Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Lunch Hour Stroll on a Gorgeous NYC Day

The past three days have been so lovely, my coworker and I have been taking full advantage by going for a stroll around our new neighborhood. It's definitely no Times Square (camera-toting tourists have been switched for Suits and fancy shoppers), but working a block away from Central Park has its perks :)

This is the first site that greets me when I get out of the train station in the morning. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford whatever's inside.

I love looking at the vendors' tables along Central Park. They all sell similar items and prints, but I never get tired of it. I've also never bought a single thing from there. On Tuesday, we spent a while perusing through the books at The Strand's Central Park Kiosk. I keep saying I want to pop into their bookstore someday, but I'm scared my brain will explode from their daunting collection.

My coworker kept telling the horse to bite me for poking fun at it. But can you blame me? It has a feather duster on its head! I'm sure the tourists and the Rockettes agree with me on that one.

Central Park: our quick escape from the concrete jungle. It's what shakes me up and almost makes me take back my wanting to someday leave this city and head for greener pastures.

Strange that this patch of nature is what reopens my eyes to New York City's beauty. On a gorgeous day, I could spend forever there.

But alas, shopping - namely J. Crew - beckoned and while my coworker tried on clothes and my hands got their fill of soft cashmere...

I took a moment to take in the view of Columbus Circle below. P.S. New York, I love you.

Afterward it was right back to reality/ work...

past Grand Army Plaza and the Plaza Hotel...

and past more fancy stores - Apple (underneath the cool glass cube), Bergdorf Goodman and FAO Schwarz - that fill the area. I can imagine the hustle and bustle of shoppers scurrying about with their goodies that will surround us once the holidays arrive.


  1. Thanks for the stroll. :) I only walked past a dude pissing on the side of a building for my lunch.

  2. Nice! Great for the appetite I'm sure.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I see you are enjoying your new work home. I love that Apple store. We took so many pictures of it, because it is a really cool idea.

    I am hope sick and the weather here is crappy so it is nice seeing your sunny day!

  4. Sigh. I miss NYC so much. Thank you for taking that stroll and sharing your pics...made me a bit nostalgic.

  5. LOL! So I guess I have also lost my ability to spell! I meant home sick not hope sick! :)

  6. What great pictures! Made me really want to go to NY.. though I have wanted to for a while anyway :)
    I have heard the apple store there is the most photographed building in NY now.

  7. NYC is such a great place, especially around Central Park.
    I totally identify with your "head exploding" comment about the strand. I love books, even worked in a book store, but I get a minor anxiety attack when I try to browse at book stores. I feel so overwhelmed by all the great choices I just can't cope!

  8. I spent a glorious 15 hours in NYC once. I absolutely fell in love and I can't wait to get back. Someday.

    What an amazing place to work. All you see when you walk outside of my office is some brown hills and a bunch of concrete buildings.

  9. Glad you've been enjoying your strolls. :)

    The poor horse... Don't you think it feels bad enough wearing a "feather duster" on its head without you poking fun at it? I'd be prepared to bet it wasn't the horse's idea to wear that!

  10. Gosh I know what you mean when you go over to Central Park it's like a whole new world. I have an area around work where I go to for that feeling. It's right by the river where all the fancy yachts are parked (next to the NY sailing school). It's an amazing view.

    And i concur, I love NY!

  11. What a beautiful way to spend a lunch break!

  12. I think with the all the local scenes - and with all the season changes - you could walk a slightly different route each day of the week and always have something new to see.

    :) FOA Swartz and Hammackers would have me walking through 'em now and then...

  13. I've always wanted to visit New York, and now I want to even more. Central Park looks so beautiful!


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