Friday, September 4, 2009

The Search for the Dress

Back in July, I went dress shopping to find one for the two upcoming weddings. Now searching for something I like and, most importantly, something that fits is always a depressing nightmare. A trip to Macy's yielded a couple possibilities including a certain BCBG number I nearly went for...but I just couldn't bring myself to pay $250 no matter how many times I end up wearing it.

So my cheap behind dove into my closet and remembered another BCBG dress my aunt had given me five years ago that I'd only worn once to a grad school gala. I also recalled that it was a snug fit (three years ago) and much too long...

So this week I took the dress to get chopped and cleaned. I damn near died when I picked it up yesterday. I looked so...tiny!! It was practically all gone!

I spent the rest of the work day fretting, hyperventilating and thinking, "OMGOMGOMG! The dress is ruined! I had it cut way too short!! Argh noooo!" I couldn't wait to dash to Mom's house to wish her a happy birthday and try the dress on. I held my breath as I slipped into it...

Turns out I LOVE it!! I pretty much paid $48 for a hot new dress that fits my petite frame a lot better than it used to. Now, one more week til wedding #1 (already?!) and I still need to find a pair of strappy silver heels to wear. Unless...

Hee hee, just kidding! We all know my blue ones would look way better ;)


  1. Aw, that video is cute. Popping in from SITS

  2. havent seen the vid. but the dress looks good! hmmm that room looks awfully familiar....

  3. Gorgeous pick. And good call on shortening it. That's a great length for that dress. You will have fun! No matter the shoes.

  4. Oh my. I'm soooooo glad I didn't have to decide which dress looks best on you. All the ones you tried on looked (looks both ways and puts on his steel helmet to protect his head) FABULOUS on you. The first one with the flowers was eye poppin'.

    LOL - Toby looks like he's really practicing for the dancing at the wedding reception. :)

    And the silver dress for wedding #1 looks simply smashing!

  5. What a fun video!! And very cute dress.

  6. Your dress looks great! It is the perfect length.

  7. The dress is gorgeous, it suits you :)

    SE x

  8. Such a cute video. I am jealous of your moves! You will outshine the bride at the wedding!

  9. you are so adorable! i like the polka dot number, but you were so right to stick with your aunt's dress and get it shortened! so cute!

  10. A couple of those dresses you tried on were adorable and looked great on you! I can just picture you walking in to the wedding, in your silver dress, sunglasses on, and Toby under your arm. What a picture you'd make!

  11. ooooohhh i love it...and im already thinking up a great hairstyle for you...i soo wanna be there when you're getting ready for this.

  12. Cute video. The dress is great and I think Converse go with EVERYTHING!

  13. Quite a few of those dresses looked great on you! I loved the one with all the circles and that one with the strapped back best of the ones from the store. However, I think you ultimately made the best choice.

  14. Glad you're pleased with what you had done with the dress. Good luck with choosing the shoes to go with it, and with picking your outfit for wedding number 2.

  15. nadirah, thanks for stopping in and watching!

    dama, it's just some messy girl's room I visited. Thank God I got out of that pig sty.

    tooj, thanks girl and I hope so!

    intense guy, Toby's always ready for any outing. I'm sure he'd have the energy to party all night long. And thanks for the compliment!

    emmy, joy and se, gracias!

    sugarlens, oh that was just me acting a fool, but I sure have fun doing it.

    moomby, oh I liked that one too, but apparently it wasn't fancy enough. Still cute, right?

    chicagolady, oh that girl you've pictured sure sounds stylish! Me? Not so much. Maybe it's my lack of sunglasses?

    dariany, hit me up and let me know what you're thinking! Right now I've got two options: up or down. Doesn't go much further than that. And you're more than welcome to come over. La ceremonia es a las 4 so there's plenty of time for you to come over and teach me how to put on makeup.

    suz, finally! A woman who knows what's up. Isn't it true though? If my dress covered my feet I'd totally pull that stunt.

    ladystyx, and the cheapest one that's for sure. Then I went ahead and splurged on shoes.

    tori_z, oh no no no, this is the dress for BOTH. I cannot and will not go looking for something else. Hate that task. Besides these are two completely different circles so it's not like anyone will know...well unless they look at the Facebook pictures and frankly, I don't give a crap.

  16. I JUST watched that video. LOL Loved it! Thanks for allowing us in the dressing room with you. Some of those were really cute on you, by the way.


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