Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So I'm Not Only Attending Wedding #2, But...

Text from Guy Friend/ Groom: How are you with speaking in front of an audience?
Me: Um, horrifically bad.
Him: I wanted to ask you if you would do a reading at my wedding. It would be you and a friend of hers. Only a quick two minutes. But I understand if you couldn't.
Me: Oh if it's something pre-written then sure thing. I'll still be slightly nervous, but I won't throw up on myself it'd be no prob. Thanks for asking me by the way!
Him: It would be a sort of letter to the bride.
Me: Aww, that's so stinkin' cute I might throw up on myself. Sure count me in, monkeybutt.
Him: Thank you so much. I will get you the letter asap.

I guess this also means I should stop stalling and hoping a date will materialize out of thin air and just send in the RSVP already, huh? This whole letter reading thing better bring in some results! Hmm, I wonder if adding a little "P.S." of my own will help...



  1. Ohh it's so great that he asked you!! And it's even better that you accepted :) Good luck ratona!

  2. LOL you are hilarious! And what could a little P.S. hurt? ;)

  3. Aww how sweet! Yeah..what harm could come from a PS?

  4. DON'T P.S.!!!!!!!!!! You'll get one of his freaky friends, or one of HER freaky friends, thinking "it's so stinkin' cute"...and then you'll be busy trying to find ways to stay out of hidden passage ways in some stranger's house. I'm not paranoid or anything. Not that I think you'd actually add a p.s.
    HAVE FUN READING! :) You'll do fab. I expect a vlog from this.

  5. hee hee! you are too funny! you'll do just great!

  6. You'll do fab!! Besides--single men in attendance will not only see you but remember you as the "beautiful girl who read at so-in-so's wedding"! : )

  7. Too funny. I did a reading at my friend wedding and not only was I nervous but I cried so I sounded like a whiny machine gun.

    I gave you an award.

  8. tooj, LOL secret passageways?!?! Hahaha, good God woman, what movie did you watch last night?

    kelley, ooh I like that thought. Hmm, maybe I should try to look a little nicer for this one.

    jessica, a whiny maching gun? How sexy.

  9. How brave you are becoming Dorkys! I still think I would throw up even if it was all written out for me!

  10. good luck! i'm absolutely terrified of public speaking so props to you for even saying yes. i'm going to wedding #3 next weekend too.

  11. The ultimate in accessorizing... a matching barf bag...


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