Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Yesterday, my coworker and I coordinated a mini Halloween fiesta for our office. I baked cupcakes and spent Thursday night banging out this awesome paper diorama! (It took life, but I love it.)

I'm so excited to get dressed up tonight :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Friday!

I could definitely use this print in my house, at the office, in my purse, on my face...
Celebrate the old school with a mini cassette or Polaroid necklace
or vinyl record earrings.
Reading something...questionable? Then cover it up with kraft paper art!
Carve a virtual pumpkin. Maybe next time I'll get a real one. (Thanks Intense Guy!)
These DIY 3-D paper birds will brighten up any corner and any gloomy day.
Squeeze in some Halloweenie crafts :)
Falling back an hour = extra Zzzz!

P.S. Are you dressing up tomorrow? I'm going to be old school
Strawberry Shortcake and munch on sweet strawberries all night long!


Shelving It Nice and Random

I've really no need for another bookshelf (Lord knows there's not much space in my apartment for it), but I'm loving the random design of these two from The Conran Shop!

I just wish the Melody Shelving Unit and the Random Shelving Unit weren't so damn expensive. Exactly why my Ikea unit will just have to do for now...

In the meantime, I'll keep drooling over the awesome finds on the lovely blog Bookshelf. Just imagine having a room full of trees! (I'm seriously geeking out here, guys.)

Images:, and

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yankees Win World Series Game 2

Game 2: Yankees 3, Phillies 1

Boo to that. Hopefully the Phils have better luck on their home turf on Saturday.

"Let's Squish Our Fruits Together!"

Improv Everywhere has struck again! This time in a Queens grocery store where shoppers and a stockboy broke out into song and dance much to the bewilderment of real customers. Yo, Improv! There's a bodega right around my corner. How 'bout squishing some fruit there too? (via Swissmiss)

The Lovely Bones

Saturday night, I passed up an outing and opted to stay home curled up on the couch listening to the thunderstorm with Toby by my side - the perfect setting to get lost in a good book.

I don't know why I'd waited two years to open it up, but I'd finally started reading The Lovely Bones a couple weeks ago. And during that time I'd been slowly digesting it in bits here and there on my train rides. It wasn't as quick as I thought it'd be, at least not the first half, and in retrospect I'm glad. It forced me to slow down and really experience Susie Salmon's worlds - both the one she leaves behind after she's brutally raped and murdered and then one that allows her to watch over those still living.

The story is told from the 14-year-old's perspective and I have to say she's quite eloquent for someone her age. The way she describes her heaven and how her family and friends each deal with the grief that follows is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

When I sat to read the final third, there really was no use in holding back the tears. I was so moved, that I started thinking about the people important to me. I thought about how much I hold back on telling them how much they mean to me. About how we've let time, distance and little disagreements get in the way of showing that at the end of the day we simply care. Be it because our pride gets in the way or because fear stops us in our tracks, we don't say how we truly feel often enough.

But because I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to hear they're loved or missed right before drifting off for the night, I sent three little texts to three special people. And though the tears still rolled onto my pillowcase as I pulled the covers over my head, a nice calm came over me and I feel asleep with a soothed heart.

I wonder if the movie (out in December) will have this same effect.

Images: Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische and

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Phillies Win World Series Game 1

Game 1: Phillies 6, Yankees 1

And pitcher Cliff Lee handled the entire game beautifully!


Wedding #2 Was Funtastic

Lord knows why I was so terrified of attending this wedding alone because it turned out to be an absolute blast. I surpassed all my expectations of fun-having so next time I start worrying about facing something by myself or getting anxious about stepping out of my bubble, just cyber-slap me and tell me it will all be more than fine.

- I took about 30 pictures tops. I just couldn't be bothered to leave the dance floor and grab my camera. In fact, when I was called out to join a family group picture, I ran right back in as soon as it was over. "¡Me sube la bilirrubina! ¡Ay me sube la bilirrubina! Cuando te miro y no me miras..." (Yeah, a small group of us Latinos clung to each other and had to rep when the four Spanish songs came on. There might have been some impromptu choreography for this one.)

- As much as I complained beforehand, I was incredibly glad I attended the rehearsal the night before because the next day I was comfortable with the bridal party. A bunch of hilarious characters - all of them! At the reception, I was seated with the groomsmen - one of whom I went to school with and his wife and I became fast friends. (I had her at mangĂș.) A trip to visit them in Puerto Rico will hopefully be in the works for next year. And she was kind enough to record the reading for me :)

- Oy, the reading. I was so nervous about it because being the procrastinator that I am, I never actually read the thing out loud til the morning of! Luckily, it went off without a hitch (and without tears):

- By the way, I thought I was going to be super late for the ceremony and possibly miss the reading. I could've sworn the invite said 4 PM (it said 4:30 PM) so I managed to speed down the Palisades ( practicing the speech) and get there at 3:55 PM. I rushed into the chapel and was greeted by...

You had to be kidding me.

"Um, it's here isn't it?" I asked the lone guy setting up the speakers in a corner. Ok, why was the thing set to start at 5:30?! And then of course, I managed to trick myself by writing in an earlier time in my agenda. That stuff never actually worked before! Thankfully, the MOH came down shortly after to lead me up to the bridal suite and hang out for a while.

- Want to know what's the sucky thing about living alone? No one's around to zip up and clasp the back of your dress. And so I threw on a jacket and drove to the venue with the dress as it was and asked a waitress for help. Fun times. At least the place was a ghost town when I got there.

- The ceremony was a beautiful mix of sweet and funny. The bride's father presented the groom with a proof of sale - pointing out that all sales were final. And I still have "Canon in D" (not this version though. I just had to link to my fave) along with their choreographed first dance (set to a "Lucky"/ "1,2,3,4" mix) stuck in my head. (Just watched the "1,2,3,4" video for the first time and it = the cutest thing ever!)

- I reconnected with some old school friends and fellow RAs I hadn't seen in four years! We had so much fun dancing, jumping up on the light boxes/ mini stages, goofing off and remembering our undergrad days. Though they each had their spouse/significant other, I loved that they either shared or we'd just dance in one huge circle with one of us jumping into the center to show off our moves. Sometimes I'd ditch them and join another circle of complete strangers or make my way around the dance floor. When asked why I kept bouncing around, I replied with, "I'm not here with anyone so I've got no strings attached!" It's entertaining when old school friends I've lost touch with see how much my shell has cracked since we last saw each other. Love the shock ;)

- The shoes came off. They never do, but that's how serious it was. All that jumping and rocking out to Bon Jovi, the Black Eyed Peas and freakin' "Shout" wreaked havoc on my feet. No joke, my body hurt for days! The playlist was an amazing mix of Latin (though too few), hip-hop, classic goodies and fun pop. A girl and I even did the "Hoedown Throwdown" though mine was more of an attempt. Sorry, Dama. I never could "hip-hop it."

- You know I barely remember what I ate? I didn't even taste the chocolate cake!

I didn't make it home 'til noon the following day. (No, nothing scandalous!) After I dropped the car off by mom's at 11:30 PM, I was way too tired to take the bus home in heels. So I just crashed there and mom and I spent another hour girl talking in bed, which is such a rarity. I was dead tired, but inside I was still buzzing with excitement.

The whole night was lively and a pure joy and I jumped right in at full speed.

'Til I woke up the next morning and the sentiment hit me. "Wow...he's married."

Image: Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No, I Did Not Elope

I 've been MIA for some days now, but it's not because I met someone at the wedding and ran off to Vegas. I took this weekend to recover from the wedding (deets on that in the morning!), reading and driving to see friends and babies.

Oh, and I haven't been to work since Thursday. I had the amazing opportunity to attend the ASME Magazine Workshop - a two-day program for junior editors filled with panel discussions, editing exercises, tips on improving your craft and the chance to ask top editors questions and listen to their tricks of the trade. It made me fall in love with writing all over again - I just couldn't get enough these last two days. It made me realize there's so much to learn and aspire to always become better.

Which is good because when I return to the office, I'm taking off running with a featurette I need to have done in a week and a I can take off on a press trip I was told about today.

Love this job!

P.S. The Yankees vs Phillies World Series starts tomorrow!

Image: Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!

It's Wedding #2 day! I wonder what it will be like...

Oh-so-adorable photos!
Isn't this so true? In fact, I want each cupcake in this blog!
Host a pumpkin-carving party and make creepishly cute mini paper skeletons.
An honest wedding reception seating chart. Think there'll be a hook-up table tonight? (via The Frisky)
Awesome drop caps for your blog posts.
Raising little men? Then Rules for My Unborn Son would be simply perfect for you.
In fact, I can't get enough of the author's sweet and addictive blog myself!
(If I ever have a little boy, I'll be ready.)
Everything in the Nice Package shop is so cute, but I'd LOVE the Total Package :)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wedding #2 is Tomorrow

And because I'm now part of the wedding, I'm attending tonight's dress rehearsal.

I'm anxious. And not the antsy I-can't-wait type of excitement. It's more the I'm-actually-attending-this-alone kind of dread. For it's one thing to be comfortable with solitude and a whole 'nother to be comfortable being alone in a celebration of union. That's a level of strength and security I've yet to touch without feeling some tiny pang in my heart.

The reading another girl and I will do at tomorrow's ceremony will be the lyrics to Michael Bublé's "Everything." At first I thought I'd gag through it. But sitting here, listening to the song once again, I think it's going to take a lot to look out into the crowd, turn to the happy couple and not burst into tears.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phillies Head to the World Series!

Again!!! Hollerations!

Game 5: Phillies 10, Dodgers 4

Now we wait to see if they'll face the Yankees or the Angels.

Oh, and NLCS 2009 MVP goes to Ryan Howard this year :)


A Lunch Hour Stroll on a Gorgeous NYC Day

The past three days have been so lovely, my coworker and I have been taking full advantage by going for a stroll around our new neighborhood. It's definitely no Times Square (camera-toting tourists have been switched for Suits and fancy shoppers), but working a block away from Central Park has its perks :)

This is the first site that greets me when I get out of the train station in the morning. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford whatever's inside.

I love looking at the vendors' tables along Central Park. They all sell similar items and prints, but I never get tired of it. I've also never bought a single thing from there. On Tuesday, we spent a while perusing through the books at The Strand's Central Park Kiosk. I keep saying I want to pop into their bookstore someday, but I'm scared my brain will explode from their daunting collection.

My coworker kept telling the horse to bite me for poking fun at it. But can you blame me? It has a feather duster on its head! I'm sure the tourists and the Rockettes agree with me on that one.

Central Park: our quick escape from the concrete jungle. It's what shakes me up and almost makes me take back my wanting to someday leave this city and head for greener pastures.

Strange that this patch of nature is what reopens my eyes to New York City's beauty. On a gorgeous day, I could spend forever there.

But alas, shopping - namely J. Crew - beckoned and while my coworker tried on clothes and my hands got their fill of soft cashmere...

I took a moment to take in the view of Columbus Circle below. P.S. New York, I love you.

Afterward it was right back to reality/ work...

past Grand Army Plaza and the Plaza Hotel...

and past more fancy stores - Apple (underneath the cool glass cube), Bergdorf Goodman and FAO Schwarz - that fill the area. I can imagine the hustle and bustle of shoppers scurrying about with their goodies that will surround us once the holidays arrive.

Pink Products for Breast Cancer Awareness

If you're looking for some breast cancer awareness
products, check out this round-up from

Cupcakes aren't on the list. My sweet tooth and I just liked the pic :)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Be Alone

I found the movie short I'd mentioned before! How to Be Alone was created by animator/director Andrea Dorfman and writer/composer/perfomer Tanya Davis to celebrate how lovely solitude can be.

I'm fairly comfortable being alone. In fact, I might seek it a bit too often and often wind up feeling...lonely.

Growing up, when things got rough at home I'd retreat into myself. I'd tell myself that when it became confusing and scary out there, I'd always find comfort within. Even though I had friends and sibs, I learned to enjoy my own company and found it easy to get completely lost in my own imagination - one that was then transferred onto the pages of my journals.

Since then I've learned that movies, dinner and traveling alone are not as terrifying as some believe. How silly it'd be to be scared of my awesome company - or scared of any curious onlookers! When I'm with me, I don't have to try to be engaging, intelligent, cool or witty. I don't have to be anything other than what I feel comfortable being at that time. I can let my guard down. I can be vulnerable, silly, curious - me.

I've picked myself apart and pieced me back together. I've let my mind wander off into random tangents and discovered new facets of myself I never knew existed.

In solitude, you can be unapologetic and selfish. No need for excuses if you daze during a convo. You can daydream as you wish, ask questions, lose yourself, become more you, nurse your wounds and find strength for the next steps to follow.

It's in these quiet moments, that your essence takes those precious breaths that sustain you.


Monday, October 19, 2009

NLCS 2009 Update

I haven't written any Phillies updates because I know it'll put you foolios right to sleep, but here I come bearing pictures of hot men in the hopes of distracting you long to enough to school you on the goings on in the sports world.

For the few who want to be in the know, the Phillies and Dodgers are squaring off again in the National League Championship Series. The first three games (in the best out of seven series) have been as follows:

Game 1: Phillies 8, Dodgers 6
Game 2: Phillies 1, Dodgers 2

And last night the Dodgers got their rear ends handed to them lovely when the Phillies swept Game 3 winning 11 to 0. Zilch. Zip. Nada. ¡Ay, que pela!

Oddly enough, Dad (a Dodgers fan when the Mets don't make it) has been pretty quiet throughout the series. Maybe he learned from last year?

Game 4 is currently in play and right now it's tied at the end of the 4th. I'll return with the final score later!

Oh and for those who don't give a crap about baseball, it's ok. Just keep drooling over Phillies second baseman Chase Utley and Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier. (See what I just did there?)

UPDATE: YESSSSS!!!!! Game 4: Phillies 5, Dodgers 4

At the last minute, the Phillies scored the two winning runs!! Good God was that close! We just need one more game...


Monday Giveaway: Apple & Bee

How cute are these makeup bags?! And they don't just look fun and classy, they'll make you feel good too. Apple & Bee cosmetic, travel and baby bags are made from Earth-friendly materials like certified organic cotton, bamboo silk and hemp. The Australian company also created The Bee Foundation, a non-profit that raises money and awareness for the honey bee population.

This week, two of you will win one of the makeup bags shown above: their Foldout WC in Apple Blossom Red (made with organic cotton on the outside containing three waterproof compartments and a hanger hook) or a Small Make-up Bag in Delicious Grass Green (also made with organic cotton on the outside and lined with hemp). The foldout can hold all your makeup goodies while the smaller one is perfect to bring along your essentials on those overnight stays.

Just leave a comment below and two winners will be randomly chosen Thursday night!

CONGRATULATIONS: Evelyn (Foldout WC) and Emmy (Small Make-up Bag) are this week's winners!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Linda & Harriett Free Cards for Just Because

If you didn't win the set of Linda & Harriett note cards a few weeks ago, you could still receive a free card to send off to someone special. In honor of her mom's birthday (who passed away 11 years ago), owner Liz is sending a free card and envelope to anyone who sends in their address by 12 PM EST tomorrow (Monday). You just have to promise to send it to someone just because.

And NYC peeps, you can stop by the Blue Sky Bakery in Brooklyn tomorrow from 10 AM to 1 PM. Liz will be there giving away cards and stamps!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Friday!

I love this jewelry design. What a cute way to remember a special date!
Sample treats, drink cider and learn how to compost in your apartment on Apples on Orchard Day.
Get yourself some cool new art.
Paris anyone? (Yes, please!!)
These twistie-tie pompom gift toppers and printable labels make me smile :)
Sign up for a lovely calendar swap. (Is it bad I want them all for me?)
I'd honestly hang a calendar in every corner of my life.
Magazine pages + X-acto knife = Artistic genius
This month's lady mags get graded. Which ones will you read?

P.S. Are you seeing Where the Wild Things Are? Or maybe New York, I Love You?


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The SAHM and Why I Can't Be One

They're all over Blogger: stay-at-home moms who love to cook, clean, knit, pray, etc and blog about their precious toddler's bowel movements. And the thing is they seem to be fulfilled. I'm thinking they were the little girls who could not wait to become a mommy someday. The ones who had no qualms about dropping everything to raise a family and maintain a semi-orderly household. The ones with a running list of baby names and a collection of meatloaf recipes.

That, my friends, is so not moi.

Now I'm not knocking that life choice, but I must also admit that I don't understand it one bit. When I read or hear about their life I think to myself, "But don't you want something more? Something...for you? What happens when the kids grow up and leave? Oh let me guess: grandchildren."

My mom became a SAHM after my sister was born and I really wish she hadn't. I appreciate the sacrifices she made to make sure we had what we needed around the house, but it made me realize that I want more for myself than the routine she chose. I wish she still had that passion she must have had when she first came to the States and managed to work and get around the city without knowing the language. In a way, it feels like family life came along and she just settled into it without pursuing any other interests she might have had. And when your whole life is centered around your children, letting them spread their wings and fly can be a bit...tough.

I don't want to settle and I sure don't want to put my life on the back burner for my children. Yes, I will still love and support them, but how can I encourage them to pursue their dreams if I don't go for mine? I want a change of scenery, talk to adults, challenge my mind, miss my kids and have them miss me. If I become a cooped up mom, I'd just turn into an unsatisfied ticking time bomb. Like my dad says, "First me, second me, third me and then you. If I'm not ok, then how can I help you?"

I've got things to do in this life and marriage and children are definitely a part of it, but not all. Lord knows I'm not paying back these student loans to do nothing but raise kids and bake bread all day. And if this economy doesn't pick up soon, everyone in my household is going to need to bring home some bacon. The kids can sell their artwork on eBay.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Addicted to Criminal Minds

Yes, I found another show to get hooked on and it's like my Law & Order: SVU days all over again. I'll watch new episodes of Criminal Minds (Wednesdays at 9 PM EST, CBS) and then check to see when reruns will air on A&E, which is practically every night. I just can't get enough!

The show focuses on the Behavior Analysis Unit, a team of FBI profilers who travel around the country analyzing the minds of the most twisted criminals to catch them before they strike again. I love criminal dramas and this one caters to my need for humor, suspense and a plot just complicated enough to keep me intrigued without making me feel stupid. And hey, Shemar Moore ain't too bad on the eyes. Hellooo agent!


My A to Your Q: On Being Obsessive and Stubborn

Q: What poem, if you lost a copy of, would you spend years looking for? ~Intense Guy

A: He asked this question because of a chat we'd had a couple days before. I mentioned that once I had something stuck in my head, it took a lot for me to get it out.

The back story starts in seventh grade English class where we read a certain poem. For some reason, that poem popped into my head a couple years later and I wanted to find it. Problem was I didn't recall the title, the poet or the poem's exact words. The only thing I did remember was the shape of it.

And so I spent the next five or so years with that poem in the back of my mind. Trips to the library usually included a flip through as many poetry books as I had time for, hoping that the poem would jump out at me.

One day in college, it did.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Delicate Illustrated Table Signs

I'm really loving these precious table signs made by Paperfinger Calligraphy & Design. Each of the pictures feature places and things held dear by the engaged couple: Valley Forge, the NYC skyline, the UPW and Syracuse University. If I saw this at my table, I'd totally grab it and slip it into my purse to frame later. (via Paper Crave)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Giveaway: Full Circle

Here's one for the eco-junkies: Full Circle, a company that creates environmentally-friendly products that clean your home without screwing with Mother Earth. Their sponges, brushes and towels are all biodegradable and made from renewable resources like bamboo.

The two-sided Flip Loofah Sponge, for example, is made from cellulose (a plant-based fiber) on one side, natural loofah on the other and completely decomposes. Although I wish it were slightly smaller for my tiny hands to handle, I have to say it's so durable that it won't fall apart no matter how hard you scrub that pot. And the less sponges you go through, the better it is for your pocket and the environment.

This week, four of you will win two Flip Loofah Sponges. Just leave a comment below about how you're trying to live a greener life and the winners will be randomly chosen Thursday night!

CONGRATULATIONS: Sugarlens, April, Anonymous and Kathy Sykes are this week's winners!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Down the Creative Rabbit Hole

Yesterday, I came across this lovely tribute to creative expression on Curious Girl. The music video was made by Candadian filmmaker Andrea Dorfman for Tanya Davis' song "Art."

After viewing it, I wanted to see more of Dorfman's work, which then led me to her film for this year's NYC Bicycle Film Festival. I didn't even know there was such a thing! And the festival is held all over the world :)

Then I learned that she did another collabo with Davis this summer for an animated and poetic short titled How To Be Alone. The film - made for the CFC WorldWide Short Film Festival - is about the difference between being alone and feeling lonely, why some people struggle with solitude and how to cherish the time you have to yourself. The video has yet to be uploaded anywhere, but you can bet I'll be looking out for it! In the meantime, here's a snippet.

Don't you just love how one things leads you to so many others?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Makes Them Good Girls Go Bad?

For the most part, I'm a goody two shoes. Growing up I was always the teacher's pet, eager to please and gather gold stars next to my name. I'd call home if the train ride after school was delayed. I didn't chase after boys or wear suggestive clothing. And cursing has never been my thing.

Perhaps it's because I never rebelled during my teenage years that I now find myself wishing I could be bad if only for a little while. Yes, there have been a few times when my lapse in judgment led to some out-of-character behavior (click on "Want more?" below the LinkWithin widget to read about three such moments), but sometimes I feel like I don't have enough juicy stories. Not that living is defined by the number of times you get into trouble or put yourself in danger, but constantly following rules and taking everyone else into consideration seems so, well, dry as toast.

There's this rush that comes with shedding my daytime persona, letting my hair down, the glasses at home and slipping into a wild child outfit. The strut changes with the attitude and the city night becomes the soundtrack. And the attention emboldens me. I laugh, I dance, I tease. I dare to glance at him a second longer...before smiling and then slowly looking away, wondering what's going through his head right then. In mine I question if he'd still think I was attractive if my skirt weren't riding up so high.

But hours after midnight, it all starts to revert. My energy zapped, I just crave a hair band, warm PJs and bed. And as I wipe away the mascara and the silvery eye shadow, I realize, I also want someone who'd want me on the good days as much as on the very bad. All I know is for now, this inner she wolf is going to keep begging to go out and play...and her calls keep getting louder.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nugget News

Ok, real talk: I've been semi-slacking on the blog front. I've been too busy doing what I'm actually paid to do (for the bills, the bills are calling), working on getting some side gigs, getting sickish over and over, settling into a new commute routine and, frankly, just being plain ol' tired.

I've had a ton of blog post ideas, but no time or energy to write them at night and schedule them for the following days. So here are some in small easy-to-digest bits.


Know how out of the loop I've been? I didn't know the Phillies became the NL East Champions for the third year in a row (though that was expected) and have already started playing the Rockies in the Division Series. They won yesterday's game and lost tonight's.


I read about this Turkish photographer/cab driver on yesterday morning. He drives around Istanbul in his taxi and snaps shots of the poor and homeless usually juxtaposed with ads of happy, rich and smiling models. His mission: to flash a light on Istanbul's gritty streets and let the voices of those who live there be heard. See his striking images here.

They reminded me of my volunteer days when we'd drive around midtown at night and serve food to the homeless in the area. Sometimes we'd leave sandwiches and oranges next to them as they slept just feet away from the fancy stores on Fifth Ave. Always seemed so backwards to me.


Has anyone been watching The Hills or The City? I'd never seen the latter before this week and fell off The Hills mid-last season, but my main questions are:

1. Why does Spencer suck at life so much?? Why did that fool marry him?! He obviously still has no regard for her input (since he went ahead and put a deposit down on that house without asking her first) and he keeps being a complete [expletive] to the neighbor's little boy.

2. Why doesn't he get with Kristin Cavallari instead? Because she has no morals either.

3. And finally, can someone please explain to me why Olivia Palermo (from The City) feels so entitled at her sweet new job at Elle? Oh wait, apparently it's because she's filthy rich and doesn't need to scrounge around for money. I actually gasped when she told her editor that if she didn't like the accessories she brought back for the story, she could "go do it herself."


I went to a fun media event last night (and another one less so this afternoon). These things can either be interesting or unbelievably boring and luckily yesterday's was a really good one. As should've been expected: it was held by a popular online dating site. Hey, if they made me reconsider the benefits of joining one, then you know they were good! I met some great people, which is nice since I tend to become socially awkward if I'm around cliquish people. I also ate fantastic hors d'oeuvres and got my drink on at the open bar (though I was a bit hesitant at first because everyone around me was sipping Perrier. But after a while - and some encouraging from the PR chicks I was standing around with - I ordered an "Ooh, fancy!" apple martini.)

Car service whisked me to the penthouse locale and back to my Bronx apartment, much too tired to attempt a post.

Of course there's more, but it's almost 9:30 PM and I'm going to have to force myself into bed earlier if I'm ever going to feel better. Hope everyone's week has been lovely!

P.S. I know it doesn't look like I'm slacking since somehow I've managed to post every single day, but I just feel like I am. (Actually just realized that I didn't miss a day like I'd thought.) How bloggers manage to go a week without checking in and still survive is beyond me.