Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Addicted to Criminal Minds

Yes, I found another show to get hooked on and it's like my Law & Order: SVU days all over again. I'll watch new episodes of Criminal Minds (Wednesdays at 9 PM EST, CBS) and then check to see when reruns will air on A&E, which is practically every night. I just can't get enough!

The show focuses on the Behavior Analysis Unit, a team of FBI profilers who travel around the country analyzing the minds of the most twisted criminals to catch them before they strike again. I love criminal dramas and this one caters to my need for humor, suspense and a plot just complicated enough to keep me intrigued without making me feel stupid. And hey, Shemar Moore ain't too bad on the eyes. Hellooo agent!



  1. I love that show! I'm a fan of Dr Spencer Reid. Very nice.

  2. I can't say that I've caught a full episode of anything lately. I need to make time to be lazy. I try and watch House but it's on at 7 and that really cuts into KID time, reading time, bath time, etc.

    How about I ship OJ to you for a week so I can watch some re-runs?

  3. omg i was watching this the other night and was thinking the exact same thing about Shemar Moore...actually i voiced out loud..."where the hell has he been, i haven't seen him in anything in a while"...i had taken a liking to him in some of his previous friend tried to be funny and answered "apparently hes been in criminal minds, told you you should watch it"...anyways he is HOT

  4. Seems like you have quite a list of "addicted to it" shows. :)

    I don't think I actually watch any show at all faithfully. Maybe if I had cable or satellite is would be different - 'cause then I know I'd be watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

  5. I think Shemar Moore can make any show better!

  6. alicia, I think his social awkwardness is so endearing! Not to mention the guy's a certified genius.

    tooj, if he can sit still through my shows then fine. If not, keep him.

    dariany, omg you watch it too?! Isn't it so good? I kinda like Hotch too. He's so freakin mysterious. I love it.

    intense guy, you're def missing out on some good slightly older stuff.

    joy, glad you agree :)

  7. Used to watch that when it first came out. It only kept my attention for a very short time.

  8. i just love to watch Criminal Minds one of the best action and crime drama on the tv now. i love A.J. Cook, she is hot and beautiful. i am a huge fan of her.


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