.

  9. you girls look so cute... spying on PDA couples.. que freca.

  10. dama, well too bad for you. Outings are fun! And Dariany what do you have planned for the big day? Whatever you do, maybe you should rent some photo booths :)

    intense guy, Uno rocks! I hadn't played it in years, but I also love how simple it is. I don't know many card games and after a couple rounds I tend to get bored if they're too complicated. Not Uno!

    And boo to the chilly weather :(

    anonymous, don't act like you don't do it too. The spying not the PDA'ing. Although...

  11. I am very jealous of your weekend and the picnic in the park. THE park. How fun! You should be able to squeeze in at least one more spontaneous trip and do this again before the cold hits for good. Definitely consider it. :) My mom is headed to your town next month and I am very, very jealous. I need to make sure my aunt takes her to CP.

  12. I wanna go next time!!

  13. Looks like a great time. Gotta love the spontaneous picnics!

  14. PDAz?!?!? VOM! Sorry you had to witness it. I too would have been giggling and making snark remarkz about all the couplez. I hate when I'm on the subway and see two peepz getting all lovey dovey all over each other. It's like...for serial, there are prox 35 jaded/grunting/sweaty people in the same tiny train car as you and you're sitting next to a puddle of homeless person pee. How is this romantic?

  15. sounds like a great weekend!

    no, if only i can find a job that would pay me to spend everyday like your Sunday...

  16. Looks like you had a really fun time in the park together. Uno is such a great game (that doesn't take a lot of thinking).

  17. Glad you had such a great weekend. :)


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