Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Let's Squish Our Fruits Together!"

Improv Everywhere has struck again! This time in a Queens grocery store where shoppers and a stockboy broke out into song and dance much to the bewilderment of real customers. Yo, Improv! There's a bodega right around my corner. How 'bout squishing some fruit there too? (via Swissmiss)


  1. How funny! It certainly adds some spice to a boring shopping trip!

    Today at work some people dressed up for Halloween. One of the ladies had a gorilla suit on. All day I tried to talk her into going to the grocery store and buying bananas so I could film her for YouTube! LOL! I have no idea why she refused to play along! :) Something about me having a crazy idea that would get her arrested!

  2. LMAO ... "they turned life in to a musical" LMAO

  3. Someday I too, am going to sing to a pineapple.

    Of course, it will be a SpongeBob song.


  4. That is so AWESOME. See how happy all the normally cranky shoppers have become!!!!

  5. good Lord. And here I am, armed with a camera nearly all the time and nothing this freaky ever happens.

  6. Okay now I'm going to be singing this song for the rest of the day! I love it...

    My best, Lynn :o)


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